What Do You Know About Auras?

I personally know very little though I have read books that speak of Aura seeing and so on and how to develop such abilities-they do say that the more you progress with releasing and so on the more these types of abilities will come to you as a natural side effect anyway.

Is it true-well I think that when you do the meditation and if you have followed strategies for becoming congruent honest and self-realised and actualised and so on then the likelihood is that you can bring these deeper kinds of senses on-line within your personage.

So when you have let go of all those kinds of feelings of constriction and tightness and so on you begin to be able to better gauge those kinds of things in other people-so when you are not being triggered left right and centre and are relatively calm and relaxed and so on within yourself you can begin to see beyond your own aura field-that is apparently one of the big pitfalls that many folks fall into-they are so invested in themselves and there own story that they do not easily see through there own bullshit-whereas when you have done all the releasing and start trusting in your bodies inherent knowledge you just naturally see through all the fog and smoke screens that others put up.

Do you really?  Well I think that the less you are seeking to defend any particular secret or idea or thought process the easier many of these teachings and skills become-not that you want to necessarily be able to read people just that it is a natural side effect of the work you have done on yourself-I hope that makes sense.

I mention this because several teachers whose work I have studied are skilled in those kinds of seeing abilities and you might say that as I keep speaking of repetition some may wonder why.

So for instance I was focussed a great deal initially on Holosync and I still believe that as a clearing out the garbage that it is probably the most reliable Meditation Technology.  Having said that as I moved into the Learning Strategies materials I found that the combination worked to enhance abilities.

How-well Holosync cleared out the garbage-and then when I did other meditations such-as Jedah Mali I was actually able to FEEL the vibrations whereas earlier on I could not feel them and simply had to trust that they were there.

Probably sounds strange yet you have to remember that most of us spend years compartmentalising all these things in our bodies and the meditation encourages the developing of connections and linkages to all these things.  So that is why I use differing combinations and even some tapping just to STIMULATE getting those connections going-why?  Well I suspect that conditions such-as CANCERS are often simply trapped cells and so on and that getting your own old processes and mind set out of the way and then retuning your body to the various frequencies and vibrations speeds up the healing processes.

I say that I use differing combinations because as I said previously I was triggered by Sedona for a couple of years-I could not necessarily FEEL the vibrations when I did Jeda Mali yet when I did Marie Diamond and got some shift and then went back to Jedah I experienced another set of sensory shifts.  I have neglected Qigong recently so I think that is where I fill perhaps focus in the next few days.

Again all these modalities might be unnecessary for some yet I do feel that they contribute to feeling better about oneself and ones body and trusting your BODY OF KNOWLEDGE and so on.  The problem for those of us deeply traumatised by sickness or physical pains is that those things become big mental blocks and until we release those block they become life long distractions.  So having released trapped pain from broken bones and so on I can actually better now place my intention to do this or that without distraction or feeling like other considerations are required.

I have a range of modalities that I have invested in and I intend to keep using them until I experience that they are each fully doing what they claim-where DOUBT exists I simply keep going until the doubts no longer exist and are replaced by an inherent TRUST that the process is working as intended. 

Of course like many kinds of abilities that get shunted into the Psychic realms folks get nervous that they have Aura seers among them.  I take the view that if you have released and released and are open and honest then eventually they might themselves become more relaxed less constricted and so on.

One of the interesting things is that the lights and energies are always in motion and flow and each area might be regarded as having an associated colour-of course differing teachers give teachings that sometimes seem incompatible yet until we personally experience seeing beyond our own field to our own realisations we have to trust that they are giving GUIDANCE over ABSOLUTES.

If we are not absolute and law-bound then we are flexible and in-flow and that is surely where most folks want to be,

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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