Strip For Me Babe, Strip For You


Now it is all starting to come together right now over me.  Welcome To Lent Mossad Style!

Dear Dave

I monitor and have folks and friends on multiple information exchanges and am becoming increasingly concerned at just how many of them have taken to advertising Marmite, as much as I like Marmite I do not understand why so many people are doing it, any ideas?


Hi Bongo

Well I cannot stand the stuff and believe Marmite to be one of the most revolting creations to have ever been recipe’d.  In response to your question I would have thought it obvious to anyone who can put two and two together the most obvious is that a sexually active generation of peoples are letting there Lovers know that they have YEAST infections and should be considered as no go zones.  You should be thanking them for saving you a trip to the clinic.


Now what else is grabbing attention well we do of course have all that Ukraine stuff and Oscar Pistorius becoming the new OJ Simpson, he’ll likely get off because of his disabilities.  One of the strange things that I have noticed is of course how little is forgiven of the dead yet the living are given carte blanche excusations for unacceptable behaviours. 

A typical example is of course Jimmy Saville, I should state of course my own position is one of “Hang ‘Em High” in such cases.  However we have see time and again all the “Living Accused” getting away with questionable doubt stuff.  Multiple SOAP Stars have gotten away with it, multiple DJ’s have gotten away with it, Multiple Comedians have gotten away with it.

So do people go into there own minds (People like myself strategies) and then decide that they too would act in the same manner around “Personalities” giving them free access or passage to unacceptable behaviours or behaviours that we as a society are told are unacceptable?

This is of course why raising your Threshold and looking after those that you love is perhaps so important.  If we cannot think with the level of clarity that meditation brings then we are perhaps open to being persuaded by non-valid criteria and ideologies that are highly questionable.

Yes choice is choice yet I do think that vulnerable in society could expect a level of support that has perhaps not been forthcoming from Society as a whole.

Other news of course is that Bill Gates is apparently once again Owner Of the Planet having the financial clout to buy most countries if he should so wish. 

So returning to the theme of LENT It is of course now 7 weeks til’ Easter and I spoke in my blog the other day of Pizza Delivery another flat round meal akin to Pancakes and of course I do like a good Omelette.  Those of you who recall my terrible HAGS joke can have a chuckle at how the feeding time options are seemingly increasing-so even HAGS sufferers get choice.

Sports wise we are of course in the build-up to the Football (Soccer) World Cup and after polling a number of colleagues I can apparently rest assured that England are going to Win tonight’s friendly.  I must be the only person who thought Denmark can win.  It is a friendly and the likelihood will be multiple substitutions and testing of formations-Mr Hodgson not so concerned about winning at all costs so much as bringing together an appropriate group of players who will eat sleep and breath together into a strong and formidable team capable of peaking later in the Summer when the largest of World Football Prizes is up for grabs,

Those of course my own thoughts rather than those of any particular vested interest or commentator. Right I need to be getting on so will leave the blog at that for today.  Nothing is personal I just right for writings sake and if you are triggered by anything here-you can of course do the recommended meditation and exert your own choices from your own knowledge and History base,

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Tongue ‘N Cheek 🙂

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