You Cannot Say That?

Now as always some folks will always wonder who are the best tipsters and if I am honest I think just about everyone has progressed in some fashion over the last couple of years as skills have been honed and fears and baggage and so on released.  I personally think that folks at all levels have demonstrated a level of putting or giving back into the community that is quite inspiring.

I say this of course because I do know that we are often unaware of much of the non-conscious materials floating around our personages-and that is why I recommend the differing modalities-the idea being that they all in some way can contribute to personal growth and further realisations and all the rest of it. is the address for those that fancy running around with a compass in hand releasing some of those denser energy patterns-I have know idea if it is the same as previous course that I purchased-yet if you did it last year and did not purchase or you have friends who have joined your circles and so on then the free module and course is available.

Now I know having done multiple modules and having spent a great deal of Wealth that the World and World Markets are always rising in generally an upwards fashion.  We can see day to day headlines proclaiming dotcom boom and bust cycles and similar things happen in most market places yet in truth you will always see survivors and companies that prosper through rough and unsteady times what ever is happening in the short term-because they very often have laid out long term plans and those short term events are merely the FLUX or FLUTUATIONS of longer term Strategies and planning.

Another author that was mentioned was Norman Dixon and whilst he was famous for pre-conscious programming I actually found myself more interested in his work on Military Incompetance-he does not spare anyone and the book is quite amusing even for those of us who are not well versed in military history.

I say this because of course older generations will recall that conscription was regular in the old days and everyone of a certain age and above will likely have done service of some description and I know that many Eastern Europeans are still conscripting countries.  Does it make a difference-well it is perhaps akin to prison in a sense that you do not necessarily want to be conscripted and thrown into the front line on behalf of your nation state.  So when we got rid of conscription we had folks that actually wanted to be soldiers and our forces are perhaps better for that.

One of the interesting elements for myself in the abundance course was in fact that Paul Scheele actually informs you that you are going to be thrown into a paradox-I say that to give fair warning to folks considering some of these courses.  The only way to escape some of our lifelong historical and regimentally ingrained thoughts and patterns and actions is to be treated in this fashion.  You might think that that means it is a tough love type attitude yet I do not think of it in that manner merely another bow in the arrow for those Robin Hoods out there.

Yes I of course did have a military type regimen in my school days-primary School was Hunderton and Mr Steel was a tall skinny eagle eyed guy who could hit you with a board rubber at ten paces-they did of course still give the slipper and cane in those days and I recall a number of us being publically treated in this fashion in front of the rest of the school in the yard.  Secondary School was Aylestone and the headmaster during my years was a Mr Howe and he very much maintained a military discipline when it came to just about everything really-dress and appearance and behaviour and conduct and yes todays Generation could do with some of that kind of schooling (IMO)-all this Laissez Faire crap they have now drags all down instead of trying to drag all up.

What else of was I talking about tipsters well I think you simply have to be honest and say that those in the higher echelons of management clearly were already gamblers of a sort anyway and I certainly would take recommendations from one of two of those individuals or there family members who have taken up these modalities as well.  Having said that I can clearly see that everyone from all aspects and areas and factories are generally getting closer and closer to various levels of alignment with the whole going on of it all and so on and so forth.

Yes it is easy to become disheartened early on when you feel your contribution is being neglected or not particularly good-yet the more you just keep going and paying attention and working on focussing where you want your focus many aspects and seeming troubles will fall or melt away and you will indeed be able to see the forest and the trees and 3:30 winner at Epsom or wherever your own interest lies-I think the more you think of yourself as a body of knowledge and do the courses the more you will find your own inner compass zeroing in all the differing aspects and dimensions of time and space.

