A Little Piece On Heating And Cooling

So I spoke earlier about heating and cooling in computers and thought I would write a little piece on Humans. 

When you get hot your body’s biofeedback system informs your heart to speed up and release particular chemicals in your body’s system to cool you down.

When you get cold your body’s biofeedback system informs your heart to speed up and release particular chemicals in your body’s system to heat you up.

These might be regarded as the cause of many a persons flushes or issues-where I work for instance in cool chilled areas it can be exceptionally easy to go into that environment from a hot sunny day and your body gets confused as to what it is supposed to be doing

I am heating you up or cooling you down, when we are generally healthy it is not so much of a problem-yet I have had colleagues go home to indigenously Hot climate Countries who have returned and then had issues early on in there return to the cold work environment.  We also see the same issues in some of our Hot work environments where you leave the hot area and are then in cooler areas and if you are toing and froing you can again experience dizziness and palpitations because your body is simply getting confused as to which environmental parameters you are supposed to be using.

So whilst I have read up a great deal on these kinds of materials through medical literature that is as bout as basic as I can make the information to the average person in the street who wants the simplest of facts.


Who Framed Konrad Lorenz:Animal Fascist

So I wake up early for some unbeknown reason and thinking once again about some of my youthful aspirations.  I recalled how as a teenager I had been really excited about technology and one of the aspects of that technology was self creating computer chips-I could not recall the exact specifics so decided to look the material up for myself based on what I could recall.  What had I recalled?  Well many a computer chip was effectively this is the design and layout and we stamp impress that design and layout onto silicon.  That is ever so straight forward yet one of the issues was that silicon is a composite kind of rock or material and can have so-called impurities and those impurities when you try to stamp your this is how it must be design onto it effectively renders your chip useless-so for example mathematics plucked out of the air for every one good Pentium processor you get 10 duffers.

The idea in relation to self modifying or creating chips was that you could create a more basic or simplistic pattern and then with appropriate stimulus the chip would design itself circuitry and logic gates and all http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic_gate working around any blocks and impurities in the base material.

So anyone who has bought or paid for particular Learning Strategies Courses may well recall of hearing the difference between a LABYRINTH and a MAZE and that difference is perhaps what is being utilised in these kinds of design patterns-and that again can also be related to my 4° area of density that I recently spoke of AH-HA.

So anyway my research began with recalling Sir Clive Sinclair developer of Sinclair Computers many years ago and several kinds of bikes.  He I remembered was involved with the development of this particular kind of research-so I wiki Sir Clive and was highly disappointed with the information found on wiki as it does not really seem to do the guy justice-he being a Genius of a generation.  And further to that I could not locate the information I was looking for-if I had some of my old stored in the attic magazine collections I could no doubt look that material up-I think it was going on around the time that the home computer market was very much the battle between the Commodore Amiga and the Atari ST (for those that know or want such historical information the years were around 1984-1994).  Anyway I am quite convinced that the ARM processors that we now take for granted in all our mobile devices and other gadgets were as a result of much of that research-you might say it is the difference between RISC processors and CISC processors-most home users and computer providers opted for RISC operating systems (think Motorola 68000 based computers Apple, Amiga, Atari) whilst Business and then later home users opted for CISC operating systems (think anything Intel really).  I should of course say that that is merely the story of what we regard as icing on the cake home computers and whilst 68000 systems generally disappeared from the Home Computer Market they have always been tried and trusted MICRO PROCESSOR CHIPS and used in many consumer products under the hood-everything from washing machines to aircraft real time systems.

The philosophy  was one of multiple processes versus single processes running at any given time-the Motorola was designed for multiple whilst the Intel’s were generally single-they (Intel) got popular and around these limitations by simply upping the speed yet they have nearly always only ever emulated real time operating systems that other processor users take for granted and the upping the speed strategy inherently caused overheating problems within the processors AH-HA some of you might now be getting some better understanding’s of all the heating and cooling related issues.

So anyway I could not find what I was looking for-though interestingly my research inadvertently led myself upon Mr Konrad Lorenz and he now finds himself most definitely on my future reading list as I have a belief that some of his works and teachings and writings may well hold some highly interesting knowledge-the title above as always is an embellishment and as today’s headlines are seemingly about Bob Hoskins I thought I would bring the triggers together-NEVER WORK WITH CHILDREN OR ANIMALS is a popular hand-me-down MOTTO in some circles and that is where the patterns are perhaps at for those of us who have persevered with the trials and tribulations of Dave S Perkins.

So an appropriate attitude towards learning and integrating and self-mapping and self reorganizing (See the Holosync version of chaos and reorganization) yet the Konrad Lorenz material suggests that that is not the whole story-Konrad Lorenz highly outraged society with some interesting theories of his own based on his research into animal behaviours and how human behaviour patterns were perhaps prophesized or recognizably seen when you do the appropriate studies-he was regarded as the Pioneer and developer of ETHOLOGY another area of Science now taken for granted and also a Nobel Prize winner irrespective of his many a critic.

