Thunder And Lightening It Must Be A Sign

Of course truth be told Dave was very much in deep sleep and missed the entire cataclysmic storm that hit Hereford yesterday teatime.  Yes you read that correctly I slept through the storm having been asked to revert to my old working hours and I finally managed to get some proper sleep on a Friday once again.

Of course the World does have many of these types of Events going on all the time-whilst at work I saw news that Southern California had an Earthquake and that for myself triggered those scenes from the Christopher Reeve Superman film whereby Gene Hackman of The French connection Fame in his role as Lex Luther was intending to missile the Californian coast having bought up lots of cheap real estate further in-land-the plan if I recall correctly was that he intended to recreate the coastal map ensuring that his land became the new coast line.

These types of story lines have of course always been fairly popular in comics books and so on anyway whilst we here in Britain had the Beano and Dandy wars-they in America had The Marvel versus DC comic battles.  That is of course where the cult of competition comes about whereby some major retailors prefer having strong competitors and of course we see the same in all walks of life Coke/Pepsi, McDonalds/Burger King and Liverpool/Manchester City.

The problem in some areas of life of course has always been that area of Monopoly and how is a Monopolistic Entity supposed to be motivated or inspired and so on.  You might say that Government and Public sector workers are all working for monopolies-though you can of course go into further detail and sub-analysis-multiple teaching unions and medical unions and transport unions and all the rest of it-So really I guess it depends on how far up the Mountain any of us feel we have climbed.

I spoke the other day of not feeling as though I had any further mental shifts and Hey Presto a couple of Emails later from Learning Strategies and I felt as though further heavy weights had been vacuumed from ones Cerebrum.  Having said that I have of course where possible sort to follow the learning practices and teachings and bibliographies to improve my understanding of what the various teachers are saying.

If someone were to now ask myself how I would go about creating my own course-I very likely would be thinking very much in terms of Compasses.

Whilst I have seen how Marie Diamond teaches Feng Shui (she has another free fest in April by the way) I myself have also read other compass relate works from Survival guides and so on and of course I spoke previously about my University Project being very much related to the integrating of mapping and orienteering Satellite Navigation type technology’s I specifically mentioned satellite Navigation yet in truth the Robots I had available were far more sophisticated and had multiple sensory systems that were also supposed to be brought into play and usage. 

I am unsure what people know about robots and so on so will try and keep the description simple.  The early systems were very much mapping based-they would move in a direction and bump into things and that might register as a block or wall and you could have and see the map being drawn on screen-very simple then up from that you might use Heuristic learning prediction techniques to reduce errors if this robot hits block or wall make a mental note and then do a compare if the same happens again.  So all very trial and error learning strategies really.  Then you move into the stuff I personally really liked which was Beowulf type clusters-you could have a group of robots all synched up to each other and any data from the one was shared with the whole (based on the idea of modelling swarms of bees and ants and other insect types that work together in a Hive mind like fashion).

Anyway all that stuff was really interesting to myself hence my study and attempts to replicate it.

So yes I figure that a compass or gyroscope type mechanism or FUNCTION can be introduced in just about any type of map that you can imagine whether it is your musical/sound knowledge or your colour knowledge or your smell knowledge and all categorised knowledge really.  Yes effectively you might say that Bill with Holosync is bringing people to a Centerpointe in all the different kinds of maps that you have available from a top-down approach whilst Paul with Learning Strategies is using a top-down and Bottom-up approach and you might say that it has been in regular combination of the two that I make progress.

Getting to a stage where the new learnings are natural and you feel as though you are centred in all aspects of being seemingly takes time and may well be the Ultimate Challenge that we are supposed to pursue if that is the pursuit of perfection. 

So imagine you are balanced on the tip of a spinning top and can see all aspects of the spinning top as it whirls beneath your feet-or you are at the centre of the Zodiac watching as all the Horoscopes pass through your field of vision-you get the idea.

So most of us are seemingly spending much time seeking to become more centred in any aspects of life or interest or area of life that we take up as a hobby and so on.  The various maps pass through our awareness yet we are no longer necessarily attached to them and information is of course compatible and transferable between modalities.

Yes I thought I had mentally plateaued and once again had someone somewhere declare Elementary Perkins-pay attention to what you are not paying attention too make notes and drawings and so on.

So yes I was thinking wow compass acting, compass music, compass drawing and thinking how you can relate and integrate compass knowledge to particles and waves and as I say make further progress if you no longer feel you have progressed enough.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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