Thank you for reading, nope me neither yet that was what came to mind so I know not to argue with oneself, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

And Welcome To British Summertime

Strange are the synchronicities yet it does not do to complain too loudly at having an hour of your day chopped of without permission.  Stranger still I am sure for many is the realisation that Spring only started officially on February 20th giving us one of the shortest springs that can be recalled-or perhaps the truth is that as humans we like to mentally chop the 12 months into 4×3 quarters and in reality those that have done the calculations and tracked the stars and created history stick with the World calendar not our logically crafted one-still I am sure some will continue thinking it spring time well into April whilst others will stick rigidly with Official Calendric Doctrines.

Yes another great strangeness is of course that we could actually simply have thirteen months of 4 weeks and that would fit again perfectly within the known calendar cycles so I guess that some folks make stuff up and are taken notice of as serious people that we are to listen to whilst others know far more yet are simply to humble to mention how incompatible with reality many of these sweeping change days really are.

I am of course merely expressing an opinion and having been putting myself through the mental grinder these last few years feel more than justifiable in expressing opinions that are not necessarily in order with Society’s herd like Norm.  What else have I been up to well I decided to continue to seek to stretch myself with the reading materials and as I mentioned poetry recently I could perhaps mention reading a little of Robert Graves.

Whose he?  Well actually he is probably one of the most overlooked and valuable kinds of Literary resources anyone might want to research-he wrote many books during his lifetime though probably most famous for “The White Goddess” and “I, Claudius”, he translated many of the ancient texts and Literatures from across Europe and beyond and has a highly distinctive style all of his own.  He also at one time was a regular respondent with that other zany poet Spike Milligan.

Anyway I found his work taxing to say the least though it did introduce myself to the concept of the hand alphabet and gave clarifications on a wide range of ancient folklore and myth-many of course will be familiar with many of the myths already yet his is perhaps a Scholastic view and it does seem that the Scholars do know a thing or two about communication translation and so on.  I recall seeing a TV adaptation of I, Claudius as a child it was played by that Actor chap who made a brief appearance in Dr Who as an alter-ego of The Master Professor YANA (You Are Not Alone) Derek Jacobi-film buffs may recall him from Underworld Evolution-he has a long and distinguished career that can be found on wiki.

Who else-well I have heard a guy called Buckminster Fuller mentioned so I also had a look at some of his works and writings to see what the big deal was-I am awaiting to feel any benefits though of course he was very much into the idea of the ABUNDANT life.

Another strange thing that seemingly came out of nowhere was “Some Mothers Do Ave Em” starring Michael Crawford as the central character Frank Spencer-he later went on to play Phantom of the Opera in the Lloyd Weber production, though most of us around in the seventies probably remember all the ooh Betty’s and comedic impersonations inspired by the bumbling Frank-very much one of those characters that things happened around yet never too.

So I guess all the various combinations of anecdotes and stories and modalities are bringing up information that I can use to give further explanation of why the World is the way it is. 

Now then I could of course say Happy Mothers Day to those that are mothers and those missing their own mothers and those aspiring to be mothers of the future-do not let the 23 hours in a day fool you into a bad mood or attitude-someone somewhere was thoughtful enough to invent a day for you so just enjoy it where you are able.

as always thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Thunder And Lightening It Must Be A Sign

Of course truth be told Dave was very much in deep sleep and missed the entire cataclysmic storm that hit Hereford yesterday teatime.  Yes you read that correctly I slept through the storm having been asked to revert to my old working hours and I finally managed to get some proper sleep on a Friday once again.

Of course the World does have many of these types of Events going on all the time-whilst at work I saw news that Southern California had an Earthquake and that for myself triggered those scenes from the Christopher Reeve Superman film whereby Gene Hackman of The French connection Fame in his role as Lex Luther was intending to missile the Californian coast having bought up lots of cheap real estate further in-land-the plan if I recall correctly was that he intended to recreate the coastal map ensuring that his land became the new coast line.

These types of story lines have of course always been fairly popular in comics books and so on anyway whilst we here in Britain had the Beano and Dandy wars-they in America had The Marvel versus DC comic battles.  That is of course where the cult of competition comes about whereby some major retailors prefer having strong competitors and of course we see the same in all walks of life Coke/Pepsi, McDonalds/Burger King and Liverpool/Manchester City.