Well I think that is enough to be going on with today

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Is There Anything You Cannot Catch A Bad Dose Of

So of course some might be wondering if the pre-order book was worth the weight and well I think anyone who followed myself over the last couple of years knows that one of my biggest criticisms was the lack of promotion of Meditation.  The book itself was fairly average (in my opinion) nothing stand-out for myself yet it did seem like an encouraging in the right direction material.  You might say well that is of know surprise because you can repeat and repeat on some issues and feel as though you are speaking to a brick wall.

So is there anything you cannot catch a bad dose of? I found this question popping to mind just prior to sitting down to write this today’s blog post-well you might say that everything revolves around our beliefs and we as individuals and meditators have choice in what we choose to believe-you can of course meet 2 people with exactly the same name or indeed initials and think of one as Hitler and the other as the Second Coming dependent of course on your own experience of dealing or having been around these individuals.

So I say this because I have been of the belief that the minor bells palsy stroke that I had a few years ago now was caused by being around a particular individual and that view was reinforced for myself a few years later when another person had a similar stronger version of the same condition.  Once bitten twice shy type thinking perhaps.  Many a person who does not meditate and so on rarely believes that any ailment they have was caused by so-and-so who they love dearly and so on-so is it possible to remedy these kinds of events?

Well for myself as I progressed with meditation the best remedy for myself was to isolate myself and thing long hard and deep about all and any issues that have raised themselves since my return to Hereford.  Obviously as I think I previously stated I pretty much got off the train or boat and found a job and worked in the same environment ever since.  The problem being of course that the environment has high infestation rates of some terrible conditions and many a colleague even in the face of truth and enlightenment seemingly refuses to give up the ghost on clinging to some highly unhealthy thought processes and activities.

So the question then becomes do I involve myself in these issues knowing what has gone before?  For myself I have generally adopted a go to work do the job go home again attitude of keeping myself to myself-the only sniggers and childishness comes from non-users of the technologies I promote occasionally sneaking a peak at this blog and then seeking to actively mistake the map for the territory-I am only responsible for my own mind and what comes out of the mouths and minds of others is there own responsibility and thought process.

So the issue for myself is layered in a sense that many folks on days and elsewhere in the Organisation I work for adopted or took up meditation and I believe folks from all walks of life and attitudes have benefitted-likewise the issue of Vampirism whether you regard that as spiritual or happening through lack of awareness is a major company problem and no I am not referring to some of the weird folks who may like to think of themselves as creatures of the night or however-no I am referring to your average day-to-day person that you can meet and greet and work alongside and projects Mr or Ms 100% NORMAL who is potentially or actively a COSMIC/PSYCHIC/SPIRITUAL VAMPIRE.

We do of course read in magazines the idea of energy vampires and that is usually people whose very presence causes your own energy level to drop a notch-I am not referring to that-I am as I have moved into the ENERGY studies and so on referring to a LACK OF FLOW that is perhaps made worse by some of those kinds of individuals-so you for example have no flow and all and every malignant energy is looking or seeking to be manifest in the World and they very often can come through as our ailments very often triggered by being around Mr/Ms Normal who likely has deeply ingrained unconscious denials or incongruences going back a lifetime or however you wish to describe such things based in your own current level of awareness and so on.  Some might liken it to our young baby Prince George who will as a person with G in his name spent a lifetime buggering all around in private whilst publically promoting all other folks as gay-that is an extreme jokey example yet many a TRUTH is found in these there is no smoke without bullshit claims.  Again such things are all individualised and dependant on high and how far you as an individual have progressed and why I as a D S titled person could only ever be a lesbian from the feminine perspective of my own name-so the further you explore the further you realise just how fucked up some folks are and why it really is not worth getting involved or trapped in the sex issues because you can often see the truth in the next generation or the hard ball players kids.  A male heterophobic work colleague a few years ago once sneered that my daughter might grow up to be gay-my view is that she can be whatever she wants to be-he was mistaking my dislike for him as a person as a dislike of his “QUOTE UNQUOTE” GROUP.  I say that because you cannot go through life and not encounter folks of all description and some you will like and others not.  I get tired of hearing how I hate gays-that is false I have always maintained peoples rights to choose and reinforced my own choice in the face of heterophobic grooming fascism which is often akin to the cause of incongruence and ill health.  The only person anyone is ever running from is themselves and when you go into the dark depths of your own thoughts feelings attitudes and upbringing and so on you often find that any fears that the fascists (FROM ANY ASPECT OR POLARITY) are playing on-are unfounded. 

So you can recognise the patterns as they cycle through the year and very often unless you feel deeply about some issues or are scarred and slandered (As I have been in the past) it really can be better to turn away and live your life and take solace in the fact that just about everyone is going to get a comeuppance or suffering of some description so the level and choice of yours is your very own.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well and yes I am still awaiting a multitude of outstanding invites (drums fingers impatiently  whilst plotting)  🙂

So The Sharp Eye’d Among You

So the sharp eye’d among you will have perhaps noticed that my math was incorrect and that 1. I did not include 0 (ZERO) in the sequence, and 2. That the next number in the sequence after 64 should have been 128 and not 124 as was published. Yes I could go into the post and change these minor errors yet they are often indicative of those one minor little miscalculation that can lead to the collapse of a theory or belief or whatever aspect of life we happen to be looking upon.

