Well Actually Sweetie I Think You Will Find Sake Is A Rice Wine

So have you ever been called Sarcky-of course we Brits are well known for our sarcasm it being said to be the lowest form of wit and the highest form of INTELLIGENCE-anyway for those that may recall that James Bond Drank Sake on one of his many missions I say this of course because you have to bring any given set of clues together to understand the nature of these things.  So the Japanese/Asian Rice Wine Sake http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sake

Next up of course people are probably wondering why I was going on about Mushrooms of course Nuclear weapons testing has a long and glorious history and us Brits not wanting to test on our own door step chose you guessed it Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean quite close in fact to where they are currently looking at Objects in the Ocean and no where near where the Russians and Soviet Union conducted there multiple Nuclear tests the known data can of course be wiki’d not wicked http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapons_testing

So who else requires a response he thinks to himself and Bingo Little “Lies” was a song by Fleetwood Mac and song by ever popular though dead Stevie Nicks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stevie_Nicks

You can see that wiki is so full of information that it is difficult to not use it for research purposes even though many have shown that the data runs from top notch 100% accuracy to 100% completely made up-on the spur of the moment much like this blog where I have rarely thought about hat I am going to write prior to sitting down in front of the screen and starting.

so moving on what might occur in the World next-well I really think it is dependent on how far any one person has progressed-I personally think those that jumped aboard early on are far more advanced than more recent folks yet do not despair as many who jumped on board early have advanced and many simply shot passed myself like surface to air missiles on a mission.

So WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED could well be the next call from the DARK LORD or Ultimate Villiain-and of course we have to sweat it out until next week to find out what happens next.

So how good are your descriptions in your mental World-can you really imagine and image stream a dream.  I sit here with open eyes and yet if I try to describe something sat in front of myself I find that even with all the knowledge and descriptive abilities that I have not got the mental pathways and cogs rolling in such fashion for that to work as I think it could-perhaps again going into WHAT I WANT versus WHAT I GET.

Stick with the Parallel Surreal Realms is surely the best bet as that is where I found most changes occurring and of course the more modalities you are able to afford the more advancement you can seemingly attain. 

After having gone through most Modalities once-I will bombard myself with multiple modalities at the same time-WHAT? HOW? well quite simply I could put FENG SHUI on one Media Player and ULTIMATE YOU fest on another and just not pay attention to the confusion simply relaxing and trusting that I am gaining a deeper knowledge at other than conscious levels and so on.  It is ain to falling asleep with a RADIO ON or TV for that matter.  Whilst I would not do that early on if you have been through multiple modalities over a couple of years and been happy with the progress from Meditation and so on then this is perhaps a next step toward improving abilities.  You put your brain under stress and it will come through the other side so to speak-you will gain greater tuning and so on all from the safety of your own home.

Think I will leave it there for today as we have rain outside and we do not yet know if the debris and wreckage is the debris and wreckage that is being SEARCHLIGHTED for-someone will have to wonder whether Batman will respond whilst the joker asks”Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?”  do not know why Jack Nicholson pops up into ones head yet he is of course a fim star that many folks like simply for his ability to be extreme One Flew Over the cuckoos Nest

I of course had a soft spot for the film THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK and what a cast indeed for that little number though I am sure us blokes prefer to be known as WARLOCK-OFF WITH HIS HEAD screams CONNER MCCLOUD of the CLAN MCCLOUD and not that Cowboy western detective I saw as a kid-So the pen is mightier than the sword some say-I doubt that very much as many behind the lines dead people can testify-no matter how many layers you put between yourself and danger you can over time experience the danger that you are placing others in.

Do I believe in Karma and is it the same as KARMA CHAMELEON or was Girl Georgina or however he calls himself totally out of state with the real aspects of CULTURE CLUB!

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Ps I do not know where some of these references came from so do not despair simply go with whatever springs to ones own mind-FREE YOUR MIND AND REST WILL FOLLOW 🙂



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