The problem in some areas of life of course has always been that area of Monopoly and how is a Monopolistic Entity supposed to be motivated or inspired and so on.  You might say that Government and Public sector workers are all working for monopolies-though you can of course go into further detail and sub-analysis-multiple teaching unions and medical unions and transport unions and all the rest of it-So really I guess it depends on how far up the Mountain any of us feel we have climbed.

I spoke the other day of not feeling as though I had any further mental shifts and Hey Presto a couple of Emails later from Learning Strategies and I felt as though further heavy weights had been vacuumed from ones Cerebrum.  Having said that I have of course where possible sort to follow the learning practices and teachings and bibliographies to improve my understanding of what the various teachers are saying.

If someone were to now ask myself how I would go about creating my own course-I very likely would be thinking very much in terms of Compasses.

Whilst I have seen how Marie Diamond teaches Feng Shui (she has another free fest in April by the way) I myself have also read other compass relate works from Survival guides and so on and of course I spoke previously about my University Project being very much related to the integrating of mapping and orienteering Satellite Navigation type technology’s I specifically mentioned satellite Navigation yet in truth the Robots I had available were far more sophisticated and had multiple sensory systems that were also supposed to be brought into play and usage. 

I am unsure what people know about robots and so on so will try and keep the description simple.  The early systems were very much mapping based-they would move in a direction and bump into things and that might register as a block or wall and you could have and see the map being drawn on screen-very simple then up from that you might use Heuristic learning prediction techniques to reduce errors if this robot hits block or wall make a mental note and then do a compare if the same happens again.  So all very trial and error learning strategies really.  Then you move into the stuff I personally really liked which was Beowulf type clusters-you could have a group of robots all synched up to each other and any data from the one was shared with the whole (based on the idea of modelling swarms of bees and ants and other insect types that work together in a Hive mind like fashion).

Anyway all that stuff was really interesting to myself hence my study and attempts to replicate it.

So yes I figure that a compass or gyroscope type mechanism or FUNCTION can be introduced in just about any type of map that you can imagine whether it is your musical/sound knowledge or your colour knowledge or your smell knowledge and all categorised knowledge really.  Yes effectively you might say that Bill with Holosync is bringing people to a Centerpointe in all the different kinds of maps that you have available from a top-down approach whilst Paul with Learning Strategies is using a top-down and Bottom-up approach and you might say that it has been in regular combination of the two that I make progress.

Getting to a stage where the new learnings are natural and you feel as though you are centred in all aspects of being seemingly takes time and may well be the Ultimate Challenge that we are supposed to pursue if that is the pursuit of perfection. 

So imagine you are balanced on the tip of a spinning top and can see all aspects of the spinning top as it whirls beneath your feet-or you are at the centre of the Zodiac watching as all the Horoscopes pass through your field of vision-you get the idea.

So most of us are seemingly spending much time seeking to become more centred in any aspects of life or interest or area of life that we take up as a hobby and so on.  The various maps pass through our awareness yet we are no longer necessarily attached to them and information is of course compatible and transferable between modalities.

Yes I thought I had mentally plateaued and once again had someone somewhere declare Elementary Perkins-pay attention to what you are not paying attention too make notes and drawings and so on.

So yes I was thinking wow compass acting, compass music, compass drawing and thinking how you can relate and integrate compass knowledge to particles and waves and as I say make further progress if you no longer feel you have progressed enough.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

What Is Being Disciplined Anyway?

So I find myself in one of my ‘writers block’ times of life where I think what can I write about today and nothing springs to mind-so am I being disciplined in writing this as an effort in the hope that something pops up or am I simply giving blogging an unwanted association of being a chore?

So we have just had the news that some celebrities are having a conscious uncoupling and I did find myself wondering if that was different from any other kind of separation-now some might say well yes it is and others not.  At the end of the day they perhaps are saying that it is a mutual decision rather than a one or the other saying I want a divorce-hey lets both want a divorce-surely one of them must still have been the first to instigate that thinking and minbdset-CAUSE AND EFFECT.