For myself I was of course using COMPASS points as an example and we as monitors of patterns want to be standing right plonk in the middle or centerpointe of the compass as opposed to flailing somewhere around the edges-in TV and Film and indeed literature we often see these events as described as being THE GREAT ALIGNMENT OF THE PLANETS and so on-on a more simple pattern it can be like that ECLIPSE point that we see-I think a great film example many years ago was from A CONNETICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHURS COURT-a guy used his future diary date knowledge to convince the peoples from the past of his so-called magical abilities when they were in hot pursuit (typical chasing of ALIEN/FOREIGNER/MONSTER ET AL WITH PITCHFORKS) the same kind of model was also used in BTTFT.

I have spoken on this particular issue before yet it is one that is worth always knowing and returning to FEE-FI-FO-FUM is of course the ENGLISH one yet you will find a similar usage or poem for many a language and they when used in Literary fashion can of course on a personal usage basis and so on enable you to become somewhat more expansive in thought feeling and actions and so on, so knowing FEE_FI_FO_FUM as a resource for those interested in sight and sound issues is useful http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fee-fi-fo-fum

So I spoke of having a differing kind of shift and some will say “yeh! whatever” and others will say well how can I use this information to be of benefit and of course when I look to the Marie Diamond Feng Shui model I might think that the 4° was caused by an area of DENSITY-AH-HA says Dave to himself.

So anyway I got triggered into thinking about the difference between Non-conscious and Conscious maps and beliefs and attitudes and so on and the interesting aspect for myself was that all my earliest CONSCIOUS memories are from an area/district of the City of Hereford known as Belmont Road, Newton Farm whilst my family have always referred to my having lived at Kings Acre Road, Whitecross, so you can see that that might be akin to having diverging compasses my conscious compass says one area whilst the non-conscious says another and of course these things can be so deeply ingrained at depth that it really can take a year or two of meditation and some other modalities to break through the layers of incongruence and reclaim your own centeredness-yes you can do that at any time yet getting to having those beliefs and maps all consistent and aligned with truth does take a progressive attitude to digging through the blockages.

Likewise I was also sent spiralling into thinking about how I was pre accident to post accident and again you might think that pre accident was no fun I having spoken of the church issues-yet that was predominantly other peoples stuff and not my own and my own focus was on success and popularity and achievement for all my only being an average pupil academically I was pretty good on the sports and so on and regularly played a number of sports outside of the playground-I liked swimming and tennis and pool and snooker and what I notice about those sports is that they are all individualistic and again at primary school the individual sports were where I was hot-In secondary school whilst I found myself in TEAM activities and sports predominantly RUGBY and so on I was not that well attuned to group ideologies-again something I have always found myself suffering from throughout life is team consensus and DIVERGENT EGO’S, in football we have all perhaps played with those greedy beggars who refuse to pass despite you positioning being optimum for shots on goal and so on.  Likewise in work I was adopting an I’m going to be a success attitude irrespective of other peoples influence and so on.

So post accident I was left in a position of helplessness where I had zero choice in having to get help from others and so on and I seemingly lost all my individual success mojo (yes there was an element in relearning to walk yet the overall success culture was blotted) as I seemingly became swamped by all around myself and much of that swamping was like being one of those lost souls we read and visualise from Dante’s Inferno whereby all around are simply targeting or keeping you down in there own efforts to clime the latticework of life.  A graphic example I saw in my daughter Percy Jackson film whereby he went and helped another pupil and lost the challenge that he was competing in-so where do you have your boundaries? Was getting crushed to death by a ton of pickles saving some women manager a worth while activity-I had played hero and lost because I did not consider my own safety in the moments of those events.

Well anyway the recent Real Success Seminar seemingly cut pathways through some of those layers of blotting density in my head and reacquainted myself with the individual success motivation and so on that I had seemingly lost-so perseverance with the best teachers and preachers can have its benefits. 

What’ll I do now?  Well I think that I have done so many courses that developing a course of my own is the simplest of solutions-how can I integrate all the learnings and knowledge that I have learnt into one all-encompassing modality that enhances my own life and abilities and raises the prospects and latticework of # for everyone who wants it?  Hmmn yes certainly these things can take time and finding the best group of resources to carry out such activities can be as easy or as difficult as I seek to make it for myself-so many folks want ridiculous and childish unhelpful wars that my isolation in recent years really has been the best option as a solution to washing away all and any mud and grime that the naysayers seemingly use to keep blotting over the simple and highly effective usage of TRUTH.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

Perkins On Sunday

So I should of course do a newspaper review yet even though I bought the papers this morning I found myself unable to think about opening them beyond seeing the usual kinds of headlines.  Our Glorious Fascist is apparently unstoppable In Europe-oh great I think so we now will be hearing how a fascist is not a fascist if he has enough votes.

