You’ve Never Heard Of A McMarmite Double-Whopper

Yes of course today being April 1st One does tend to not be too trusting of Headlines and news stories and things that seem true in the fight.  Of course I just made that title above up on the spur of the moment as that was what came to mind in the moment-however I did see earlier in a newsfeed photographic evidence of Marmite Donuts (Arrhhhh) I will stick with my mild pot noodle sandwhich’s weirdness thank you-probably goes back to those student and doley type days of making a meal out of anything.

What else-well for some reason I found myself thinking about vampirism and that led me to come up with the following teaching mantra for bloodsuckers young and old “How much blood can a bloodsucker suck if a bloodsucker suck some blood!”

Moi-strange-no merely writing what comes to mind without seeking to block or distort or edit out what may or may not be valuable information to someone somewhere.  another topic I did find myself thinking about was whether I could give regular book recommendations and know whether they are actually any good to anyone anywhere.

As I have sought to address the issue of understanding and awareness I have looked to establish a wide tract of reading and that of course means that some material is great and other material is not great-I say this because I very often go with intuition and buy multiple titles without first establishing knowledge of the content and the like-this approach does unfortunately come with hazards-many a seemingly innocent title hides the most banal and boring and dull and you get the message.

Anyway as I do the photoreading I do find that even the most largess of tombs of drivel can be effortlessly whizzed through and think myself lucky I did not attempt to read such books in a regular fashion.

So yes these things are always according to ones own taste and you only develop taste by testing the available waters so to speak-an example of this are some books by a guy named Bill Whitehouse entitled Mapping Mental Spaces Volumes 1 & 2-I though hmmmn that seems like the enlightening kind of material I could be looking at and all it really did for myself was establish that he is not a writer that I will be reading in any kind of a fashion again any time soon-almost like I played an April Fools Day joke on myself without realising-haha non-conscious-I can only hope that there was indeed material that I benefit from in those volumes as I really did feel as though my lack was ebbing away as I went through them.

What else well I received information on a new Qigong course-of course I said I had neglected Qigong and have sought to remedy that yet I am unsure as to whether I will act immediately upon the provided information-I will first bring myself back up to speed with that modality so any further work I do in that area is accelerated.

So yes some writers I find myself happily returning to and others I do not.  One writer whose work came up during my searches today was a chap called D H Lawrence famed for writing somewhat racy novels during a time period when racy literature was deemed inappropriate-I did not buy any as I am not in a novel reading mode at the present time yet some of you might be interested-he wrote the famed Lady Chatterley’s Lover and The Rainbow and is regarded in WRITING terms as one of those all time greats.

Choice is of course choice and I personally do feel I am more interested in the creativity and expansion and healing side of the coin rather than the zombie receiver-though of course the only way to develop your own CHARACTER so to speak is again to broaden your own  ability to receive and know the waves and frequencies that will achieve those optimum functions.

Now some of course do take issue with my recently recommending books on ART and ACTING as though that is somehow dishonest-by that the inference being that you are not being genuine or truthful and all the rest of that line of thought.

My response is quite simply that for those of us that have taken up meditation and the assorted modalities to achieve enlightenment and so on-that you generally want to develop the communication skills to be able to communicate your new way of being and thinking and acting and those kinds of works are geared towards that-so where once we might of all been somewhat confused actors and actresses-we can develop those skills from a point and level of awareness that enables us to continue with our lives as we already are-or with further knowledge that we can operate from a place of greater balance and greater calm and equanimity-one of those aspirational spatial places that we are to pursue without truly understanding the nature and meaning of our language-just nod and point and smile-it works when I go abroad and into other areas of the City and is highly amusing when I see foreign colleagues nodding in full comprehension of the instruction they are given and then going off and doing something completely different-I laugh and poor managers shake their heads in despair and having or desiring to stay congruent rarely seemingly act to correct the miscommunication.

Of course I exaggerate yet we have all of us irrespective of where we are from or where we are going to-do seemingly lack the multitudes of perspectives and persistence’s to carry out many tasks in an optimum way.

Another area related today is of course that great TAROT card of THE FOOL-YES for anyone who has studied TAROT in an in-depth manner or fashion as I have knows that the fool whilst depicted as a fool is perhaps more of a new beginnings type of card whereby the constraints and so on have been cast aside in favour of a more expansive and exploratory life perhaps like a young child escaping the confines and cage of the modern cot and taking in all there is to be taken in and so on. 

Well enough from the strangeness of Dave-I am of to act with great aloofness at the fool hardiness of people who could do with learning how to be aloof.

Thank you as always for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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