Having said that I am not knowledgeable on either so they are perhaps not part of a World set or hive consciousness that I particularly relate to.

What else-well some years seemingly whizz by with Easter sat right on top of Christmas (I mean all scrunched up early in the Calendar) and this year there seems to be a long old time or stretched out gap so I guess that relates to TIME CYCLES-i Should of course say that there is a clear distinction between witnessing the PATTERNS and that feeling we all get at times that we are smack dead centre in the middle of being part of the knowledge-that stepping back from the data (if you like).

Does it make a difference-well when we look at domestic and international news we can say or think that very little is happening most channels seemingly took a course of action to follow the same one or two stories and threw the might or there respective reporting corp at those stories.  THEY ALIGNED THEMSELVES WITH A COURSE OF ACTION AND THEN COMMITTED TO THAT LINE OF ACTION-COME WHAT MAY.

Is that relevant-well I think it is a noticeable HUMAN attribute that often goes unnoticed in folks and is often the CAUSE of CHANGE AND TRAUMA.  So someone is bored in a relationship and they have a choice on how to proceed-simply go for a separation,,divorce or cheat or whatever and once a line of thought has taken hold or met with a modicum of success they then very often commit to that course come hell or high water.

Does it matter whether it is conscious or non-conscious-well I think it is less traumatizing when decisions have been attempted on a conscious level such-as our celebrity couple above yet in truth for most of us given those kinds or scenario we find ourselves upset whether with ourselves or with others makes no difference really.

So what else is going on in the World that I can better give my own attention to-if I am honest even with my present level of AWARENESS knowledge I still feel as though I am lacking for more of what I want even though that is perhaps when studied found to be false.

What next boredom is where I am at-how can I proceed?  What steps can I do next to enhance my knowledge, skills and abilities? Do I truly know deep down the direction that I actually want to proceed in?

Yes the brain being a hungry goal seeking mechanism-I must ensure that any goals I seek are perhaps more rewarding and uplifting than the haphazard mine-fields I seemingly keep blundering into.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

What Do You Know About Auras?

I personally know very little though I have read books that speak of Aura seeing and so on and how to develop such abilities-they do say that the more you progress with releasing and so on the more these types of abilities will come to you as a natural side effect anyway.

Is it true-well I think that when you do the meditation and if you have followed strategies for becoming congruent honest and self-realised and actualised and so on then the likelihood is that you can bring these deeper kinds of senses on-line within your personage.

So when you have let go of all those kinds of feelings of constriction and tightness and so on you begin to be able to better gauge those kinds of things in other people-so when you are not being triggered left right and centre and are relatively calm and relaxed and so on within yourself you can begin to see beyond your own aura field-that is apparently one of the big pitfalls that many folks fall into-they are so invested in themselves and there own story that they do not easily see through there own bullshit-whereas when you have done all the releasing and start trusting in your bodies inherent knowledge you just naturally see through all the fog and smoke screens that others put up.

Do you really?  Well I think that the less you are seeking to defend any particular secret or idea or thought process the easier many of these teachings and skills become-not that you want to necessarily be able to read people just that it is a natural side effect of the work you have done on yourself-I hope that makes sense.

I mention this because several teachers whose work I have studied are skilled in those kinds of seeing abilities and you might say that as I keep speaking of repetition some may wonder why.

So for instance I was focussed a great deal initially on Holosync and I still believe that as a clearing out the garbage that it is probably the most reliable Meditation Technology.  Having said that as I moved into the Learning Strategies materials I found that the combination worked to enhance abilities.

How-well Holosync cleared out the garbage-and then when I did other meditations such-as Jedah Mali I was actually able to FEEL the vibrations whereas earlier on I could not feel them and simply had to trust that they were there.