I know I’ll check out Facebook and see what other peeps are getting up to-nope that’s no good either both newsfeeds have people on them I have not seen in my newsfeed for several years and all the locals have vanished-there seems to be some plan to make myself interested in trying to fix it-I think I will leave it and see if it returns back to normal later-servers are perhaps down somewhere or other.

TV news says that some living Pope’s are being made Saints and a million people are squashed into Vatican City-well that is I am sure useful for people interested in Squashes.

So there you go-things to pretend to have an interest in. 

So some folks wonder why after using Holosync for several years do I still do or research other courses and so on and really I simply like to clear all the old stuff out of my system and many a course can sometimes give a reference that triggers a memory that clears a trauma-an example of this I experienced yesterday after deciding to listen in to a replay of a Real Success Seminar. 

You might say it was a combination presentation by three guys Bill Harris, Brett Thomas and David Riordan.  Bill with his Holosync experience whilst the others had experience and expertise in other areas one was related to Integral and Ken Wilbur and the other to the TV and Film industry-so a presentation some material I had heard previously and some not.

The interesting thing for myself of course was that I have as I have said read up on Ken Wilbur and his spiral dynamics material so was kind of interested in that area.  Most writers when writing about these issues tend to divide things into four quadrants.  So you might like to think of each quadrant as being akin to an area of life.  The spiral part perhaps being like looking down in an Aerial view on a HELTER SKELTER.

So you might say that you start at a point and continue drawing round and round and outwards and that is another representation of the nature of the Universe and the 4 quadrant blocks can be seen as being almost rotational in some respects-read the material for yourselves and you will see what I mean-I have seen a similar type of diagram used in many books not just the integral ones so it is a popular model.

You might say in fact that many computer systems are when we reduce everything down to binary 0’s and 1’s thought of and used in the same way.  So with a compass you might divide into N and S and then E and W and then NE SE SW NW, and yes the same principle is at work when cutting your Pizza or Cake.

In maths they represent it as 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 124 so you can see that when you go to a friend or you want to discuss some issue with someone you do not have to say I want a piece of your mind or I am going to give you a piece of my mind-what you really need to be thinking is I am going to give you a slice of my mind.

So I have digressed yet as I say I listen in to these seminars because these folks have previous experience and knowledge that can be helpful in getting the very best out of the technologies that they sell.

So you could say well I do not want to get the very best out of the technologies that I have invested in yet that is personal choice and as I say I did find myself getting triggered in a fashion and experiencing a shift though not in the usual manner so I will be looking with interest to see what has actually changed.

YOU WILL BE ACCELERATED perhaps for those that have a strange belief that these folks are simply brain-jackers.  As I have said I have experienced all those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on early in my meditation experience and you really do benefit from staying the course and continuing and you will find that eventually those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on melt away or vanish-the positives from the continuation of the experience far outweigh any short term paranoia or other less than savoury experiences that can be stirred up during the meditative experience and process.

So have you ever heard folks say that they are getting married and you wait for an invite and you wait for an invite and you wait and what do you mean I am not invited, you can not be serious trying to turn me into the hag from sleeping beauty huh lol

So yes when you can better see the patterns  and cycles and so on you can perhaps better plan weddings and so on for the time period that best represents how you want your life to continue.  Of course it can be hard to know what guidance to follow yet sometimes these things do make themselves obvious-many a person might choose dates that are similar to the Royals for instance.  I guess how much you want to be externally influenced and how much you want to be your own boss is personal choice-yet you might in many ways think of these things as being akin to keeping up with the Jones.

So what else-well I was thinking about spinning coins-something I recall doing quite often as a youngster and not so much as I have grown older-and you know what-this new pound coin is a disgrace because as we are all aware the square edged coins are far more difficult to spin on a surface than are the round edged coins.

The other interesting issue with spinning coins is of course that visual optical effect whereby the area seems to expand so the spinning coin appears larger than it actually is-I have no idea why that is yet it perhaps again an indication of why many of the teachings are the way they are-training yourself to see beyond the normal to the more surreal and so on-if it can happen in your brain it can happen in the World.

So not very much happening in the World of Dave S Perkins and as it is Sunday that is perhaps how he likes it-I am sure many a person will be recovering from Hangover’s this morning judging by how many were having a day or night out yesterday.  If this rain cloud over the Skies of Hereford tells us anything it must be that many a youth is returning to School tomorrow for the joy of learning.  No? Well perhaps it is an indication that far more people were unhappy with Hereford survival in the Conference than would have been had they been once again relegated~?  No? Well of course meaning for anything is related to the meaning that anyone individual person seeks to give and climbing that HASHTAG TO HEAVEN can be as easy as not dividing everything up into grid coordinated quadrants and seeking to look at the bigger picture as well as the smaller picture because as we all know-THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY!

