Are Public Sector Workers Over Rated

So I myself at one time have been a public sector worker and whenever issues come to the fore such-as wages we always see the same old drivel and populist identities rolled out-what does that mean?

Well here in the UK all public sector workers have just been told they will have a low wage increase-the immediate effect brought about by the MEDIA is to highlight the PLIGHT of poor nurses-sounds fine to me say many folks (and my own mother is a nurse)-however in reality there are many multitudes of public sector workers far worse off than nurses (in wage and working conditions) and whenever that group gets highlighted the powers that be rush to placate them usually by slight of hand-ROBBING PETER TO PAY PAUL-so you can all now watch as 1% for everyone becomes 1.5% per cent for Nurses and 0.5% for everyone else. 

Not that simple-OH YES IT IS-and the same behaviour and practice has been seen over and over again actually creating all the wage disparities in the first place.

So you might say that this is why COMMUNISM does not work-everyone talks the collective talk yet no-one practices the practice-acts the act.  The very best example of this was when the FAR RIGHT TORY LEADER Margaret Thatcher introduced the COMMUNIST POLL-TAX.  (I say it was a communist policy because it literally treated everyone equally with zero attempt to distinguish between rich or poor young and old and so on, a bit like the family allowance that everyone rich or poor young and old are allowed to claim (for the kids)).

The outrage and outroar across all sectors and at all levels of Society caused by the original poll-tax introduction was in fact a demonstration of British Societies unwillingness to be equal among equals most people wanting to regard themselves as FIRST AMONG EQUALS.

“I Am All Right Jack, Pull The Rope Up” or “Self First, Self Last, and if there is anything left inbetween-SELF!” is perhaps another expression that you will hear from the very worst of the agitators-aligning themselves with what comes out of there own mouths as criticism of others.

So yes in truth you do have to fight for SELF or join/become part of a collective body that better represents how you want your own life to go-unfortunately however most Unions that do the negotiations very often have limited vision caused by working to long in environments where the bosses play hard ball pleading company poverty-the very richest corporations on the planet are masters of pleading poverty to there workers whilst at the same time boasting of record yearly profits in the Billions of Dollars.  If the staff at all rank and file levels of these Corporate juggernauts actually took stock in seeing homeless work colleagues and the year on year below inflation poverty creating wage increases they might take action-yet time after time-they choose to fall fowl of not upsetting the applecart like good little boys and girls.

What else is going on-well there is that stuff over there and this stuff over here and it must surely only be some sub-300 days til Christmas now.

Yes all any of us can do is continue to seek to raise our own Threshold and Vibration and step back from playing a hard-ball game of black and white in favour of seeing a bigger picture with greater CLARITY that might just enable one to not get sucked into the SLAVE traps and tactics that many of these Corporate Entities use to ensnare workers.

The problem for many of course is that they go into environments not knowing the lay of the land and just how bad some places really are-whilst it is easy to say leave-someone such as myself CHOSE a night time job as the best option as a bloke with a mix-raced kid in a racist City-the best child care option being to care for her myself whn she was with myself.  That is perhaps where I diverge from many international colleagues-they being predominantly WHITE are themselves very often just as RACIST as the LOCAL RACISTS.  The mantra “MY ENEMIES ENEMY IS MY FRIEND” can generally again only take you so far-for instance-whilst I was indifferent to having people of all stripes on my FACEBOOK list the ORIGINAL all-round reaction from all quarters was MURDEROUS!


Well that is just DATA ON A PAGE-NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS and those that are triggered by that have work to do on themselves whilst those who are not triggered might just be making progress.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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