Why Why Why Delilah

Now as some of you are aware I do not put much credence in outward appearances by that I mean that yes I can do all those styling things to make myself look hip and cool and scrub up and all the rest of it yet at the present time in my life I generally do not bother.  I maintain the basics of having a wash and brushing the teeth and hair yet generally look like someone who has been dragged through a hedge backwards.

One of the interesting things for myself at least is that it is something that seemingly in many ways bothers other blokes more than it does the ladies like I am somehow letting the side down possibly or some folks are so regimental in the way they have to be and look that anyone who has a more relaxed approach or attitude makes them uncomfortable.

So in thinking about this topic I came to the following conclusions-one I have no friends or peer group that I actually socialise with and therefore have zero requirement to live by someone else’s social/dress code-two why do these people not set up a support Group called DELILAH’S AMONG US where they can criticize and whinge about other blokes fashion and looks and so on til there heart is content and guys like myself can simply ignore it and get on with what is important or interesting to ourselves.

Of course letting my hair grow out between cuts tends to be regarded as a major fashion faux pas yet I not trying to win friends and influence people so surely the only person it should be of concern to is myself.  You might say that these DELILAH types are everywhere and of all ages.  Several years ago now I decided to buy some clothes for work that I would keep separate from other clothes and to that effect I went down Primark and bought multiples of cheap jeans and t-shirts many of which were the same colours-I could in fact wear a different set of clothes everyday yet outwardly would look the same a bit like Shaggy in Scooby Doo or any cartoon character for that matter.  So is has always been interesting to note the Piranha type characters who jump to wrong conclusions and then make sure that the conclusion they have imagined is the one that all about themselves regard as truth.  When you know or have been around these retards long enough you get to let them stew in there own venom.  

The truly sad part in the tale is of course that somewhere along the line the cheap work clothes managed to become everyday type clothes-so my next mission is to once again start upgrading the look-if the cheap crap look managed to work its way into being normal then maybe I shall have to start turning up to work in the most expensive styles and fashions possible in order for that to resonate and filter down through all aspects of life.  It is amazing how some of these small details creep up on you when you are not paying attention-however even with attention the idea has many downsides not least of which is that the sweating for 8 hours in Armani clothes is little different from sweating for 8 hours in Primarni clothes.  Perhaps the rub of the silk Armani or whatever will feel better than the friction and sweat rash of Primarni-the only way to test such theories is of course to  live into them.

You might not get it right the first 999 times yet some illumination might work its way into the dullest of sparks at the 1000th attempt.  

Of course going back to the beginning where I said that it seemed to bother men more than women-I am quite sure that if I had a woman in my life that it would of course not go unnoticed and I would likely have to upgrade in some way yet I do not so you might think of it as one of those Chicken and Egg type situations where once a decision or direction is found or decided upon the rest will likely flow with it in some respects.

IE I upgrade my appearance and start going out and being sociable and polite and so on and before you know it I have been sucked into someone else’s manifested life and lost another 20 years of my own.  Beware beware they are everywhere whoever the they may well be and if you know what is going on then your more enlightened than me.

Enough strangeness for today I wonder where else the witless ramblings will be synchronated in the wider World hmmmn.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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