You’ve Never Heard Of The Vietnam Triangle

So we take a look at the traditional Bermuda Triangle information and we transpose it over our map of missing flight MH370 and you have a new line of inquiry-how cool is that?

Of course the Idea of a Vietnam triangle also works well with all those Yankee Doodle Dandy Vietnam stories and statistics where the average age of the combat soldier was? !9-Nineteen.

We then whizz over to another part of the World and take a look at the BLACK SEA and what is sat right plonk in the middle of the BLACK SEA-The Disputed Territory Of Crimea.

Now I could of course say well the map is not the territory or I could of course say

you’ve Never Heard Of The Rostov-on-Don Triangle.  Of course most folks have plenty of things o do with there lives that does not involve looking or staring at maps.

I whipped up Google Maps and zoomed over to the Region and Near Enough dammit Called HOUSE.


Well there is so much information in that little area that folks can relate to there own lives that it really is an opportunity to grow or expand your awareness so to speak.

How many BLACK SEA’S do you know that are LANDLOCKED and Surrounded by 6 Nations-Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine.

Of course Were CRIMEA to become an Independent Nation State then we get 7 Nations on the BLACK SEA.

What is the relevance?  I think you have to of course understand your History and so on yet for myself I think there is great deal of information to be had simply by looking at the Map for a few short minutes. I can of course also point out that I started with Russia in the One O’clock position meaning that CRIMEA was at 12 NORTH whilst the remnance of Ukraine was at the 11 O’clock position.

I have used differing clock points based on the map that was displayed for myself and of course that map may well be different for folks from alternate States.  Another interesting point that I think I have made previously is that as anyone who had to do that maths test will likely know you only need two points to triangulate a third and the same can be said in most dimensions of time and space.

Why? Well most math algorithms that seek to triangulate in multiple dimensions use SYMBOLIC REPRESENTATION and again can seem TRUE yet in fact I am pretty sure that it has been DEMONSTRATED OVER TIME that you end up with FALSE results.

What? How? I cannot for the life of myself remember the details yet I am quite sure that it is akin to the early home calculators that were floored through the attempted scientific algorithms they used.

Most early computer chips were not powerful enough to do FLOATING POINT calculations so instead they stored lists to the Nth and whilst for the average user on the street this was fine, for science purposes such-as ROCKET SCIENCE you really needed greater degrees of ACCURACY.

The same problem occurred in early home computers and was very much the reason why reusable GRAPHICS and MAP BUILDERS were created.  You could store a selection of BITMAPS or BLOCKS that were for instance 16×16 images and these reusable block were then copied and pasted into  a place in memory when needed to appear on the screen.

This was also excellent for memory storage purposes.  These days the clever methodologies and so on have been thrown out of the window because storage and memory have pretty much become non-issues, the downside of course being that modern younger developers have not got the skills and experience of trying to fit a 1 megabyte game into 48 k or 68 k and so on.

For the non technical – it is the equivalent PACKING of your SUITECASE.  Whereby you have to make the decisions on how many types of each item you can fit into your CASE.

Many of us cheat do we not in going with the basics and then buying cheap t-shirts and clothes in our destinations hence the popularity of those RESORT wear type idea like “I ♥ NY”

So we can aqain of course think of these things as STRATEGIES and when we find a STRATEGY that works we very often as I said previously seek to reuse it-reuse of course only works if you are sure of the premise or pre-preposition or supposition that is being given and we have of course all experienced hitting the REALISATION that we are in ERROR.  Though some doggedly stick to being in error whilst others decide on developing better strategies.

So some are safe to reuse and others need greater development or change according to new information.  That is of course where EXTREMISM fails because many POLITICAL type leaders are more aligned with self promotion and self advancement than with DIE HARD CORE POLITICAL IDEAS.

In Flow Terms I think you really are better of in some matters blowing with the wind whilst staying true to yourself in others-so yes some thing will for many of us be set in stone yet our own set in stoniness could not prohibit or exclude others from having differing views or lifestyle.

Issues arise when folks seek to rush to extremes of judgment and being able to judge accordingly and accurately can be a toughie-a bit like reading someone in the Newspaper or on Facebook each day and then assuming you know them or all about them and so on-yes you reveal quite a bit of stuff in these blog materials yet again the writing is only a SURFACE layer of ramblings and incoherent IDEAS that are not really FORMULATED into any TRUE statement of intent.

This is a blog whereby I simply demonstrate the IDEA OF NOW and THE IDEA of THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY and the IDEA of THE GAME OF BLACK AND WHITE and simply demonstrating that with regular practice in certain METHODOLGIES and MODALITIES you can change the way you live your life, the way you feel about others, the way you communicate and interact and so on.

any way o look at those maps on GOOGLE MAPS I think some folks will find  some great TRIGGERS that Lead to other TRIGGERS that lead to other TRIGGERS that lead to GREATER AH-HA’s and so on. 


“You have no-one else to NURTURE your NATURE for you” Dave S Perkins 18/03/2014

thank you for reading, god bless and be well 🙂

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