Probably sounds strange yet you have to remember that most of us spend years compartmentalising all these things in our bodies and the meditation encourages the developing of connections and linkages to all these things.  So that is why I use differing combinations and even some tapping just to STIMULATE getting those connections going-why?  Well I suspect that conditions such-as CANCERS are often simply trapped cells and so on and that getting your own old processes and mind set out of the way and then retuning your body to the various frequencies and vibrations speeds up the healing processes.

I say that I use differing combinations because as I said previously I was triggered by Sedona for a couple of years-I could not necessarily FEEL the vibrations when I did Jeda Mali yet when I did Marie Diamond and got some shift and then went back to Jedah I experienced another set of sensory shifts.  I have neglected Qigong recently so I think that is where I fill perhaps focus in the next few days.

Again all these modalities might be unnecessary for some yet I do feel that they contribute to feeling better about oneself and ones body and trusting your BODY OF KNOWLEDGE and so on.  The problem for those of us deeply traumatised by sickness or physical pains is that those things become big mental blocks and until we release those block they become life long distractions.  So having released trapped pain from broken bones and so on I can actually better now place my intention to do this or that without distraction or feeling like other considerations are required.

I have a range of modalities that I have invested in and I intend to keep using them until I experience that they are each fully doing what they claim-where DOUBT exists I simply keep going until the doubts no longer exist and are replaced by an inherent TRUST that the process is working as intended. 

Of course like many kinds of abilities that get shunted into the Psychic realms folks get nervous that they have Aura seers among them.  I take the view that if you have released and released and are open and honest then eventually they might themselves become more relaxed less constricted and so on.

One of the interesting things is that the lights and energies are always in motion and flow and each area might be regarded as having an associated colour-of course differing teachers give teachings that sometimes seem incompatible yet until we personally experience seeing beyond our own field to our own realisations we have to trust that they are giving GUIDANCE over ABSOLUTES.

If we are not absolute and law-bound then we are flexible and in-flow and that is surely where most folks want to be,

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


A Rolling Stones Bounces Like A Dambusters Bomb

In truth of course it was the other way around the guy who created the idea of bouncing bombs got the idea from that game many of us played as kids of skimming stones across water.  The other Buster was a murderous East end type villain who was given a good ol’ boy film and movie portrayal by Phill Collins-strange how criminals are celebrated yet of know surprise to prison warders.  Statistics from prisons show that murderers and serial killers all seemingly de3velop rapid followings and get letters from deranged people.

Is it that deranged?  Well I do say that is an ASSUMPTION and probably the kind of assumption made about myself for instance by non-users of the technologies I recommend-hence my unwillingness to bow down to them. I put myself out there and demonstrate the nature of now and so on and some want to still debate the most stupid of things whilst others simply want to manoeuvre into a good or better life.

Have I experienced any new shifts lately-well I have simply done some repetition work and differing combinations of modalities and whilst I did feel some PHYSICAL benefit I am unsure as to further mental changes.  I mention that because I do know that some have histories of various illness and I think you simply have to keep on going in a similar fashion-changing your own programming if you like.

Many folks of course hate the idea that they might be SIM like creatures and the battle will continue between the left and right brain hemispheres-I personally think that some things a well moved away from hence my stating previously as to why I like the word TRANSCENDANT-it is pretty neutral-I can say I am forty two and transcendent or single and transcendent or pretty much any label really-of course TRANSENDENT in and of itself is merely a kind of POINTER-an indication of direction of life or mental model perhaps-yet always open to interpretation by the individual-can you get to a place where you re not making judgments against yourself or defending old behaviour pattern rather than modifying and lattering them go-well you can think that these changes can happen in a moment or an instant yet for most of us of course-repetition does help as we go through all the LAYERS of unhelpful interpretations and assumptions and all the rest.

So short and sweet for today=Dave not totally feeling with it for some reason so will leave it as is.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Oh All Right Then

Dear Dave

Please can you give an indication of other types of book materials that the readers may find useful or interesting.


