What Is Being Disciplined Anyway?

So I find myself in one of my ‘writers block’ times of life where I think what can I write about today and nothing springs to mind-so am I being disciplined in writing this as an effort in the hope that something pops up or am I simply giving blogging an unwanted association of being a chore?

So we have just had the news that some celebrities are having a conscious uncoupling and I did find myself wondering if that was different from any other kind of separation-now some might say well yes it is and others not.  At the end of the day they perhaps are saying that it is a mutual decision rather than a one or the other saying I want a divorce-hey lets both want a divorce-surely one of them must still have been the first to instigate that thinking and minbdset-CAUSE AND EFFECT.

Having said that I am not knowledgeable on either so they are perhaps not part of a World set or hive consciousness that I particularly relate to.

What else-well some years seemingly whizz by with Easter sat right on top of Christmas (I mean all scrunched up early in the Calendar) and this year there seems to be a long old time or stretched out gap so I guess that relates to TIME CYCLES-i Should of course say that there is a clear distinction between witnessing the PATTERNS and that feeling we all get at times that we are smack dead centre in the middle of being part of the knowledge-that stepping back from the data (if you like).

Does it make a difference-well when we look at domestic and international news we can say or think that very little is happening most channels seemingly took a course of action to follow the same one or two stories and threw the might or there respective reporting corp at those stories.  THEY ALIGNED THEMSELVES WITH A COURSE OF ACTION AND THEN COMMITTED TO THAT LINE OF ACTION-COME WHAT MAY.

Is that relevant-well I think it is a noticeable HUMAN attribute that often goes unnoticed in folks and is often the CAUSE of CHANGE AND TRAUMA.  So someone is bored in a relationship and they have a choice on how to proceed-simply go for a separation,,divorce or cheat or whatever and once a line of thought has taken hold or met with a modicum of success they then very often commit to that course come hell or high water.

Does it matter whether it is conscious or non-conscious-well I think it is less traumatizing when decisions have been attempted on a conscious level such-as our celebrity couple above yet in truth for most of us given those kinds or scenario we find ourselves upset whether with ourselves or with others makes no difference really.

So what else is going on in the World that I can better give my own attention to-if I am honest even with my present level of AWARENESS knowledge I still feel as though I am lacking for more of what I want even though that is perhaps when studied found to be false.

What next boredom is where I am at-how can I proceed?  What steps can I do next to enhance my knowledge, skills and abilities? Do I truly know deep down the direction that I actually want to proceed in?

Yes the brain being a hungry goal seeking mechanism-I must ensure that any goals I seek are perhaps more rewarding and uplifting than the haphazard mine-fields I seemingly keep blundering into.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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