Oh The Tsar Key I Know Nothing Of Nicholas II Or the Mystery Of Anastasia

Looks Like we have another Mystery On Our Hands says Fred

Yes here we all are watching with trepidation as The US and Russia go head to head over the Annexation of the Ukraine and meanwhile over in a very Oceanic Part of the World we have the alleged hunt for a missing plane. 

I say alleged because both China and Australia have stated that they are moving satellites into the area to help with the Search and of course as we all know all nations only ever have WEATHER SATELLITES and any other kind of Satellites that you may have heard of are merely SPECULATION.

So why are the US and Russia the two Countries with most Satellites keeping absolute silence about the goings on in the Indian Ocean and South China Seas-well the most obvious is that the entire region has more SUBMARINES and sub-mariners in it than where they perhaps ought to be and one cannot help but think that they are either making quick exits or going to silent running or there is a Hunt for Red October scenario on the cards whereby it is the big boys who are fearful of being caught out in some fashion.  We should of course give the operation a name all of its own How about The Hunt For Orange Nemo.

The other option is of course that given the wealth of some Oligarchs these days and the mammoth wealth that some of them possess that the possibility of these people setting up PRIVATELY RUN SUBMARINE OPERATIONS is a possibility-we have already heard of drug lords and people smugglers using them so it is not all that great a stretch of the imagination to think that things are being done beyond Scientific research.  Yes the missing plane has become a convenient tool for alternative motives (No-one asked yet I find myself saying so anyway).

Yes the other issue is of course that we have in recent years had plans drawn up for STEALTH NAVAL VESSELS and given the success of stealth planes I think that they likely already exist in some format for some Countries.  The problem for the big boys is that they do try to cover all bases or options whilst smaller countries and Island Nations can very often simply think right we will focus on this special research project and slip under the monitoring of monitors.

so yes it is a big wide world out there and a highly colourful one two yet my own continued monitoring of the news and current affairs type stories are growing in disbelief at just how silly some things that go on truly are.  The game of black and white makes it all sound so very simplistic perhaps we should call it the game of crystals and balls or the game of Peacocks and Shells.

Well I best get some sleep prior to my Friday Grizzly Adams, I may have been Born Free yet it does not feel like I will DIE FREE or cry Freedom easily-stranger than a Boston Firefox.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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