So Leaving The Bizarre World And Saying Last Week As You Recall

So leaving the bizarre world and saying last week as you recall may very well be the best option for most folks who are not caught up and enmenshed and interwoven in over complicated stories.

I was thinking about this because as you know when we were little we just tended to take everything in a nieve face value fashion where all  about us was simply all going on at the same time so for instance if I wanted to make up a story I can simply write one and assume that a certain amount of awareness is known to folk of a similar age group-though that does not matter that great a deal when you progress further or higher up the mountain of awareness so to speak.

So The Plot-Princess Anastasia is kidnapped by the Dukes of Hazard for a dare and finds herself trapped in a Saharan Desert Fort.  Starsky and Hutch have been given the case file and are in hot pursuit-after convincing Airwolf Pilot codename Blue Thunder to carry them across oceans mean while Ivor The Engine is asked to join the Thomas the tank engine crew for a special edition Christmas episode and only agree’s if he can be driven by Cagney and Lacey.

Yes lots of names and little in the way of description so what does a princess look like-well we have many Disney Princess’s to choose from yet they all seem very much rags to riches type characters who are pretty and skinny and dressed in rags until someone gives them a heads-up that they are expected to waft around in enormous Waltz type Ball Gowns making them look like sink plungers that plumbers use to unblock drains.

The Dukes of Hazard are of course Country yocals probably inbred in some fashion and although allegedly related look nothing like each other and talk in funny voices and drive around in cars that have welded doors and flags painted on there roofs.  A desert fort of course rarely looks like that turned up bucket sandcastle that some of us managed as kids though I am sure some folks regard themselves as mega-sand sculpture officionado’s-though not as big as Monty Python expert Michael Palin who did not do a Jack and Jill and fall down a well on his World Tour.

Starsky and Hutch are of course City versions of the Dukes and very little exists to be sure that they are not related. Speeding around in another red vehicle this time with a white stripe down the side  Airwolf was of course all about the Helicopter and Blue thunder was blue because it was a police helicopter-I leave manimal out of this because that was more akin to Tron than Robocop or Transformers.

Headache YET?

Of course even these brief outlines are limited in description.  Ivor The Engine was a green steam engine whilst Thomas was a blue engine and Ivor had no fat controller to put naughty Ivor to rights. A steam engine might of course be a kettle or a water boiler immersion tank or Iron-not to be confused with Tony Stark of Ironman suited fame-yes it gets worse and worse and worse until you get to points of what the hell.

Cagney and Lacey was a girly detective family drama on around the same time as TAXI about New York Cabbies and had early appearances from Danny DeVito and that guy that played Emmet Brown in back to the Future series of movies.  ARRRHHHHHH

Still I am quite sure that most folks want a good life for themselves and Margo was To The Manor Born for such a role being well aware of the kinds of behaviours to be found in a ROBINS NEST when not riding around mugging people as Dick Turpin.  I am completely and utterly use as doing descriptive writing and my grammar is appalling so what am I to do?

Yes I use process after process on top of process and still the World Spins round without anyone falling off who has not chosen too in some fashion. 

Now retro music what do we want to see coming back in future years-will Europe make a Final Countdown or will Wham join together for a comeback tour with Matt and Luke make me puke fame.

Yes grab another drink and sing you scumbag you maggot you cheap lousy faggot along with the pogues. 

What a tangled web we weave

Our only purpose to achieve a life with conscious prayer and hope be not the one to play rope-a-dope.

Yes there is little avenues and large groves of density and the density of delivery comes through the voice and authority of knowing that I know less than I process to think.

Thank you for weirdness and kindness and forgiveness and gratitude and appreciation.

I think boasting is for others yet exploration or all things can find that we all of us have attributes and values that are questionable until we relieve ourselves of dishonest natures and the absurist or nut jobs such-as that Dave S Perkins bloke.

Thank you for reading, God Bless, Be Well and Explore 🙂

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