And Theres More

So first of well done to those that managed to get some money down on More Of That for yesterday’s day at the races, of course it can often seem like you are well behind the rest of the field when it comes to digging out the gemstones and nuggets-later in the day at work I saw that the horse was recommended by the Sun newspaper so obviously there can be many clues and synchronicities and genuine recommendations from folks who know there stuff when it comes into play in your decision making and so on.

So I think I said it previously elsewhere yet simply placing bets on favourites can often get you through when you have not necessarily advanced well with meditation and so on-by that I mean that whilst you can learn all these strategies and so on that I and a number of others have learnt it can make sense to follow the betting herd in any sport and get those occasional biggies.

If someone were to ask myself who was going to win the gold cup I would likely at this time of course say Germany versus Brazil final with Germany in their green kit being a European team that wins a cup outside of Europe-sorry what oh that Gold Cup well ummn the problem of course is that what Dave knows about horses can be written on the side of a train art deco style.

Yes so we can all see clues and become better attuned to all those little nuances that sleep walking through our lives we somehow manage to miss-for myself it is quite strange as both my grandfathers and indeed my father all like a regular viewing of the races and I did when younger go to the races a few times and very much enjoyed that as a pastime.

So what else well I mentioned the Dead Baroness so of course decided to follow that line of poll tax enquiry once again and surprise the year was 1987 so whilst that means nothing to many of you readers it for myself is all very much YEAR OF DEATH type stuff-I have repeated the same things over multiple times yet so many things changed that I believe that many others must surely have zeroed in on particular years in life where everything fell apart or whatever-yes you may have multiples of years yet the more I try to get my head around some of the points the less I can actually do that.

You might say some of these major forks events are like fallen rubble where know matter how much you seek to get to the path you logically want to be on-the only route your able to follow is the non-linear sideways step into the alternate dimensions path so to speak.

Now whilst I thought of some fantastic horse names I will not be putting them here as that would likely send the wrong type of clues that folks might be wanting and of course there are other things going on in life beyond wanting a flutter and some extra cash in the attic.

Having said that it is Friday and of course I need to try and get to sleep as early as possible so I can be fit and ready for my last shift of the week.

What else well working with fowl of course I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could farm Pegasus winged horse type creatures I mean how many weeks could you live on that size of a wing-and the size of the steaks of course we do not eat horses they being a French and Findus delicatessen yes so much can happen in a couple of years how fast we all forget the revenge of the Irish perhaps-they generally being regarded as a nation of horse traders and so on.

Of course when you do look at those things you find that all the landed folks have there own stables from the Queen and gentry to Arab Oligarchs and I am quite sure that the Soviets will have gotten in on the act having all that excess oil wealth to buy success with.

Now having ranted a little yesterday  some of course wonder where does that come from and to be honest I do not really fully comprehend some of those thoughts feelings reactions which is why I write it here on this blog and state repeatedly that the blog is for folks who use Holosync and associated technologies-quite simply only folks who have similar experience and understanding can gain or progress-I feel concern that non-users of the techs could over react or be made ill-having not gone through the healing and mental flossing that I have been working through.

A Horse is a horse a horse of course and no-one can speak to a horse of course that is of course unless the horse is the famous …

Just how crazy do you have to get before full circle comes about and bites you in the KARMA

Thank you for persevering who-ever you are and where ever you may be-remember remember raise your glass and toast the weirdness that comes from a dead mans notes

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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