Ra Ra Rats Putin Vampire Of The Mushroom Things

So there I was this morning thinking WOW it is Budget Day Here in old Blighty-I know this because Naga Muncheti Of the BBC is a staple diet on the TV where I work in the mornings and if Naga’s gang say it is so then it must be so.

So of course Dave thinks hmmn what would a budget be like if I wrote one for myself rather than rely on the one delivered by the chance seller of the eggs checker.

And then I thought Dave you watch and hear about the budget every year and every year there is lots of loud authoritative delivery of the budget then a shadow budget and then a shadow shadow budget and all that happens is? We lock onto those things that effect us the most-so where I work for instance many folks like a drink so the new cost of cigarettes and alcohol will register in the THOSE B’STARDS section of ones brain-so I have even as I write this not checked out the budget in any way shape or form and any similarity is simply SYNCHRONICITY.

The other problem is of course that some of the very best teachers say that the best information comes from monitoring and watching the markets and I whilst I have studied some Economics material find Economics to be akin to bathing in chewing gum-since they developed bubble gum the choice of course is expanded-more interesting was the news that we have a new 12-sided coin the man who ate that last after eight mint has decided that thruppenny bit style coinage is the dogs and every COINAGE machine is going to need redesigning to accommodate this new coin.

I wonder if my brother still has those jars of old thruppenny bits that we had as kids? probably a different weight yet you can all but guarantee that these changes will not run smoothly.

So I will of course check the budget and see where I am going wrong in my own political life.

What else well as you can see the title is a combine of Vladimir with Vegetarianism so I guess that all those modern non-human vampire type folks that are kind to humans are coming to the fore.  Think I saw a z-rated movie series about that sort of thing in recent years.

Yep some clever soul decided to take the very worst vampire stories ever written or scribbled and make money on them-makes you wonder where the art is at does it not.  And before I get targeted for ragging vampires I like vampire stories and have read many and those really are low down the rankings and the movies are just not Buffy.

Yes so I was talking about returning to my rhyme and rhythm rock and roll poetry and yet I have not done so-the reason is that I was writing them somewhat one-dimensionally and I thought that of the top of the head was fine for the purpose yet as critically acclaimed folks will tell you that is not allowed-you have to have sweated and ranted and raged like a tortured soul to come up with this stuff.

Speaking of which I see the Stones are cancelling there down under tour.  I do like much of there older music though not particularly keen on them as rebels of a generation.  rebelling pubically whilst the Beatles were behind closed doors rebels is perhaps what is comes down to.

I guess it is that choice between the consistent and congruent life or the compartmentalised life-I think that you can get to a place whereby you are consistent and congruent irrespective of other considerations.

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday they sang and Hello Diamond Duck Wednesday was never released, they also wrote a song called PAINT IT BLACK and that little number was used as a theme tune to Tour Of Duty a Vietnam based TV serial that I recall watching a number of years back.

Yes so OH YEAH I just reminded myself

The plane diverted of its planned flight path, flew so far a short distance in a new direction, pulled up alongside another plane or flight vehicle (on its internal right) of some description at which point it went into a landing or DECENT circular type pattern flying to a lower altitude and then continued retracing a direction whereby it crossed under the flight path of the other plane..

I do not know where along the route this occurred yet that was the PSYCHIC INTUITIVE GUIDANCE that came to myself-ABSOLUTELY USELESS I am afraid.  However If I were following the links and clues-then the VIETNAM using Soldiers as slave labourers fits well with wanting a next generation of slave labourers in which case we are likely looking into those JUNGLES again.

The Jungle book starring a cartoon character called Mowgli was one of the first films I ever saw and I have of course read Kippling since then though his adventures were very much based around India and not other Jungle environments-there are quite a few when we look more closely at the details.

Tarzan was also another jungle inhabitant and we have seen multiple copies of the Tarzan Idea in recent years though know one seemingly wanting to do an outright version apart from Disney.  I used to watch Tarzan banging on that giant cymbal as a kid for some film company.  We also had Geroge of the Jungle a kind of mock Tarzan story and I think it was in the fourth Indiana Jones movie that that kid from Transformers now in his role as the rebel son of Indiana had a swinging through the vines sequence whilst escaping the dastardly forces of evil and some Giant ANTS that they ran into.

The strange thing is of course that many of these stories are not that far from truth-many explorer has come across new insect populations that eat or ravage and destroy all the crops as they move across the landscape hence soldier Ants and Termites and Locausts and Mosquito’s getting such a bad rap.

We are extremely lucky on this large ISLAND that most Hazards of those descriptions have been kept at bay by water and so on.  My favourite TRUE LIFE stories of Hazard were based around the IBOLA VIRUS and that is far worse than most other killer virus’s ever released in a human environment. 

So What if the Aircraft crew or passengers were infected in the days proceeding flight and then there internal organs all rotted together at roughly the same time.  The truth is probably only known to those involved in the vents weather they be dead or alive.

I think the Kidnapping slave labourers story is most likely and it probably goes on far more in that region than is realised much like people trafficking where so many people go missing year after year on every continent that really this is concern for a missing plane more than missing passengers.

A bit like that Blazing Saddles sequence where the railroad boss was more concerned with saving the carriage than the occupants when they went into a sand pit.

Yes the benefit of all these really expensive weapons and vehicles is of course that they cost so much that knowone wants to use them until the knock on cost benefits are guaranteed and then we have mini all out wars.  the Gulf wars were testing grounds and finding new testing grounds is becoming more and more difficult because the larger EMPIRES

THE US, RUSSIA and CHINA to not want all out Planetary War at least not in public though some Hawks in all quarters will of course be missing the good old days when you could take a disruptive soul out the back and give them a facts of life message.  Europe is to diverse to eer come to appoint of EUROPEAN EMPIRE (In my Opinion) we threw our lot in with the Yanks years ago and that has served us well in keeping Brussels at Bay yet I fear that as they go more insular we are going to have little choice as to WHO WE ALIGN OURSELVES WITH.


I have written and written today for some reason.

I wish I could sell like a seller of wares and clear out this pain from within yet all that ever happens is the rainbow surrounded the blimp-the radar fog and sonar scales all over the spectrum of light and all I truly deep down know MOTOROLA was there in the fight.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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