A Rolling Stones Bounces Like A Dambusters Bomb

In truth of course it was the other way around the guy who created the idea of bouncing bombs got the idea from that game many of us played as kids of skimming stones across water.  The other Buster was a murderous East end type villain who was given a good ol’ boy film and movie portrayal by Phill Collins-strange how criminals are celebrated yet of know surprise to prison warders.  Statistics from prisons show that murderers and serial killers all seemingly de3velop rapid followings and get letters from deranged people.

Is it that deranged?  Well I do say that is an ASSUMPTION and probably the kind of assumption made about myself for instance by non-users of the technologies I recommend-hence my unwillingness to bow down to them. I put myself out there and demonstrate the nature of now and so on and some want to still debate the most stupid of things whilst others simply want to manoeuvre into a good or better life.

Have I experienced any new shifts lately-well I have simply done some repetition work and differing combinations of modalities and whilst I did feel some PHYSICAL benefit I am unsure as to further mental changes.  I mention that because I do know that some have histories of various illness and I think you simply have to keep on going in a similar fashion-changing your own programming if you like.

Many folks of course hate the idea that they might be SIM like creatures and the battle will continue between the left and right brain hemispheres-I personally think that some things a well moved away from hence my stating previously as to why I like the word TRANSCENDANT-it is pretty neutral-I can say I am forty two and transcendent or single and transcendent or pretty much any label really-of course TRANSENDENT in and of itself is merely a kind of POINTER-an indication of direction of life or mental model perhaps-yet always open to interpretation by the individual-can you get to a place where you re not making judgments against yourself or defending old behaviour pattern rather than modifying and lattering them go-well you can think that these changes can happen in a moment or an instant yet for most of us of course-repetition does help as we go through all the LAYERS of unhelpful interpretations and assumptions and all the rest.

So short and sweet for today=Dave not totally feeling with it for some reason so will leave it as is.

Thank you for reading God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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