Tom Hanks for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

So What Can I Do Whilst Waiting For My Pre-Order

You know that countdown that you have to receiving something you want whether it’s your Birthday or Christmas or Easter or something you have ordered from the Car Show room or the Catalogue or the Holiday Travel Brochure-generally I do not usually find myself waiting for pre-order books-since getting my Kindle Emulator, I found myself constantly living in a World of Instant Gratification whereby I’d see a book and think yes that’s what I want and buy and have it instantly for Photoreading-not this time-so what can I do-well I spoke about listening in to some of the Lisa Garr Neuro Summit and had emails informing myself that the online material was soon to be no longer available hence my rushing to listen in to one or two of those interviews.  Likewise I have listened in to some interview with Debra Poneman and again generally been selective-have a look down the list and see who catches my own eye in the present moment so to speak.  So further to that I get another email from Lisa Garr relating to another new book-so I’m thinking oh I can read this one in the meantime whilst waiting for my pre-order to be released.

Then What?

Well it is actually another course this time by some chap called Panache Desai and that book is released the same day as my other pre-order so I will be know better off. GGRRR the BOOK for anyone interested is DISCOVERING YOUR SOUL SIGNATURE.

Now as I have progressed I have linked in the alphabet to many things even suggesting Links to the Nazis and so on and the reason is that we all have DUALISTIC beliefs in good and bad and right and wrong and as you go further into the exploration of these issues the more you come to realise that we really do not need much of the mental flotsam and jetsam and it is often only by going deeply into some of the more bizarre explorations that we can see just how much we are ALL FALLEN ANGELS for lack of a better term-if you want to think of it in computing terms you might think that ADAM and EVE are the ROOT DIRECTORY and we are the TREE BRANCHES X LAYERS DOWN from SOURCE.

So some beliefs can do no harm whilst many cause us to be ill and suffer from OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS and any number of issues related to CONFUSION AND CHAOS.

So I did read a freebie related to Signature and have it in my online library entitled THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS by JACOB something I forget.  Anyway in terms of my own journey I have effectively been working through all the aspects of WHY AM I NOT DEAD- when as I have mentioned I kept finding myself waking up in hospital after this accideny or that accident,

You might say that many of the teachers are teaching folks to LIVE yet I have been constantly battling against living wondering WHY AM I STILL ALIVE-WHAT IS MY PURPOSE AND ALL THOSE KINDS OF THINGS.

So you might say that I have been the typical ST PAUL on the road to DAMASCUS or JONAH getting thrown overboard and swallowed by the WHALE and so on-being deeply entrenched against some DEEPER CALLING OR DESTINY that had worked itself into my CEREBRUM at some point in childhood or perhaps even prior to that for those who believe in PRE-DESTINY over FREE WILL.

So the idea that the SS stands for SOUL SIGNATURE and that I am already dead and did actually genuinely die at 17 is probably more truthful than I thought and my life has been about proving that I am dead and of course SS does not have to mean all the NAZISM type meanings that all the Historical records give myself.

So how does one INTEGRATE SS WITH ANGELS and so on I again found myself thinking.  Well obviously living in Hereford as I do the most obvious is that of the SPECIAL AIR SERVICE (SAS) and when I look around the Military’s of the World I do indeed find similar or related type Labels-The US for instance Are called DELTA Force-so each COUNTRY if you like has worked out the very best of what LANGUAGE and TEACHING and so on has to offer and then of course sought to make the ELITE in someway COMPATIBLE or INTEGRATED with such teachings.

The more I have become tuned into all the musical instrumentation in my Meditation practice the more releasing I have found myself able to do at all the differing FREQUENCIES AND WAVES and all the rest of it.  The do say that all you need in some waves is to be mentally able to attune yourself to perfect pitch and then that data can be TRANSPOSED to ALL other OCTAVES and INSTRUMENTATION and so on.


So all instruments have there own RESONANCE AND SOUND and your brain can become so deeply attuned to all of these relationships that your releasing really does become simply a matter of thought.

So say to yourself whilst meditating that I am becoming attuned with the perfect pitch of this instrumentation and that I am releasing and letting go of all those aspects that I have within myself that are no longer necessary or life enhancing-or how can I make this information and knowledge of use in my own life-what Ideas and inspirations do I get from hearing drums beating, what ideas and inspirations do I get from hearing string instrumentations?  How can I improve on what has gone before in manner that serves myself and humanity and is life enabling.  How do I want my SOUL SIGNATURE TO BE KNOWN?

Well I do not know where all that came from as always simpy going with whatever came to mind.  I think I will have to do some more reviewing and see if I already know far more than I think and realise-bringing up useful non-conscious material into the conscious can be a highly rewarding activity when you let it be SO!

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

You Are The Placebo

The above is the title of a forthcoming book that I will be receiving in a few days having purchased it on pre-order and it seemingly being in alignment with my Energy Healing research-I say research of course yet having purchased a number of courses and having had some experience that some of these issues and beliefs may be more truthful than we realise.

