Have You Lost Your Hot Cross Buns

So here we are on Sunday and yesterday being the Do You Wish Sabbath I decided to have a day off (blogwise that is) and catch up with some of my learning.  By that I mean that I had one or two modalities that I had put on the back-burner and felt the time or moment was an appropriate one to bring myself up to speed.

So today’s title “Have You Lost Your Hot Cross Buns” is actually highly inferential if you want it to be or likewise can be taken at face value.  So Hot Cross Buns of course are a traditional LENT Good Friday eating requirement and I have to say that I do quite like eating them all year round although given a choice of Bun there are others that for myself are higher in the pecking order-Hot cross Versus Chelsea-I’ll take the Chelsea Bun.

Likewise we have a missing aeroplane in Asia and LOST was of course a weird TV show about some plane passengers who wound up stranded on an Island together following a crash following some hazard of some description-I do not remember that well as I perhaps watched the first series and then grew tired of all the warped and twisted plots-It was to myself something of a mess and not well planned as you might have expected-by that I mean that it perhaps went on too long in trying to keep a “MYSTERY” atmosphere going beyond a period of time that any audience would really find acceptable (In My Opinion).

What else well according to one news article Michaelangelo’s David was recently seen with a gun being used by the manufacturer Armalite to adverse it’s latest Sniper Rifle. http://www.ilpost.it/2014/03/08/david-armato-pubblicita/

We have of course seen such things before-what would the Sphinx Look like with a nose being a popular one-Only in America where the Black extremist group Nation of Islam claimed it was defaced because it had a Negro Nose for many years.

The other of course Venus de Milo she of the missing arms fame  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_de_milo

Buns can of course also take you of on allsorts of tangents buns being a popular word used to describe other things such-as a hairstyle and having mentioned Chelsea previously we can all of course remember Star Wars’ Princess Leia and her pair of Chelsea’s.

Yes I am on tangents mode at the moment that I write this though that was not of course the plan as I had no plan when I began writing.

Buns could well of course be a nickname for Bugs bunny though he perhaps is usually referred to as Bugs.

A hot day also here in Britain apparently comparable with the Mediterranean so they say-one cannot help think that given the choice where would you rather be?

Now I have actually missed out on the morning papers not having yet been to a shop-I unusually had a Sunday Lie-in and have missed so much of the day.  I can of course look at a wide selection of news from around the World on my Pad yet I do like the traditional Sunday Paper read.  Having said that I must admit that all the Ukraine Drama is getting on ones nerves as is all the European Parliament stuff we have had recently.  We have of course seen Nigel (Toad of Toad Hall(Wind in the Willows)) Nigel Farage and UKIP being given prominence.

For myself I think that UKIP are just one of the latest incarnations of the BNP and other extremist groups.  That is of course what happens when the mainstream parties ignore popular opinion.  They have let the retards in and the retards are very much about in-breeding and creating more Paralympian’s and so on. 

There are sensible ways to think about some of the issues and then there are Fascist Ways and UKIP are FASCISTS so do not be fooled into thinking otherwise.  And further more they are clearly supported by RETARDS, What sort of IDIOT sends someone (Nigel Farage) to be PAID HUGE SUMS OF MONEY BY THE EU GRAVY TRAIN-TO NOT REPRESENT THEM IN EUROPE.

Nigel Farage and UKIP are EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE IRA-SEIN FEIN were in the British Parliament for many years and refused to take there seats or pledge allegiance to the Queen or vote.

So people who claim to hate Irish Nationalism should surely not be voting for absolute scum like Mr Farage and Co-they probably already have a jack-booted provisional wing for when they fail to get there way yes we can throw our dummies out of the pram they scream.

I see the Fatboy darts has been on and cannot help but think that they are the wannabe wrestlers that could not make the grade.


That is surely a theme that is popping to mind-People who did not make the grade-what will I do now syndrome?

failed army cadets join the police, failed wrestlers take up darts, failed conservatives become fascists, failed….

Of course using the word FAILED is HARSH because as we all know we can all of us find a million ways in which things do not click together-yet with some persistence and perseverance that one millionth and one time could just be the one.

That is of course directed for people who actually want to learn and make progress-some try to progress without making the necessary attitudinal and behavioural changes that can go a long way to accelerating these kinds of processes.

So what I write on this blog stays on the blog just as a way to witness and monitor and it is always interesting to witness and monitor because it is.

Well enough from myself, enjoy your Sunday’s

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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