There Is Something About Suki

That is correct the title says Suki and not Sochi as some might have thought or expected.  The reason being that I had a brief mini flashback to when I was a nipper. I as I said previously have little memory of when I was very young.  However I do get the occasional blip or thought pop-up.

So I spoke previously of my parents Welsh Border Collie known as Tessa and Suki was the dog that they owned when I was a nipper.  Suki was an Old English Sheepdog (I think they are called that) one of those giant shaggy grey haired dogs that Deluxe used to use to advertise its paint-thereby everyone calling them the Deluxe Dog.

All I remember was a memory of the dog sat behind myself whilst I was seeing a gameshow-Winner Takes All presented by Jimmy Tarbuck (do not quote myself because I have not checked or researched this for accuracy).  and that is it-I have zero knowledge of why that particular flashback has occured now yet it has so I make a note of it and move on.

What else have I been doing-well I did see a piece on the Brazilian Statue Christ The Redeemer that I found quite interesting they apparently have an on going renovation of the Statue much the same way that some super bridges and other super structures have-start at one point and work your way across and then return and start all over again so to speak.

The interest for myself was that the statue is actually surprisingly concrete and further to that its overall look and glistening was brought about by the addition of quarried tiles that came to the original project a little later.  The creator had visited France and seen a Fountain created in the same fashion and decided to add tiles to his own work.  They have now run dry of tiles from the original quarry and colour matching to keep the same overall look and so on has become problematic-the statue suffers from weathering and maintenance or replacing damaged tiles can change it look-at least that is how it is explained when you look close up.

The other trigger I have experienced are a multitude of references to LIMESTONE hence my mentioning the statue-some deep partially underwater caves found in Chile are giving Archaeologists a new perspective on early life in the region having found cave paintings and bone fragments and so on.

The lovely weather we have experienced this weekend will know doubt be getting Springtime into many a persons mind although apparently it is not official until later in the month.   I do at times think that they must of moved the seasons yet I guess it comes down to how well you remember differing seasons throughout the year and throughout your own life or perspective.

What else well I did see a writeup/interview with some chap who has a new book out called Mother Earth Wants To Kill You-not what you might think merely a collection of stories on just how dangerous some materials and places can be from a nature perspective.

I went to amazon and could not find the book yet did find myself looking at one or two other books on the area of survival and navigation probably related to my mentioning of the Feng Shui material recently it does of course follow that a regular navigational knowledge might work well alongside the more la-di-da material as I call it.  Interesting to note that those sorts of books are very pictorial oriented full of visuals and graphics perhaps much more manuals than books though of course it depends on your own choice of material.

Having bought blindly I was unaware of the level of graphics  until I was going through the materials-mentioning the blind I could perhaps say well done to the visually impaired medalists at Sochi-especially living as I do in a City with a dedicated visually impaired college.

You see how one simple word [blind] was turned into two [visually impaired] I guess political correctness is not necessarily all it is cracked up to be-calling folks impaired when they may well like to think of themselves as perfect (warts and all) is surely a better way to raise your own vibration and so on. 

I also found myself looking at some work by Marianne Williamson-I think it was her who wrote that poem I used to publish as one of my favourite’s of all time.  The book very much talked a great deal about her teaching of A Course In Miracles-and as you know I have regularly advertised a free version here-so anyone who started with doubt and has now shifted somewhat might like to look up A Course In Miracles or buy it as you may well find it is all you need.  It was not enough for myself being someone who likes variety yet I do try to go and have another look each year just to gauge if I have sufficiently made progress or if feeling stuck in some manner.

I guess following recommendations can only take you so far before you have to strike out on your own to a certain extent yet that is the same for all in life is it not

I shall leave it there for today and see what the witnessing brings

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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