Hi Mona

Well I do as you know plough and have ploughed through many books-I think from an enlightenment angle people might find a book such-as “Coaching The Artist Within” (Eric Maisel) interesting-he writes many art orientated type books.

Another book along similar lines and PROBABLY one of the most compatible with Learning Strategies Teachings is “Visual Communication: Integrating Media, Art and Science”-this book contains a great deal of really interesting Arty Stuff for all-comers and contains information on WHOLE BRAIN THINKING, PRE_CONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING AND INTEGRATION etc.  It is not cheap yet I do feel it is a book I will return to again and again.

Other books people might like to research are related to The Stanislavski Acting Methodology- (Who said the Polish could not act) I looked at some by a guy called John Gillet.

The problem is of course sorting wheat from chaff and where you want to put your own money-I personally have trouble with the Art stuff so that is where I am currently focussed-looking for more works along the lines of VISUAL COMMUNICATION, ACTING TECHNIQUES and so on.

You can of course if you have Kindle Get “Marmion” that I mentioned yesterday for free though I do not know if many folks are interested in ancient poems and so on-there are many freebies and cheap collections to be had yet if I am honest I have probably gained more from some of the more expensive books.

Folks interested in the Communication issue-we in the West tend to be overly focussed on sounding out words and so on-whereas when you go to Asia-China, Japan and so on they are very much more Picture-Visual Oriented and yes I know Eastern Europeans have less difficulty moving West-how hard is an alphabet with a measly 26 letters? Yet it is not all just about sound.  My daughter for instance is a Welsh language speaker and that language is closer to an old Portugese Dialect than our Germanic English.  So a good all round ability with languages can help yet you really can cut to the chase and seek to go to being Vision Oriented as much as possible.

So yes my weakness being a youth running away from the ARTS-I now find myself desperately trying to become more ARTCENTRIC if that makes sense.

It does not matter that great a deal and of course you can fill in the gaps from bibliographical information from some of the course materials anyway.  The I Ching Book Of Changes was mentioned in one book for instance so I got an old addition-I think many people are not keen to trust that you can treat a book like a movie and flick through the pages-yet I do find that overtime it works excellently and I can still read books in a slow and tedious fashion as well-which brings us to having the best of both Worlds.

Yes what I also like about some of the Arts Coaching type books is that they very often have more integrative whole brain whole body material and uplifting coaching methods to those you might find in generic transform your life books.  The choices are simply to many and I have sort to bring myself up to awareness in areas of weakness-again just following intuitive guidance.

The guidance for instance suggested by Paul Scheele was to read around any given subject by getting 5 or 6 books on a subject perhaps 3 or 4 that deal directly with the subject matter and then a couple that are indirectly about the subject-so learning to learn is an ongoing methodology in and of itself and removing all those old mental blocks seems to be a bit of an ongoing challenge.

I will of course have to do one of my Perkins On Sunday Specials soon yet today I think I am going to just relax and await the forthcoming APOCOLYPSE as many Worlds all seem to be on collision courses and I am gradually becoming more and more removed from being interested in many things that others seemingly obsess with.  We can raise our Threshold and Awareness and Knowledge yet choice of DIRECTION and WHAT YOU PRODUCE is of course a personal choice-I am not Switzerland or Swiss yet I do like Toblerones and Rolls and of course Cuckoo Clocks that my Aunty Mona used to possess.

Thank you for reading, may your choice of system be your choice and direction of freedom 🙂

So Leaving The Bizarre World And Saying Last Week As You Recall

So leaving the bizarre world and saying last week as you recall may very well be the best option for most folks who are not caught up and enmenshed and interwoven in over complicated stories.

I was thinking about this because as you know when we were little we just tended to take everything in a nieve face value fashion where all  about us was simply all going on at the same time so for instance if I wanted to make up a story I can simply write one and assume that a certain amount of awareness is known to folk of a similar age group-though that does not matter that great a deal when you progress further or higher up the mountain of awareness so to speak.