Yes so after name dropping over and over with various people and so on one does not always no where to turn next-for instance yesterday I decided to listen in on an interview with a guy who’s name I forget who wrote a book called “the emotion code”-the interesting thing for myself of course is that as I have progressed I have found myself perhaps being more responsive to the oral interviews and so on simply listening in to spiritual practitioners and healers and so on on radio interviews and seemingly getting some benefit through that quick and easy activity-I do not always buy or purchase there courses and books and sales blurb yet I do find that many has a therapeutic or life enhancing philosophy that I am able to integrate into my own spiritualness.

So I was originally going to title today The Heart-Wall and The Heart-Shield and The Heart-Flow yet could not for the life of myself think what the next Heart-Heart would be.

The reason for this is perhaps because as we progress many actions and healings and things in life become self explanatory so I will await the inspiration for what the next Heart-Heart thing is.

Yes the Heart-wall was described by that author of the emotion code suggesting that we all have these Heart walls that are often blocks to enlightenment and healing and it is the breaking down or working through all the various aspects of these Heart-walls that leads to ENERGETIC healing-the belief being that you can heal anyone anywhere by proxy on a Spiritual basis-whether that is entirely truthful is of course open to how far one has sought to experience such phenomena.

The Heart-shield was perhaps an interpretation of how I described recently feeling that my shield had been obliterated and I later came to realise that that was not entirely true-I say that because obviously as mentioned I did see rather a lot of Christian healers and so on in my youth and did perhaps pickup the idea of flow in some ways through those teachings-you become a conduit if you like whereby energy is released a let go of and so on yet in truth I perhaps LOST that ability of flow so where once I was heart-flow-shielded I perhaps became Heart-walled-blocked and that was akin to catching all and any kind of sensory based trauma and not being able to release or channel it out of myself.

So you might liken it to going from being an open road with an Horizon to finding yourself on some circular cul-de-sac whereby you turn on the roundabout and find yourself seemingly on the same roundabout doing the same repetitious circles and not really achieving any aspirations and so on.

So differing modalities do of course having differing ideas and how we go about integrating them is personal choice-I know some might find Donna Eden to be a good practitioner for instance-yet how many modalities do we really require props-I know magnets are popularly believed to have energy healing properties for instance-yet I can think well I could try it with these fridge magnets and see and of course my compasses have magnets-I think I mentioned previously how I have always kept my grandfather Jack’s Compass from the 2nd World War where he fought Rommel in the desert’s of North Africa (I think) you no how one persons memory reconstruction gets passed on to another persons memory reconstruction and so on-Chinese whispers again perhaps yet sometimes they can of course be highly beneficial-if you seek to use them in beneficial ways as I have done.

So some of the reason that I keep returning to the energy issue is that I keep seemingly falling down or over myself every time I think progress is being made-so I think yippee Ki ay and then Kapow I find myself back to square one thinking how much more of this do I have to put myself through to actually have some genuine and deep and long lasting freedom from some issues.

So whilst spiritual world progress I believe has been made I do find that some physical things perhaps take a little longer to reacquaint or realign oneself with-I know for instance that many a person falls into all the sexuality type traps and they really are not worth staying in once you have cleared all that kind of material from yourself and attained greater levels of clarity and so on-of course many differ yet I do tend to find that they are like the circular roundabout and cul-de-sac that I described above-far better to move forward with awareness and a spring in ones own step than being constantly hampered by someone else’s childish immature nonsenses.

So the May Fair Cometh and of course any young local lass will likely be practicing her Ays and My Father’s Car Is A Jaguar in anticipation of an invite or date? or will they? I do not think society or young people have changed all that much for all that the cycles of time and space and universal suffragette can claim.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 🙂

So Many An idea Can Present Itself

So many an idea can present itself and when we have been using assisted meditation for a year or two and go into states of witnessing and mindfulness we can generally see how many things are simply repeated exercises that many of us have already used and tried out to a certain extent throughout our multifarious lives.

A typical example is an exercise in Qi gong whereby you visualize breaking and cutting through bad energy connections around yourself and a more streetwise version was also given by Joe Vitale using the image of a cutting through energy blocks swishing with a credit card type motion.

So we are already very often full of versions of various healing type thought processes and actions simply through developing them during childhood yet it often does not take much to give up on using them.  As I said previously after my own accident all my focus and concentration was 100% geared towards walking again and that focus perhaps was detrimental in that my mental shields had pretty much been obliterated (so to speak) and I then became prey to just about anyone with an axe to grind simply walking past them in the street and so on.

As far as I am concerned mentally rebooting and using lots of these little quick and easy techniques to break up repetitious detrimental patterns is a good practice to introduce into your life-and of course the more differing they are from the negative patterns the better.  So for instance your at work and feeling lousy because of some issue that is one pattern in one part of your brain-when you find yourself going into such a state of anxiety (for example) you can introduce a different pattern that uses a different part of your brain or higher function processes-count down to 50 from a 100 for instance the disparity and negativity will likely have to take a back seat to the higher function process.  Likewise you can slowly draw gentle circles on the back of your hand to trigger dopamine type releases-or you can do the tapping of thumb and forefinger together or do some regular tapping on the karate chop position of your hand-many thoughts and feelings are triggered by particular repetitions and the more senses you seek to use whilst breaking up the crap thoughts and feelings the easier to replace them with the more uplifting.  You might even like to introduce a respond to the bell (Pavlov’s dogs) type system of getting yourself uplifted. 

