So Some Are Interested In Telemetry

I would first like to mention that I am of the belief that my laptop has been regularly hacked in some fashion-my daughter knackered it a year or two back changing settings and using it when visiting and I pretty much leave it permanently on-because sadly it may well fail to return to life were I too turn it off.

Unfortunately the permanently on meant that the laptop was more susceptible to hacking and some of the sites she visited are not sites that I would trust as safe sites to visit-the other problem is that modern browsers are also more susceptible to hacking simply through the way they are structured (hard to explain to non-techie folks) anyway I write this because I do find that strange things occur through the laptop being permanently on.

A typical example is that most of this blog is written on my pad and the occasional post on this the laptop and the DATA changes according to device I view through (as an aside). Anyway an example is that I generally log in and out of sites when or if I desire to see what other folks are getting up to and I do not use Facebook very often as some/most readers are well aware, I got fed up of all the changes they kept making, anyway as a typical example I went to work yesterday having not used the laptop in any way shape or form and got in from work wrote the earlier post below this one then later go to the room where the laptop is and notice that Facebook is open on the laptop-so either the laptop is hacked or someone else in the house relative or visitor is nosying on the laptop in my absence-the problem with passwords of course that I prefer the machine to use auto-logins and password savings.

So I write that because these things bother myself just as I am sure they would bother anyone-yet as always it is easy to fall into mental traps of chasing events and turning into a snoop yourself when I have been investing a great deal of time into moving away from the snoop mentality-so I think I will start moving away from the dead and dying laptop or get myself a new one when I have the required funding of course.

Now telemetry is of course a HUGE AREA to try and write about or explain so I simply turn to the basic intro given by wiki

You can see from the wiki page that there is no area of life that does not involve TELEMETRICS OF SOME DESCRIPTION.

I say this because some folks are unable to fully understand why I go on about Meditation and the work of Learning Strategies COURSES they themselves perhaps not as devoted to get those healing energies working to the best effect.

Well another way for myself to explain the science of all these SEEMINGLY DIVERSE modalities is that continued usage will bring you to a point of Integrated Telemetrics and the more you advance the more deeply integrated and trusting of your own inherent telemetrics you become so where once you may have constantly been at odds with yourself-the whole brain integrated telemetrics again allows you deeper awareness and new ah-ha’s and so on, most blocks and obstacles are of course very often through previous lack of understanding of all the diverse inner processes that we all of us very often have running in the background in those non-conscious realms all ready and waiting to come to life at that hat changing moment of requiem.

So two post already and I wonder what else is going on in my TELEMETRICS, FALSE FLAG OR CAUSE FOR DEBATE?



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