So We Are Supposed To Remember

So according to one particular course that I took we are all very good at remembering beginnings and endings and often forgetting the bits in the middle-yet the tragedy for myself is that I recently found myself only remembering the latter parts of the music.

In this instance having overslept for work I found myself in Call A Cabbie mode and as always what cab drivers know about transportation and routes and dealing with bullshit monkeys can be assumed to be a great deal though of course dependent on years of experience and individual or personal attitude.

So cabbie not interested in talk says choices of music and gave options Rock Eminem and something else that is gone now I am writing this so I have remembered the first to choices.

I say Rock and listen to a good driving tune though I cannot recall who he said it was next we had a 50 Cent Number (He of Get Rich or Die Trying Fame) the track started with some talk about guns therefore perhaps a setting the scene or a sample from some film that that particular track was used for I thought that one of the other guys on the track sounded like Eminem and mentioned that yet the cabbie not interested moved us on to another track by a group called The Kings Of Leon-I happened to like all the tracks yet not as much perhaps as a die hard fan would-perhaps having grown up around musicians and so on my evaluation are set by differing criteria to many folks-again it is perhaps nuances that I spoke of yesterday.

Anyway Mr Cabbie mentioned liking ZZ Top and I thought yeah great me too I did actually download some of there 80’s classics a year or two back and they are often the fodder of drivers albums-all guitars and Give Me All Your Lovin sprang to mind as we departed company.

So he got my money and I got to work, I was entertained and neither of us was particular rubbed by the others bullshit so to speak.

So I remembered the latter two pieces of music or artiste’s as they might prefer to be known yet could not for the life of me even now remember the first.

So what are the clues and why is it so difficult to transfer from one form of knowledge to another?

Well I struggle personally with the drawing side or image side of Photoreading-yet that is really where for those of us that are sighted that the best results can come from.

By that I mean that if I were to take what is written down here and then picturise and doodle the clues I would be changing and reinforcing the form of the data and my perception/integration of it.

Yet in fretting about my seeming inability I make it worse when I want to make it better.

So we have Wave ranges and COLOUR FREQUENCIES and also in the mix associated music Frequencies and yes they can all be interlinked and interwoven and that has of course been proven and demonstrated as being possible.

I spoke of the book -on the shoulders of giants and that was very much the Scientific type knowledge of how SCIENTISTS have sought to link across the fields of disciplines between sight sound et al.

The other problem is of course related to the depth of your own knowledge base.

Do you know your PRIMARY COLOURS for instance, do you know your SECONDARY colours and so on.

Why do I ask if they are all generated in the same fashion-well from an internal perspective that is correct in the most basic of IDEAS-HOWEVER when we go into broader and wider depths and fields of knowledge DAVE in particular STRUGGLES

You see if I were living in a hut in some village and wanted to make some DYE I would likely choose particular combinations of crushed plants and so on to bring about the colours I want and then further mix them to broaden the PALLETTE again so what we are taught in school is somewhat limited in the sense that you are taught for instance that RED, BLUE and YELLOW are your PRIMARY colours.

You then go into TV engineering for instance and are told that RED BLUE and GREEN are your PRIMARY Colours (those are the colour that were originally used to generate colour TV (In European (PAL SECAM) systems.  The American NTSC system was called Never The Same Colour and your image representation system was again different.

Modern chemical and biological and physics systems knowledge you might say have refined and refined all the various COMPOSITIONS to such a degree that keeping up to CURRENT PRESENT DAY ACTUAL EXTERNAL KNOWLEDGE IS A NON-STARTER.  FAR BETTER IS TO DO WHAT PAUL SCHEELE/BILL HARRIS TEACH



Well again I do not necessarily need a million and one versions of knowledge on how COLOUR is brought about you just need to be retuned and refined and integrated to the degree that you can make those mental shifts and leaps and so on.

Now were my clues yesterday any good?

Well it depends on what info people wanted I said could be written on the side of a train-so that might have triggered a route or station name or the image of a TRACK. Hereford has two routes one that runs north to Manchester Crewe and so on and another that runs South through Cardiff where you can split towards London PADDINGTON or into Wales Swansea.

I mentioned art deco so some may have thought to picturise what I wrote-I spoke of the FIFA World Cup and that is YELLOW so all sorts of little pointers that might have helped but really you do have to work at SEEING the SIDEWAYS developing of LATERAL THINKING. 

I spoke of the Gentry and baroness so folks may have thought tophats and tails and TITLES.

I wrote the theme tune of an old comedy drama called “Mr Ed” that rhymes with TED so PADDINGTON and Ted might have been brought together to create Paddington Bear and from there one might of thought of his colour scheme BLUE DUFFLE COAT. (I looked it up and now see that he has been changed from the original scheme I knew as a child (unfortunately) so that could have misled or caused confusion for the unaware #9such as myself).

I wrote another rhyme saying toast the dead mans notes.  What might cause noise from a dead man? trapped air flatulence WIND, yes that is actually MEDICALLY BASED and what causes many folks to think that the dead might still be alive.  The dead body in the release of MUSCLE CONTROL gets FLATULENCE.

So lots and lots of little pointers that can create PAIN were I myself to have tried to work through my own clues.  That is perhaps where my own DOUBT EXISTS.  many years of DOUBT even with retuning and so on simply leaves you fearful of even attempting to plough through the data.

So that is where I continue to need to work (from my own perspective) on getting my drawing and doodling together into more picturesque usage.

I might perhaps have a go at doodling the IDEAS and trigger words from the TOP HALF of this BLOG PIECE though you can REST ASSURED THAT THE ENTIRE PIECE WILL CONTAIN KNOWLEDGE that is in ALWAYS HELPFUL or RELEVANT to a READER somewhere.

The TRUTH IS OUT-THERE as they used to say in Mulder and Scully X-files

thank you for reading and Have n’ ART Guvnor

God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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