And Welcome To British Summertime

Strange are the synchronicities yet it does not do to complain too loudly at having an hour of your day chopped of without permission.  Stranger still I am sure for many is the realisation that Spring only started officially on February 20th giving us one of the shortest springs that can be recalled-or perhaps the truth is that as humans we like to mentally chop the 12 months into 4×3 quarters and in reality those that have done the calculations and tracked the stars and created history stick with the World calendar not our logically crafted one-still I am sure some will continue thinking it spring time well into April whilst others will stick rigidly with Official Calendric Doctrines.

Yes another great strangeness is of course that we could actually simply have thirteen months of 4 weeks and that would fit again perfectly within the known calendar cycles so I guess that some folks make stuff up and are taken notice of as serious people that we are to listen to whilst others know far more yet are simply to humble to mention how incompatible with reality many of these sweeping change days really are.

I am of course merely expressing an opinion and having been putting myself through the mental grinder these last few years feel more than justifiable in expressing opinions that are not necessarily in order with Society’s herd like Norm.  What else have I been up to well I decided to continue to seek to stretch myself with the reading materials and as I mentioned poetry recently I could perhaps mention reading a little of Robert Graves.

Whose he?  Well actually he is probably one of the most overlooked and valuable kinds of Literary resources anyone might want to research-he wrote many books during his lifetime though probably most famous for “The White Goddess” and “I, Claudius”, he translated many of the ancient texts and Literatures from across Europe and beyond and has a highly distinctive style all of his own.  He also at one time was a regular respondent with that other zany poet Spike Milligan.

Anyway I found his work taxing to say the least though it did introduce myself to the concept of the hand alphabet and gave clarifications on a wide range of ancient folklore and myth-many of course will be familiar with many of the myths already yet his is perhaps a Scholastic view and it does seem that the Scholars do know a thing or two about communication translation and so on.  I recall seeing a TV adaptation of I, Claudius as a child it was played by that Actor chap who made a brief appearance in Dr Who as an alter-ego of The Master Professor YANA (You Are Not Alone) Derek Jacobi-film buffs may recall him from Underworld Evolution-he has a long and distinguished career that can be found on wiki.

Who else-well I have heard a guy called Buckminster Fuller mentioned so I also had a look at some of his works and writings to see what the big deal was-I am awaiting to feel any benefits though of course he was very much into the idea of the ABUNDANT life.

Another strange thing that seemingly came out of nowhere was “Some Mothers Do Ave Em” starring Michael Crawford as the central character Frank Spencer-he later went on to play Phantom of the Opera in the Lloyd Weber production, though most of us around in the seventies probably remember all the ooh Betty’s and comedic impersonations inspired by the bumbling Frank-very much one of those characters that things happened around yet never too.

So I guess all the various combinations of anecdotes and stories and modalities are bringing up information that I can use to give further explanation of why the World is the way it is. 

Now then I could of course say Happy Mothers Day to those that are mothers and those missing their own mothers and those aspiring to be mothers of the future-do not let the 23 hours in a day fool you into a bad mood or attitude-someone somewhere was thoughtful enough to invent a day for you so just enjoy it where you are able.

as always thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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