Whose Sense Of Humour Is It Anyway

So this morning I decide to catch up with some of the weekend sporting news and shock horror the sham rock Irish won the Rugby and the German in the German car won the Formula One and Arsenal won the North London Derby and…

So paying attention and getting all those little mental cogs and linkages whirring can pay dividends for those attuning themselves to the greater truths and letting go of the ego story defence mechanisms and those seeking to get better clarity through use of transposing words to art such as sketching and so on.

Now why humour?  well I wrote what I though was a humerous line on this blog and of course  I figured that I must be getting into a Humour Season again so I went back to some of the comedy writing books that I think I may of spoken of some time last year for a review scan through if you like.

What has feather and Glows In The Dark?




Chicken Kiev (Old Chernobyl Fallout Joke)

So I see that joke among many and that gets myself thinking well strange thing about RADIATION is of course that many things around us in our day-to-day lives have varying levels of radioactivity including things such-as X-Ray machines and of course the radiation levels are regulated for safety purposes yet that does not take into account that workers using such devices may well themselves have uncomfortably high levels of radiation-Chernobyl was not that many years ago and the UK has of course had huge swathes of immigrants coming from Countries that may well have been adversely affected-and before everyone rushes into defensive nationalistic modes-I could point out that sheep in Wales had to be slaughtered because of the Radiation from Chernobyl Fallout so few Countries in Central and Western Europe can claim to have gone unscathed.

So what happens when you bring Radioactive equipment together with radioactive workers?

Do a turn the lights out test probably the quickest way to check 🙂

Yes so I did actually study a wide variety of comedy material and it was material that was from all over the World rather than just UK-CENTRIC-The interesting thing for myself was of course that no matter where you go in the World many of the funniest themes and comedic patterns and behaviours are the same and very often boil down to very few categories-areas such as sex and deformity and nationalism and so on.

I of course going back to my courses and learnings and teachings do seek to encompass as wide a variety of study area as possible-just to improve my on awareness and biases and vocabulary and think one of the best ways to get some releases of your own intrinsic biases and so on is to study areas such as comedy just so you can see how funny reality really can be to those of us that have progressed and so on.

What else well I spoke about the issues surrounding colour frequencies and what I noticed when watching the Formula One highlights was that I really could not tell that well what the colours of the cars actually were.  I do know at one time for instance that each country had a racing colour and we used to have British Racing Green and the Famous Ferrari Brand was in fact Originally Italy’s Yellow so again it could pay some folks to check on differing Countries designated racing colour to see if the criteria still applies.  The one thing that bugged myself was that the vehicles were simply all to SHINY to get a real colour fix-I guess the polymers and metals they use now are so well polished that they deflect your ability to look directly at them much like trying to look at the Sun without special filter glasses-even sunglasses are not regarded as safe due to the effects of Ultra-Violet I believe-yet do not quote myself go check for yourselves.

What else is happening-well missing plane is getting more and more mysterious of course and are those military troupes Russian or Crimean.  The Russians say not us and that does make sense to myself yet then again is Crimea going to become an part of Russia or simply an independent region of Ukraine-I think independent is more likely yet the INFRASTRUCTURE of gas and oil pipelines and other European wide services is such that no side will want the situation to drag on or indeed ESCALATE.

Well enough from oneself for today and I think it was TOPOL in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF who sang-if I were a rich man ya da da da da da da daaaaa, All day long…

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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