Renoir, Tenby and Cribbage

So not wanting to leave anything left uncovered my mind went about its business until answers to recent questions on subject matters I had forgotten re-emerged into my conscious mind.

Renoir style paintings were perhaps where I had seen the hat that I recently mentioned.  Tenby being the jail break 2013 drop off point and Cribbage or Crib being the pub game where you peg for points.

Today of course Friday and another for myself of little sleep hopefully I will do the job this evening (doesn’t seem right calling onself an evening worker) and WHEN THE CLOCK STRIKES MIDNIGHT I’ll remind myself of another old song that popped into the mind, now who was that.hhmn

I think it was a Guns N Roses support group called Skid Row going back to a time when I could afford to attend live concerts and venues again from the early 90’s or late 80’s era.

Today it is rainy I see and had to go into town for some new passport photo’s for the not so little one, strange how these machines now give oral instruction for the photo’s DO NOT SMILE, DO NOT WEAR GLASSES, ADJUST YOUR HEAD UNTIL IT IS IN THE GUIDE OVAL and so on, my god no wonder everyone has a dodgy passport photo, where once it was a joke that everyone looks like a psycho emo type now they actually DEMAND IT OF YOU.

Yes Friday Friday go away, come back another day, will it be rainy will it be snow who so much cares when the reaper says no.

Short and sweet today methinks

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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