Dear Dave

Dear Dave

We have checked our catalogue of Soviet Submarines and you can rest assured that there are no known Ukrainian manned Nuclear Submarines missing as you have insinuated in your blog and further more we agreed to reduce our Nuclear Weapons quota and having carried out that activity in accordance with international law can say with complete satisfaction that the Warheads are not as great in number as you are suggesting.  Our long range submarines will carry out mission instructions and return to port when they have done they’re tour of duty.


That’s all well and good yet the fact is we in the West get nervous when Countries with NUCLEAR WEAPONS get carved up and can well imagine the same things happening amongst crews on ships and in armies and navy’s and so on and so forth.

Dear Dave

We have carried out a survey of our catalogue of Stealth Aircraft and you can rest assured that all are accounted for and none are missing apart from those that were downed and recovered during military exercises and operations.


All I did was mention the Clint Eastwood film Firefox not to be confused with the Mozilla internet search engine and all hell breaks loose.  I am quite sure that any Government given the opportunity may well seek to acquire or liberate technologies from other governments and they do say that everyone has a price-can you be sure that all your downed aircraft are fully accounted for?

Dear Dave

We here in France think it is an absolute tragedy that our beloved Jules Verne Story 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea has been mocked in such fashion by Disney stealing the name of Captain Nemo-they have no shame and when the Nautilus comes into being we shall be the ones whose flag she shall carry.


Well that is all well and good yet we know that the Nemo of that book was an independent character akin to a pirate captain or privateer and the idea that he would carry any nations flag is laughable-in my opinion.

So there you have it you can make any old story up for yourself and you can raise your threshold experience some overwhelm and perhaps eventually get to a point where you can begin changing your own life story-that does of course suggest that you want to-though strangely enough I do not know anyone who having experienced the Enlightenment technologies has opted for staying the same.

Yes I am sure there are those that do yet how can you tell? why do you want to tell-by that I mean that if you are being honest and so on and assume the best of all you encounter then surely it matters not overtime as long as you yourself have gained enough threshold to continue on a more satisfying upward spiral for your family and friends and contacts and networks.

Well I think I shall grab some sleep and then perhaps come back later with a more interesting and fun piece for the blog.

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