The thumb and forefinger is a popular method with hypnotists for instance whilst the countdown method was from a guy called Mark Robert Waldman whom I heard on a neurology related radio show. 

As I have said before many of these things did not really work for myself until I was regularly meditating and releasing unwanted and unhelpful thought processes faster than I could catch them so to speak.  So progress is made at the pace that any given individual chooses to progress-like wise many a bad thought or feeling can sometimes be better handled by stepping into it and coming out the other side-so for instance your watching some TV program and something someone says or does causes your anger alarm to go of-you can go into self inquiry and wonder where these thoughts and feelings are originating in your person and run through letting go of them or seeing if you can move into a more empathetic place whereby you no longer have any need to feel anger and so on.

Letting go of many issues is one of the hardest things that I have found doing even with meditation yet the benefits can be enormous especially if like myself you have had a life where you were in environments that led you to being susceptible to other folk’s toxicity or egotistical natures.  Far better as has been repeated on many occasion to seek to repair the World within your own heart and mind and let the naysayers go there own way.

Many visualizations that we would all like to occur for instance we very often know has a low percentage of happening such-as winning the lottery yet I do find there is little harm in having those kinds of aspirations and the areas where most folks struggle are perhaps in areas of conflict whereby experience is usually one of escalation and even in these scenario’s we can ask our creative brain to come up with new strategies or perspectives for dealing with any known or given conflict-change the course in your own mental World and see if you can do the same in reality next time issues occur.

So it has been a nice sunny day here in Hereford and of course I should make the most of not working during my holiday-I have for the last 10 years pretty much always used all of my Holidays to coincide with having my daughter visit which I have generally loved-so I know some folks were unhappy with my comments yesterday yet I personally have not felt like I was ever having a holiday because of all the parenting duties-that probably does not make sense to some and makes sense to others-yes I have been a full time parent too before anyone rushes to bash myself over the head and with children with medical issues also and that in and of itself can be another of those crosses to bear always having to make hospital visits and get drug prescriptions and all the other knock on effects.

So everyone has there own experience of what these things are like yet I do seem to have somehow managed to only plunge into the most difficult and so on of scenario’s.  Perhaps that was the challenge I set myself somewhere in the distant past on a non-conscious basis-yet it does of course hold myself in good stead now and I do feel I have an actual right to decide to not take on the same difficulties and challenges again.

So I am sure my daughter is enjoying herself far more in Portugal than she would if she were still here with myself (boring Zen meditator who doesn’t watch TV or know who anyone who is anyone is) and I have the satisfaction of having paid for the trip for her and bought her a new camera to take some photos and all the rest of it.

So living costs money and in the UK the whole benefit and social care system is geared in highly sexist fashion towards women and children and blokes such-as myself are generally hung out to dry-would I be like other absent fathers who say the kids will catch up with them in the future-no I would not-I have enjoyed watching and seeing my girl grow up as she now approaches adulthood and so on and yes the distance has made the costs more expensive and all the rest of it yet I chose to take responsibility and can take satisfaction in having done when many other guys simply walk away.

So do people repeat justifications for wrong and unjust actions or can behaviours be changed to the extent of your knowledge and awareness and so on-I think that as folks progress they will find that they can look upon the World with ever increasing amazement at just how many things in ones own life can be changed for the better once they know that they have to take full responsibility for all that has been and all that will be.

Well I think I need to meditate some more and see what new compass heading I can take that does not involve what many a person suggests lol 🙂

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So The Daughter Has Packed And Left For Portugal and …

So the daughter has packed and is on route to a holiday destination somewhere in Portugal with mother and sisters and Dave finds himself lonely, oh so lonely, I have nobody to call my own, lol 🙂

I think that is perhaps where I differ from many a person in society in general and perhaps where some of my fallout with many a person occurs.  I have always enjoyed being on my own-ever since I can remember really-yes I have had times in my life with many friends and do enjoy socializing yet I have always exercised my right to say I want and need some alone me time without strings and many a person in Society finds that completely wrong.  They themselves always want and need others around them to feel alive or motivated and so on whilst I myself have perhaps always had a deeper philosophy of being comfortable in my own head and in my own company.  That philosophy unfortunately does tend to trigger the worst aspects in other people perhaps on a non-conscious level whereby predicting that there company is not required they rush to attack something inherently alien to themselves-and of course that can lead to downward spirals I know it has for myself in the past yet I do find myself through meditation generally returning to these deeper thoughts and feelings and so on that I had in my youth-so whether that is a personal course correction or resetting of early life values I am unsure-yet there is a kind of stabilising element or factor involved in some of these processes and learnings and perhaps I now have a less fractious vibe or a calmness that is less open to misrepresentation or misinterpretation by other people-in that they have to try really hard or be completely stupid and unwise to rush to the very worst thoughts feelings and so on that any one can rush too.

