So The Release Comes In Trusting Not-Knowing

A very strange thing to write is it not.  However I think those that have progressed will understand where I am coming from.  If we take the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience then you can of course go two ways-you can turn to eternalism or you can turn to nihilism.

The mind always seeks to CONSTRUCT whether from the past or for a planned future and whilst that is not in and of itself bad it can cause issues unless you have sort to enter or transcend into a place or space that is the witness-the bystander.

From this place whilst constructions are made and created such-as these thoughts on this page-we are no longer attitudinally (I like to think) investing in anyone given outcome.  What does that mean?

Well depending on progress one person reading this might be triggered into thinking that X person is going to win the tennis, whilst a second reader might be triggered into thinking that Y person is going to win the tennis and a third reader might be triggered into thinking that Z person is going to win the tennis-and in the IMAGINED realms all three can be correct-however in the transcendence route and teachings I have been following I have been effectively seeking to neutralize all the old positive and negative construction games of black and white mental constructs and ascend to a place where I can be it-it in this particular case being a BODY OF KNOWLEDGE.

So we MEDITATE and MEDITATE and we pay attention to all those little sensory stimuli that come to mind and then instead of chasing sensory impressions we bring ourselves back to a place of being centered and releasing all the associated thoughts feelings and impressions that some of the physical stimuli gives us.

I hope that makes sense-as many of you realise-these things really do have to be experiential rather than told.  We can all of us march around sounding I know this or I know that yet really as a MEDITATING BODY OF KNOWLEDGE all I can ever do is put whatever comes to mind on this page and then witness.  Yes witnessing is boring-so learning from masters such-as Bill Harris I can learn to let go of unhelpful strategies and move towards empowering strategies that can improve all-round results.

You might say that that is what many ENLIGHTENED do-rather than chase gambling triggers-they simply write a book or course explaining these matters in as best a fashion as they are able and live of the profits of the teaching rather than the pain that will always be brought about from NOT-KNOWING.

If multiple persons have followed a particular series of courses and studied along the same guidelines then we all of us get to a point where we can simply write pages like these blog pages and then perhaps do a go-compare with others that we know have progressed.

The real problem for many is of course that early on they do not want others to know they meditate-or are unwilling to recommend meditation to others-again that is choice yet from an empowerment point of view unhelpful.  For instance there are a multitude of people whose own blog writings I would love to read irrespective of the community that they feel they are part of or represent-yet in seeking to represent a multitude I am the one who is isolated from all the circles and rings so to speak-so from that angle it is of no surprise that many advanced individuals choose death as a way out.  Why continue to help the ungrateful and live in isolation I find myself asking-whilst at the same time feeling grateful for the isolation in as much as one does like ones own space from the more troublesome type characters-having said that most of those that have taken up meditation have generally rejected or turned away from the more ridiculous and outrageous anyway-or so it seems from my own observation-the problem comes I think primarily because many meditating folks such-as those that I have on Facebook are not people that I have day-to-day working relationships with and some of those that I do have to work among and interact with are of the troublesome variety.

So one Solution for myself might be to go into or seek a daytime role that takes me into an environment where I can happily be at piece with a “people like me syndrome” rather than constantly living with FRICTION orientated individuals who only know how to communicate in extremes causing unwanted and drag me down RESISTANCES.

Yes dilemmas in a dark place directionless to know and whilst that goes unsaid to some-some others want to know-all there is a body just close your eyes and see for in the greatest darkness your own serenity-an inner World that borders-a place of impermanence on and off the light switch goes develop the sensory sea-left or right north and south a swirling pool of cess and who created this monster the reflections in the see

Hmmn yes I do not know why my writing is so other than mainstream popular and so on yet I can only write what comes to ones own unparalleled processes of a day-to-day moment that is Universally SELF!

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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