Dear Dave

Dear Dave

My associates and I have recently been given the green light and a European Grant to create an all new Mongo’s House Of Horrors that I envision as being the best and scariest in the West.  To that end I was wondering if you could give us any tips as to how we can improve our scaring tactics and really get folks to believe in the ghosts and haunted house theme that we are putting together.


Hi Mongo

Well I think we have all seen or encountered those Ghost Hunter type TV shows where they really get the participants involved yet very often you do find that the people applying for such shows already have a belief of some description in place anyway.

I think you simply have to go back to the basics of what it is you want to achieve for instance I as you know mediate regularly and I leave it up to peoples individual choice as to how they interpret things when they themselves have experienced such technologies.

However I think when you have knowledge of how the assisted meditation technologies work and so on it can give you better understanding of how our beliefs in haunted houses and ghosts and so on come about.

For instance although we consider ourselves to be solid we and absolutely everything in the Universe is made up of waves and particles.  That has been demonstrated by science many times over and we see molecular engineering and so on as an everyday taken for granted type activity.

However going back a step we say that we have Gamma, Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta Waves all operating at differing speeds and ranges, and within each of those wave types we have a set of Frequency ranges.

All that is and all that can be vibrates within the known parameters of that model.  So for instance you could take a molecule and test it to see where on the spectrum of waves and frequency and vibration it lies.

As we go about our day to day lives we are interchanging and going through all sorts of molecules that we gather as we go about our business, so you are getting all the usual oxygen and carbon dioxide atoms and perhaps some pollutants from cigarettes and car exhausts and all the rest of it.

So what if 

You take a set of manufactured or unusual molecules that you know the vibration model and frequencies wave range for and then infect your House of horror customers with these molecules.  So the queue or entrance for instance might be quite smoky and foggy creating the initial kind of atmosphere and this smoke is made up of heavy concentrations of your chosen molecules.  They get on peoples skin clothes and so on but really they are quite harmless and just wash away in the rain or in the shower or bath and washing machine.

Anyway once inside your House of horror you then have music or sound effects that are geared toward activating particular molecular frequencies, so you are effectively tuning the people into your environment and then choosing and controlling the environmental conditions to give a heightened experience of Mongo’s House of Horrors.

As an aside this type of technological capabilities has been suspected of being used by security services and espionage and so on.  So for instance some while back now we had the First Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm and much of the bombing for that campaign was based on the missiles and bombs being guided to there destination by the targetting systems that had been positioned by forces on the ground.

The suspicion or conjecture by espionage type thriller writers is that the same sort of targeting and tracking can be done with people. So for instance you could be going about your day and happen to walk past a spy using an aerosol  and the aerosol in fact contains a particular molecules that attach themselves to your person enabling you to be satellite tracked or even wi-fi tracked in this day and age, simply by other operatives with other mobile devices.

Likewise they could be harmless or you could later in the day walk into an area or zone where the molecules are activated by SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE frequencies taking you out as it were, if they were intended as harmful.  I think there was the case of that wealthy Russian in London who was alleged to have been poisoned with an unusual metal molecule a couple of years ago.  So these conjectures can in some ways easily happen.

Having said that many planned ideas for gases and chemical warfare and so on have failed over the years as in Military warfare terms they are regarded as poor performers for getting results, they rely more on the fear factor than on results.  In the first World War for instance when they tested gas shells and so on the gases would dissipate to quickly and be blown away in the wind or simply diluted by the atmospherics and so on.  That is probably why all the speculation these days is on designer molecules that glue themselves to you as it were or are inert and harmless until combined with other materials causing explosive (for instance) reaction.  Where I work we have to ensure that the Acid Chemicals do not come into contact with the other chemicals we use for instance as a somewhat toxic/noxious gas can be created 

Another issue is of course that we all of us are teeming with bacteria and bugs and infectious things and some folks can be life long carriers of some particularly nasty bugs that they themselves are seemingly immune to whilst others they have relations with come down with ill health.  So everyone is unique as much as we all like to think we are not.

Having said that much of the best advice has been to look for the positives in all that you do and think so if beliefs in ghosts helps you then it can do know harm likewise understanding that environmental effects can be created or are naturally at play in some places can help you achieve a broader perspective.

So I wrote recently that I felt like I had an electric charge run up my leg and quite simply it could have been one of these types of reactions where I happened to have picked up some molecules during my walk that happened to resonate with the later environment I was in during my journey home.  Nothing for anyone to be worried or concerned about.

I see the Ukraine situation does not seem to be improving and many a news source is reporting it as being in the Crimea. So I thought I would leave a link to that older war in that region for the Historically interested

Of course in those days the Ottoman (Turkish Empire) still existed so it is interesting that all the same players from that period in History are coming once again to the fore.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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