I do of course want to further my research into the unknown and go beyond the limits and edges of where I am presently at with many of these teachings and learnings yet finding the best teachers and trainers and practices is in and of itself a quagmire in knowing where the unexplored landscape truly is-they do say that the map will unfold itself given the appropriate stimulus yet all to often we find ourselves surrounded by folks merely content to feather there own nest without really teaching anything or indeed knowing or holding a genuinely worthwhile approach to the understandings and knowledge that one seeks to impart to others.

One of the most interesting aspects that I have encountered time and again is that irrespective of the teachings and learnings that we can accumulate from others-we are each a unique individual and of course that uniqueness runs against the grain and philosophy of many a person who likes to think of themselves as part of a collective first and individual second yet when the individual is starving and alone and helpless does the collective run to help or does it merely stand aside in patronising pointing fingers fashion-the two sided coin once again looms yet like the head of a Hydra the merchants of doom for all there slaying of dragons and piling up of sand will find that the sandbanks burst as for all of mankind’s attempts to battle the elements of nature-nature has its own agenda and it is not one that all desire to abide with.

What is one to do in the face of all these natural disasters and mother natures relentless drive one can wonder-perhaps reach for the Stars and start afresh on some distant World away from this World of Snakes and Ladders and Chess and Monopoly and Poker and Rummy and Football and Volleyball and Games of Thrones and All the Kings Horses and All The Kings Men went through a window to Playschool again.

Yes choose a colour that works within light and I’ll show you a mind that’s tuned for the flight the Valkyries cometh and what can you do so much to choose from the colour of you-a door once opened transverse each way though not through this Vortex that guides its own way-as much as you seek you’ll no solution find in playing the game of Solitaire find so many paths so much to do all in avoidance the love that is you-with evil intent a spark in the EYE evolution empowers sings kaleidoscope blind-the mix goes on double standards embraced what’s in a HAT entombed in a shrine the cry-off begins whose wailing is heard-will we decapitate all pirates and nerds-when Billy Idol Sang the words best of all do your own research prepare to fall.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well and As You walk beaches prey listen to Shells 🙂

Are Christian Values As Bad As All That

Dear Dave

Please can you say some more about the “Religious” part of your life as that seems to be the part that you never really speak of in historical terms so to speak.

Thanking You In Advance


Hi Mona

The reason I do not really speak much about the church era of my life is that my memories of that period in my life are somewhat mixed up and confused and seemingly of no real importance or consequence.  Yes I might give the impression that I regarded it as all bad yet that like most areas of life is a generalisation rather than absolute.  Much like any environment that we can find ourselves in-we generally make friends or find peoples of similar age and so on that we can relate to or mix with.  The church issues was perhaps one whereby most of the other young people were already a kind of collective going to Bishops School whilst I myself was at Aylestone.   Likewise they perhaps came from more long term dedicated Christian type families where my own seemingly found God as a keeping up with family friends who had joined the church.

So yes I am sure there are buried treasure memories in the cerebrum somewhere yet in general it was a very compartmentalised existence whereby it took over my entire week and evenings and so on.  Mates playing football and being latchkey kids as I had been-whilst I myself was now only allowed bible and prayer meetings and so on-a somewhat large curtailing of my up until that time period freedom and of course like all group cultures it can be hard to integrate all the differing aspects of life the universe and everything.

There are perhaps out of the many preachers that I saw during that time period only two guys who really stood out and impressed myself one was Billy Graham who is a World Class Preacher and well known name even amongst non-religious folks and the other was a chap called Jim Sepulvida who is another of those who died and lived http://www.finalfrontier.org.uk/index.php?main=13&sub=2&page=12

So I think the difference perhaps from my meditative practice teachings is that it is the people who are the church not the building and ceremonies and all the rest of the indoctrinations.  I do not feel any badness or hurt towards the church for that time period in my life yet you might liken it to having a childhood and then not having a childhood-if I wanted to be dramatic I might call it The Stolen Years: My Years Of Hell At Elim Pentecostal Church.  They were of course one of the more happy clappy type churches compared to the more modest and traditional churches that are available and like many congregations it had a sprinkling of business men who interacted and used the services and business’ of Christian friends and so on-so not all that different from most other areas of life really-choice is choice and you do feel that some so-called Christian values are worthy of having in your own life-irrespective of whose philosophy and teachings are being given-I spoke of Grace earlier and she was a life long attendee of a more traditional church and generally was the embodiment of Christian values.  When the family friends fell out of favour with the church for being sinners a few years later my family also left the church and I was by now at school leaving age and able to go on and do my own thing.

So there you have it-you can call yourself a Christian coming from a Christian oriented Country as David Cameron does or you can say you have a more encompassing approach where you seek to do the best you can for all comers irrespective of other considerations.

Thank you for Reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