Flawed Of The Strings

So as you are all well aware we all try to build conditions into how we go about our day-to-day lives and who we interact with and how we are perceived and just about everything really.  Yet in reality an argument can be built or proffered that can derail even those seemingly most sensible or normal of conditions such-as I like this product.

An example of that is the Marmite joke I recently placed in my blog whereby Marmite rapidly vanished from all known newsfeeds simply through my inferring a connection with yeast infections.  Of course you do want a balance and these sorts of rapid REACTIVITES can sometimes make or break companies much like those infamous “Runs On Banks” that we have seen over the years such-as Northern Rock whereby all those with accounts all quickly marched down to the local branch and sought to withdraw funds that the banks did not have because as we all know money is not of any intrinsic value-it only carries the value that we place in it and yes many of us have had lives whereby we seemingly have had little choice in overvaluing something that we may or may not have grown up coping with.

An example in my own life for instance is that I was more than happy to sit through many of the Learning Strategy free fests-yet when time came to decide on further investment in said courses I often baulked at the funding requirements and then excused myself from purchasing at those times-a typical example was the Marie Diamond Feng Shui and my reasoning was simple in that I did not feel any immediate benefit and I as you know was very much about further investment in those modalities that gave me an instant fix-by that I mean that if I got some inner shift during a freebie I was very much more interested in making the further purchase.

So when my funding capability changed and I had dried up on instant fix type shifts from my initial run through I found myself going back to those modalities that I considered as being of secondary importance.

What shifts or realisations were others getting from these modalities that I was somehow immune too perhaps I found myself asking.  So having gone back to some of the seemingly less effective (at the time of the freebie) modalities I can say that yes indeed some repetition and proper study or imply a higher level of the course material did give myself some later shifts that I did not immediately benefit from when doing the freebie.  So my level one freebie strings were perhaps flawed as having gone back and relistened and studied at higher levels I have in several cases found myself getting inward shifts and getting my fix.

And of course the truth of any course that uses compasses is that you can with practice consider yourself as becoming recentered in all dimensions of time and space as it were-there are many other factors that some decide to take into consideration-dependent on your own usage and requirements-THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY-and the usage for instance might be considered different from the Feng Shui dimension of time and space to the Survivalist dimension of time and space or indeed the airline pilot’s dimension of time and space or indeed the average road user with in-car satellite navigation known as GPS.

I can well imagine at this point that many are going or giving myself a big hmmmph in a “WTF do you know about satellite navigation” attitude-so I could of course mention that the project I was working on at University was a GPS system for Robots and that was very much where much of my study was focussed.  Whilst I at that time had a great deal of knowledge on the computer side of things my GPS knowledge much like the average person in the street’s was somewhat flawed.

For instance everyone takes GPS for granted as being fantastically accurate yet what most folks did not know was that the SATELLITES that dominated the early GPS systems were Governmentally owned and controlled and the data provided to third party providers-researchers and home users was FLAWED to such a degree that you would in no way want to put your life in the hands of a rich independent GPS merchant.

The US Government in agreement with Western Allies kept only the most accurate data for MILITARY usage and the guidance given or ALLOWED for allies was deeply watered down and deliberately flawed and inaccurate-this is historical FACT and could be looked up by anyone interested.

You might say that it was one of the reasons why the US government has been against other people launching Satellites such-as those launched by the European space agency in recent years-because the data was no-longer going to be controllable.  The GPS systems now available to the average home user is far more reliable than that provided for many years.  So of course some say well if you know or knew the data is/was flawed can you not simply write algorithms that compensate for the flaws-and yes that is indeed what many independent researchers and so on did-yet that is a FIX-an adding of RED TAPE-or another layer of unwanted bells and whistles.

So I am completely lost in what I was saying so I will leave it with stating that I Love FENG SHUI far more than I gave it credit for initially and indeed had some shifts through REPETITION of the modality-so do not give up in thinking that NOTHING IS HAPPENING you could well like myself find that when you go back to a modality or study one at a higher level that you do indeed get some new inner shift.

Having scanned through this post quickly I can see that the TORTOISE AND HARE scheme MARATHON OR SPRINT theme is coming into view-THE INSTANT GRATIFICATION versus THE LONG HAUL.

So my University LONG HAUL scheme broke down when my marriage went caput and then I went into continuous quick fix gratification modes that have not served myself particularly well.  You might say that we all have multitudes of the QUICK FIX modes whether they come out through DRINKING or SMOKING or OVER-EATING or however.

So we are not looking to become NUNS and MONKS so much as seek a balance in SELF-AWARENESS of what behaviour might be considered as falling into which LIST side of the EQUATION.

I think I will leave it there for today-as always

Thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

2 thoughts on “Flawed Of The Strings

  1. Thanks for allowing me to read your blog. Feng Shui is a popular practice that calls on the natural elements of green. The Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui relies of harmony. This means that green is used often to offer perfect balance to other elements. Did you know that?

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