Oh All Right Then

Dear Dave

Please can you give an indication of other types of book materials that the readers may find useful or interesting.


Hi Mona

Well I do as you know plough and have ploughed through many books-I think from an enlightenment angle people might find a book such-as “Coaching The Artist Within” (Eric Maisel) interesting-he writes many art orientated type books.

Another book along similar lines and PROBABLY one of the most compatible with Learning Strategies Teachings is “Visual Communication: Integrating Media, Art and Science”-this book contains a great deal of really interesting Arty Stuff for all-comers and contains information on WHOLE BRAIN THINKING, PRE_CONSCIOUS PROGRAMMING AND INTEGRATION etc.  It is not cheap yet I do feel it is a book I will return to again and again.

Other books people might like to research are related to The Stanislavski Acting Methodology- (Who said the Polish could not act) I looked at some by a guy called John Gillet.

The problem is of course sorting wheat from chaff and where you want to put your own money-I personally have trouble with the Art stuff so that is where I am currently focussed-looking for more works along the lines of VISUAL COMMUNICATION, ACTING TECHNIQUES and so on.

You can of course if you have Kindle Get “Marmion” that I mentioned yesterday for free though I do not know if many folks are interested in ancient poems and so on-there are many freebies and cheap collections to be had yet if I am honest I have probably gained more from some of the more expensive books.

Folks interested in the Communication issue-we in the West tend to be overly focussed on sounding out words and so on-whereas when you go to Asia-China, Japan and so on they are very much more Picture-Visual Oriented and yes I know Eastern Europeans have less difficulty moving West-how hard is an alphabet with a measly 26 letters? Yet it is not all just about sound.  My daughter for instance is a Welsh language speaker and that language is closer to an old Portugese Dialect than our Germanic English.  So a good all round ability with languages can help yet you really can cut to the chase and seek to go to being Vision Oriented as much as possible.

So yes my weakness being a youth running away from the ARTS-I now find myself desperately trying to become more ARTCENTRIC if that makes sense.

It does not matter that great a deal and of course you can fill in the gaps from bibliographical information from some of the course materials anyway.  The I Ching Book Of Changes was mentioned in one book for instance so I got an old addition-I think many people are not keen to trust that you can treat a book like a movie and flick through the pages-yet I do find that overtime it works excellently and I can still read books in a slow and tedious fashion as well-which brings us to having the best of both Worlds.

Yes what I also like about some of the Arts Coaching type books is that they very often have more integrative whole brain whole body material and uplifting coaching methods to those you might find in generic transform your life books.  The choices are simply to many and I have sort to bring myself up to awareness in areas of weakness-again just following intuitive guidance.

The guidance for instance suggested by Paul Scheele was to read around any given subject by getting 5 or 6 books on a subject perhaps 3 or 4 that deal directly with the subject matter and then a couple that are indirectly about the subject-so learning to learn is an ongoing methodology in and of itself and removing all those old mental blocks seems to be a bit of an ongoing challenge.

I will of course have to do one of my Perkins On Sunday Specials soon yet today I think I am going to just relax and await the forthcoming APOCOLYPSE as many Worlds all seem to be on collision courses and I am gradually becoming more and more removed from being interested in many things that others seemingly obsess with.  We can raise our Threshold and Awareness and Knowledge yet choice of DIRECTION and WHAT YOU PRODUCE is of course a personal choice-I am not Switzerland or Swiss yet I do like Toblerones and Rolls and of course Cuckoo Clocks that my Aunty Mona used to possess.

Thank you for reading, may your choice of system be your choice and direction of freedom 🙂

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