So The Plot-Princess Anastasia is kidnapped by the Dukes of Hazard for a dare and finds herself trapped in a Saharan Desert Fort.  Starsky and Hutch have been given the case file and are in hot pursuit-after convincing Airwolf Pilot codename Blue Thunder to carry them across oceans mean while Ivor The Engine is asked to join the Thomas the tank engine crew for a special edition Christmas episode and only agree’s if he can be driven by Cagney and Lacey.

Yes lots of names and little in the way of description so what does a princess look like-well we have many Disney Princess’s to choose from yet they all seem very much rags to riches type characters who are pretty and skinny and dressed in rags until someone gives them a heads-up that they are expected to waft around in enormous Waltz type Ball Gowns making them look like sink plungers that plumbers use to unblock drains.

The Dukes of Hazard are of course Country yocals probably inbred in some fashion and although allegedly related look nothing like each other and talk in funny voices and drive around in cars that have welded doors and flags painted on there roofs.  A desert fort of course rarely looks like that turned up bucket sandcastle that some of us managed as kids though I am sure some folks regard themselves as mega-sand sculpture officionado’s-though not as big as Monty Python expert Michael Palin who did not do a Jack and Jill and fall down a well on his World Tour.

Starsky and Hutch are of course City versions of the Dukes and very little exists to be sure that they are not related. Speeding around in another red vehicle this time with a white stripe down the side  Airwolf was of course all about the Helicopter and Blue thunder was blue because it was a police helicopter-I leave manimal out of this because that was more akin to Tron than Robocop or Transformers.

Headache YET?

Of course even these brief outlines are limited in description.  Ivor The Engine was a green steam engine whilst Thomas was a blue engine and Ivor had no fat controller to put naughty Ivor to rights. A steam engine might of course be a kettle or a water boiler immersion tank or Iron-not to be confused with Tony Stark of Ironman suited fame-yes it gets worse and worse and worse until you get to points of what the hell.

Cagney and Lacey was a girly detective family drama on around the same time as TAXI about New York Cabbies and had early appearances from Danny DeVito and that guy that played Emmet Brown in back to the Future series of movies.  ARRRHHHHHH

Still I am quite sure that most folks want a good life for themselves and Margo was To The Manor Born for such a role being well aware of the kinds of behaviours to be found in a ROBINS NEST when not riding around mugging people as Dick Turpin.  I am completely and utterly use as doing descriptive writing and my grammar is appalling so what am I to do?

Yes I use process after process on top of process and still the World Spins round without anyone falling off who has not chosen too in some fashion. 

Now retro music what do we want to see coming back in future years-will Europe make a Final Countdown or will Wham join together for a comeback tour with Matt and Luke make me puke fame.

Yes grab another drink and sing you scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot along with the pogues. 

What a tangled web we weave

Our only purpose to achieve a life with conscious prayer and hope be not the one to play rope-a-dope.

Yes there is little avenues and large groves of density and the density of delivery comes through the voice and authority of knowing that I know less than I process to think.

Thank you for weirdness and kindness and forgiveness and gratitude and appreciation.

I think boasting is for others yet exploration or all things can find that we all of us have attributes and values that are questionable until we relieve ourselves of dishonest natures and the absurist or nut jobs such-as that Dave S Perkins bloke.

Thank you for reading, God Bless, Be Well and Explore 🙂

Dear Dave

Dear Dave

We have checked our catalogue of Soviet Submarines and you can rest assured that there are no known Ukrainian manned Nuclear Submarines missing as you have insinuated in your blog and further more we agreed to reduce our Nuclear Weapons quota and having carried out that activity in accordance with international law can say with complete satisfaction that the Warheads are not as great in number as you are suggesting.  Our long range submarines will carry out mission instructions and return to port when they have done they’re tour of duty.


