Opportunity Knocks

So there I was thinking enough international news already I need to check out local and of course somewhat limited in options went to Hereford Times website-a quick scan of headlines reveal that there is perhaps an imbalance in the appeal of materials that I personally want to read about.

Having said that a little hidden below type link managed to grab ones attention and a couple of clicks later I find myself looking into creative abys.

What is the source of my creative abyss-well quite simply the link was related to POETRY and led myself to something called The Ledbury Poetry Festival (nope me neither) and a COMPETITION and for myself at least I suddenly had a feeling that this is a competition that I could WIN.


So of course the abyss problem is one of focus-much poetry writing is akin to lyric writing though I personally find more scope in Poetry and of course you might say that Rapping (&HIP HOP) oh’s a lot to Poetry in a sense that rappers often make lyrics work through poetical structures and devices.

So I am experiencing a do I or don’t I moment whereby if I decide to enter then I perhaps have to up my poetical knowledge and so on.  Despite the simplicity of my mini-verses and so on I do have a great deal of all-round knowledge and experience of having studied many works of poetical greats.

So yes that is an interesting dilemma-can I Dave S Perkins write anything that appeals to the gatherings of poetical peers or literal peers or any kind of peers for that matter and does the dilemma match with a fear of failure or fear of success.

The strange thing for myself is that I do have a desire to visit Hay book festival each year and somehow never get round to it so this could be another one of those distractions for 2014.  I throw myself into the poetry leagues and have no time for storytelling.  Why is this a problem? It is of course not for when you know your Dr Seuss you can be all things at once.

So can a forty something with zero advanced education in any of the ARTS (Not just Literature) succeed in gaining entry into those leagues and circuits and the truth is of course that anyone can at any age you just have to keep plugging away at whatever you will be great at.

Where else do I find my (WORLDLY) attention going well where I work we use water that pass through tanks and filters and have cleansing agents added and when the FILTERS are not working we can feel like we are being showered in grit each night.  

So FILTERS is and has been an issue now for several weeks and must surely also relate to my teachings of the METAPHORICAL translation from, one aspect of life now to other aspect of now. The truth of course as always is dependent on how far anyone has themselves chosen to progress or not-I as I said previously took several years prior to not being triggered left right and centre and I considered myself as taking an all-in accelerated approach out of all the modalities-so can well imagine that some folks taking a non-accelerated approach are still perhaps not fully understanding many aspects of what I try to convey through my blog.

Another short one today as I am off to practice my neglected poetry and see if I can develop a style and delivery and rythme that is uniquely mine mine and all mine as Daffy Duck would say.

There was a man from Hereford with a Universe in mind-a mind that looked upon this earth and wondered how sensory blind are the creatures that live and dwell can you say it quickly say it slow only the writer does delivery know and as he goes of to witness who will witness he

Thank you for reading god bless and be well 🙂

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