You Cannot Say That?

Now as always some folks will always wonder who are the best tipsters and if I am honest I think just about everyone has progressed in some fashion over the last couple of years as skills have been honed and fears and baggage and so on released.  I personally think that folks at all levels have demonstrated a level of putting or giving back into the community that is quite inspiring.

I say this of course because I do know that we are often unaware of much of the non-conscious materials floating around our personages-and that is why I recommend the differing modalities-the idea being that they all in some way can contribute to personal growth and further realisations and all the rest of it. is the address for those that fancy running around with a compass in hand releasing some of those denser energy patterns-I have know idea if it is the same as previous course that I purchased-yet if you did it last year and did not purchase or you have friends who have joined your circles and so on then the free module and course is available.

Now I know having done multiple modules and having spent a great deal of Wealth that the World and World Markets are always rising in generally an upwards fashion.  We can see day to day headlines proclaiming dotcom boom and bust cycles and similar things happen in most market places yet in truth you will always see survivors and companies that prosper through rough and unsteady times what ever is happening in the short term-because they very often have laid out long term plans and those short term events are merely the FLUX or FLUTUATIONS of longer term Strategies and planning.

Another author that was mentioned was Norman Dixon and whilst he was famous for pre-conscious programming I actually found myself more interested in his work on Military Incompetance-he does not spare anyone and the book is quite amusing even for those of us who are not well versed in military history.

I say this because of course older generations will recall that conscription was regular in the old days and everyone of a certain age and above will likely have done service of some description and I know that many Eastern Europeans are still conscripting countries.  Does it make a difference-well it is perhaps akin to prison in a sense that you do not necessarily want to be conscripted and thrown into the front line on behalf of your nation state.  So when we got rid of conscription we had folks that actually wanted to be soldiers and our forces are perhaps better for that.

One of the interesting elements for myself in the abundance course was in fact that Paul Scheele actually informs you that you are going to be thrown into a paradox-I say that to give fair warning to folks considering some of these courses.  The only way to escape some of our lifelong historical and regimentally ingrained thoughts and patterns and actions is to be treated in this fashion.  You might think that that means it is a tough love type attitude yet I do not think of it in that manner merely another bow in the arrow for those Robin Hoods out there.

Yes I of course did have a military type regimen in my school days-primary School was Hunderton and Mr Steel was a tall skinny eagle eyed guy who could hit you with a board rubber at ten paces-they did of course still give the slipper and cane in those days and I recall a number of us being publically treated in this fashion in front of the rest of the school in the yard.  Secondary School was Aylestone and the headmaster during my years was a Mr Howe and he very much maintained a military discipline when it came to just about everything really-dress and appearance and behaviour and conduct and yes todays Generation could do with some of that kind of schooling (IMO)-all this Laissez Faire crap they have now drags all down instead of trying to drag all up.

What else of was I talking about tipsters well I think you simply have to be honest and say that those in the higher echelons of management clearly were already gamblers of a sort anyway and I certainly would take recommendations from one of two of those individuals or there family members who have taken up these modalities as well.  Having said that I can clearly see that everyone from all aspects and areas and factories are generally getting closer and closer to various levels of alignment with the whole going on of it all and so on and so forth.

Yes it is easy to become disheartened early on when you feel your contribution is being neglected or not particularly good-yet the more you just keep going and paying attention and working on focussing where you want your focus many aspects and seeming troubles will fall or melt away and you will indeed be able to see the forest and the trees and 3:30 winner at Epsom or wherever your own interest lies-I think the more you think of yourself as a body of knowledge and do the courses the more you will find your own inner compass zeroing in all the differing aspects and dimensions of time and space.

Thank you for reading, nope me neither yet that was what came to mind so I know not to argue with oneself, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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