That’s all well and good yet the fact is we in the West get nervous when Countries with NUCLEAR WEAPONS get carved up and can well imagine the same things happening amongst crews on ships and in armies and navy’s and so on and so forth.

Dear Dave

We have carried out a survey of our catalogue of Stealth Aircraft and you can rest assured that all are accounted for and none are missing apart from those that were downed and recovered during military exercises and operations.


All I did was mention the Clint Eastwood film Firefox not to be confused with the Mozilla internet search engine and all hell breaks loose.  I am quite sure that any Government given the opportunity may well seek to acquire or liberate technologies from other governments and they do say that everyone has a price-can you be sure that all your downed aircraft are fully accounted for?

Dear Dave

We here in France think it is an absolute tragedy that our beloved Jules Verne Story 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has been mocked in such fashion by Disney stealing the name of Captain Nemo-they have no shame and when the Nautilus comes into being we shall be the ones whose flag she shall carry.


Well that is all well and good yet we know that the Nemo of that book was an independent character akin to a pirate captain or privateer and the idea that he would carry any nations flag is laughable-in my opinion.

So there you have it you can make any old story up for yourself and you can raise your threshold experience some overwhelm and perhaps eventually get to a point where you can begin changing your own life story-that does of course suggest that you want to-though strangely enough I do not know anyone who having experienced the Enlightenment technologies has opted for staying the same.

Yes I am sure there are those that do yet how can you tell? why do you want to tell-by that I mean that if you are being honest and so on and assume the best of all you encounter then surely it matters not overtime as long as you yourself have gained enough threshold to continue on a more satisfying upward spiral for your family and friends and contacts and networks.

Well I think I shall grab some sleep and then perhaps come back later with a more interesting and fun piece for the blog.

Oh The Tsar Key I Know Nothing Of Nicholas II Or the Mystery Of Anastasia

Looks Like we have another Mystery On Our Hands says Fred

Yes here we all are watching with trepidation as The US and Russia go head to head over the Annexation of the Ukraine and meanwhile over in a very Oceanic Part of the World we have the alleged hunt for a missing plane. 

I say alleged because both China and Australia have stated that they are moving satellites into the area to help with the Search and of course as we all know all nations only ever have WEATHER SATELLITES and any other kind of Satellites that you may have heard of are merely SPECULATION.

So why are the US and Russia the two Countries with most Satellites keeping absolute silence about the goings on in the Indian Ocean and South China Seas-well the most obvious is that the entire region has more SUBMARINES and sub-mariners in it than where they perhaps ought to be and one cannot help but think that they are either making quick exits or going to silent running or there is a Hunt for Red October scenario on the cards whereby it is the big boys who are fearful of being caught out in some fashion.  We should of course give the operation a name all of its own How about The Hunt For Orange Nemo.

The other option is of course that given the wealth of some Oligarchs these days and the mammoth wealth that some of them possess that the possibility of these people setting up PRIVATELY RUN SUBMARINE OPERATIONS is a possibility-we have already heard of drug lords and people smugglers using them so it is not all that great a stretch of the imagination to think that things are being done beyond Scientific research.  Yes the missing plane has become a convenient tool for alternative motives (No-one asked yet I find myself saying so anyway).

Yes the other issue is of course that we have in recent years had plans drawn up for STEALTH NAVAL VESSELS and given the success of stealth planes I think that they likely already exist in some format for some Countries.  The problem for the big boys is that they do try to cover all bases or options whilst smaller countries and Island Nations can very often simply think right we will focus on this special research project and slip under the monitoring of monitors.

so yes it is a big wide world out there and a highly colourful one two yet my own continued monitoring of the news and current affairs type stories are growing in disbelief at just how silly some things that go on truly are.  The game of black and white makes it all sound so very simplistic perhaps we should call it the game of crystals and balls or the game of Peacocks and Shells.

Well I best get some sleep prior to my Friday Grizzly Adams, I may have been Born Free yet it does not feel like I will DIE FREE or cry Freedom easily-stranger than a Boston Firefox.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