And Now For Something Completely Plaguarised

The Cryoswerve Interceptor sped down the road coming to a halt outside a large hidden double-door after traversing a long and seemingly never ending road down the side of a desert dune. Unlike the sand dunes back on the home World the dunes here on Zerth were more comparable to the size of Hills and Mountains.

Our film noire lead ignored the voice over as he stepped from the vehicle and strode purposefully towards the giant steel hinged double-doors.  Above them were scribed some ancient unintelligible symbols that our hero glanced at briefly as he took the final step that positioned him nose to door.

The doors seemingly activated began creaking as they drew back to reveal what was inside.   

‘Pizza Delivery’ called out our hero ‘Pepperami meat feast surprise’

A booming voice from inside the darkness responded “SURPRISE” and was almost to the moment beaten by a tenticle that flew out into the face of Pizza boy.  A Slurping squelchy sound and he disappears into the darkness the doors closing and leaving a Pizza Delivery pack lying where he had stood moments before.


The cargo compartment of the Cryoswerve Interceptor gently opened to reveal a concealed person who unlike the first was seemingly in no rush to march up the steps.  This individual went to one of his utility pocket’s where from he whipped out a pocket sized scanning device that whirred and beeped quietly as it carried out its function.  

He moved the device round in a circular 360 degrees motion and as he did so chose a direction.  The device led him to another seemingly hidden vent that he quickly scraped the sand away from the sky was becoming dark quite rapidly and was seemingly acting as a catalyst to our characters actions.

Another utility pocket and some further scraping with a laser shovel revealed that the vent was still powered and could be opened with an appropriate bypassing of the main circuit.  The vent was activated and drew back to reveal a convenient ladder that our character was able to begin descending, the vent above closed leaving character on ladder in darkness and a strange howling sound originating from the other side of the vent from which he had just manoeuvred.


So many people say they wish they could write and so on and that everyone has a book in them and make such ideas difficult because they fail to see how everything is repeated over and over again.  You can of course criticize writing style and lack of good grammar and whatever but I just left whatever came to mind in the moment onto the page in a first draft style for a scene.

I could carry on in such fashion not trying to change any of it but just building up a overall arc and story and then when complete go back and tidy it all up.  Embelish everything so to speak building up the overall feel and etc.

What are the themes appearing at the present time.  Well I fancied watching a couple of movies to play catch-up with the rest of society and of course keep the not so little one entertained.  So we watched Thor THE DARK WORLD and Star Trek INTO THE DARKNESS, I was also intending to have a look at the new Superman MAN OF STEEL yet decided to wait on that one a little longer.

So as action movies go Thor was good enjoyable Marvel Comic stuff, the daughter not so keen on the idea of watching Star Trek stating that it was just not DR WHO then who pops up on screen but non other than Mickey (Rose Tylers boyfriend from the Original 9th Doctor (Now 10th because of John Hurt) Christopher Ecclestone).  Then a little further on she says oooh Sherlock, completely meaning less to myself but apparently the actor who plays Sherlock played the new Khan and she settled into watching the Movie.

So Darkness seems to be a theme at the moment and to add to the building blocks she later put on the Sandra Bullock classic Miss Congeniality 2, I mention that because who appears in this mornings Sunday Times but Sandra Bullock.

So all sorts of links to this and that and it is as always up to the individual as to what they themselves are paying attention to.

Also triggered for some reason by the mention of Grandees, What is a Grandee? I found myself asking of course we generally hear of them in relation to Politics and the old guard who have walked the walk and survived the cut throat in-house politics of the particular parties that they represent.  At the moment the Spitting Image generation are apparently the Tory Grandee’s.  GOD HELP US ALL.  I if I am honest have not paid much attention or not been triggered in anyway by the other party stuff so Labour are insignificant at the present as are the Liberals, all though that could of course be FAMOUS LAST WORDS.

The Hype-Up for the Oscars is reaching a Crescendo and most talk is about the disney film FROZEN-one that I have not yet seen apart from a very funny clip of a snowman trying to save his nose from an elk/moose type animal.  yes I know there has been talk of 12 years a slave and Gravity but again I cannot comment having not seen them and neither actually appeals to myself as films I want to see.  

One of the truths about Oscar’s is perhaps that they do not generally go with public opinion or even film industry opinion seemingly guided by FILM INDUSTRY GRANDEES.  Yes it might seem bad to say but in fact when you think about it-it MAKES SENSE.  For instance if you went with viewing and so on Steven Speilberg, George Lucas and so on would not have any room for any thing else in there properties but Gold Statuettes.

There are of course complaints from all quarters such is the competition among actors actresses and all the really creative folks for acknowledgement from there Peers not of course to be confused with Peers Morgan former Fleet Street Mr Sleeze who somehow managed to attain a level of popularity beyond that which he could cope.  Perhaps better as a sleezy editor type than a presenter seems to be the wider opinion.

Yes so trying to navigate all the politics and so on can be a major occupational hazard, I personally think you are often better off ignoring all around and just sticking to your own set of BASIC GROUND RULES.

So the World at War according to many commentators yet Putin of Mother Russia (Sisters of Mercy) is a former KGB man and is not someone who is to be trifled with, his former foes of the CIA/MI6 will no doubt already be aware and all the UKRAINE business is seemingly to myself ALL SMOKE AND MIRRORS SLIGHT OF HAND.  We are all being guided to look at particular news articles in particular regions and one cannot help but think it is elsewhere that requires our attention.


P.S.  For those interested CIA/MI6 are EXTERNAL Intelligence Agencies whereas FBI/MI5 are INTERNAL Intelligence Agencies.  The interesting thing for myself is that whilst we always saw Soviet Agents as being portrayed as KGB when you look at the information they were regarded as an INTERNAL Intelligence Agency so I would very much like to see what other agencies they actually had so I can better understand all the Soviet Designations.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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