Whoops Did I Not Mention That

So there I was carrying on blogging and life and so on and suddenly decide to play catch-up with my email and what do I discover-we are in a Fest week-or more precisely the Abundance For Life Fest-so I will give the link here for anyone who wants to join this particular freebie.  Of course like all teachings/Fests before-repetition can help-although having said that many of us do get caught up in unhelpful repetitions yet all is choice and these technologies give you greater or broader powers to change your own inner being and attain greater maneuverability and options if you are willing to take the teachings and ideas on board.


Where else have I been working-well having worked through so many courses does of course come with its own issues-one of congruence perhaps for some though I must repeat that the higher I have gone with the meditation and courses the less inner conflict or lack of congruence I personally have so it really is perhaps about clearing and cleansing your own energies whether you regard those energies as physical or celestial or however.

Whilst I on a personal note can feel and become more and more aligned with real reality and truth and so on I can also see those about myself who are in resistance (perhaps) to those things-maintaining your own centre is of course easier as you progress yet you do have to repeat a number of space clearing type visualizations.  Why? Well it can be very easy around some ‘characters’ to get sucked into false gravity of the situation/drama they think is necessary for motivation of there own life progress-this might be regarded as a failure to understand that everyone is unique and has there own way of going about activities and so on.  Why do I say that? Well motivation to be a success at sport is a differing motivation to be a success at work or as a parent and so on.

One of the great problems is this scenario where someone has found a way to motivate in one aspect of life (such-as sport) that seems successful so they then think this works here I will try it elsewhere and they do all that they can to convince themselves that the transference or technique works in other areas or aspects of life.  Even worse they often can convince others to such a degree that the others also become convinced by these things and follow suite and some even gain positions of influence such-as management and training jobs-and then even WORSE-they scribe (write) techniques down that then get handed down through work forces for generations in a Hereditary fashion.

The more I have progressed the more I see the differences-subtle and otherwise that have caused so much heatache and pain for so many people.

Whilst it is not always wise to scrap knowledge and have a clean start over again now approach-you can explore those possibilities.  So for instance a big issue in many environments is HEALTH AND SAFETY and FEAR of RESPONSIBILITY and FEAR OF ACCOUNTIBILITY and so on.  Many places have systems DOCTRINES set-up as REACTIONARY responses to accidents.

If we want to start over we can surely scrap the reactionary approach and adopt a PREVENTION APPROACH.

How can I do this creatively from ground zero-well some of the best strategies that I have seen were in books by this chap http://www.amazon.co.uk/Michael-Michalko/e/B001JRWY3E/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

I wrote previously that I like Daniel Dennett and he is quite hard for the average reader to like in style and so on, the guy above whose books CRACKING CREATIVITY and THINKERTOYS are excellent for people wanting to rethink approaches to any aspect of learning and teaching and getting out of the build-up of hereditary boxes and so on.

By that I mean that if you are in a job and the inheritance issue is problematic you may just find new ideas and approaches in those books exceptionally good.

Well time to get on

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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