So of course what Does Dave Do?

Well I have always considered myself to be quite well studied around Politics-yet again that was really mostly when I was younger and in truth I was probably all over the shop-by that I mean that as I have stated previously I regularly attended the local Political Clubs with the Grandparents and little was spoken of Politics-also I studied Politics as a subject at one point and again I generally find that I cannot be wholeheartedly in alignment with any one given political group.

Anyway Tony Benn recently died and he is regarded as a Political Legend having written regularly Published Dictated Diaries for many years. So I figured what the hell and bought some compendium type additions to do my breezing through and then claim superior knowledge.

Was it worthwhile-well I have not really got the knowledge from most of my reading in conscious awareness because the Photoreading is about relying on the non-conscious to take in the information and then learn the methodologies to bring the information back later-techniques such-as doodling or Mind Mapping.

Anyway if there was anything I simply trust that any information that I take in will reappear at appropriate times that I need them.

So we are now very close to getting into Official Spring and of course a great bloody Scanner is going to whizz through your World on the 20th and signal an alarm that this person has not prepared for the Spring or indeed the Summer that follows.

Now some clever bods probably worked out that 1987 was not a year of my physical death and in fact I think it is dependant of the kind of death you are referring, for myself there was a group of years 1987-1991 with a nested 1988 to 1989 that multiple “DEATHS” occurred

leaving school and going to college, one relationship ending and starting another, getting an extra job to supplement income and much more of these kinds of events

so DEATH does not necessarily mean physical though the physical effects through the mental effects can seem real to those that are going through CHANGE of any sort really.

You can of course regard it a bit like the Riddle of the Sphinx, the ages of man, Spring-youth, Summer-adulthood, Autumn-getting on, Winter-retirement

those of course are CHOICES and I know that many who have taken up these technologies I recommend have opted to extend SPRING or return to SPRING irrespective of age and previous History and so on and I think in general if you are able to do that then why not.

You can think of it as being good to yourself and you have to be good to yourself because no-one else can be good to yourself for you.

Of course you can ask does being good to yourself mean not being good to others and that is of course choice?  Again probably always better to raise threshold and vibration and just get on with it as it were.

Yes Politics is highly over-rated as a pastime in my opinion and generally stops folks from living and getting on with it, though as an area of study it might help bring some to a better place of balance if used in combination with these techs. 

I personally when I study these matter tend to agree with little bits of policy from most Political Parties whilst at the same time regarding some alleged MAINSTREAM policies as being DANGEROUS and highly divisive to the unaware.

So is this the season of our glad rags and hand bags and Weddings and folks that say never say never again…

Dear Dave

I love Horse Racing and am thinking of buying a Horse and was wondering if you could recommend a name that might give the punters a giggle and upset the commentators, any ideas?


Well strangely enough Bongo I have multitudes of names and titles that might just upset the applecart of the Hitlers, how about:-

“I Cannot Believe It Is Not A Pussy” for that little girl that asked daddy for a Cat and got A Pony.

Think I will leave it there for today

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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