Oh Too Have Been A Fly On The Wall

Of course had I paid attention to the bombardment of information I was taking in-then of course I might have known what his Holyness Pope Francis was going to say to Queen Elizabeth yet I doubt it went anything like I had presumed to suggest.

Yes I decided to have a few days of from blogging with the intention of improving my all-round skills-it is all very well writing day after day yet I do need to improve my overall capabilities.  Some folks are of course excellent in all areas having dedicated there lives to augmenting the so-called necessary skills whilst others myself perhaps among them have focussed on this area or that area without thinking to improve on our weaknesses.

I quite like the word augmentation and was actually considering writing a piece entitled “advanced accelerative augmentations”-then realised that it was perhaps too open to misunderstanding or that I myself might not be the best person to deliver such a piece.

Yes playing catch-up I noticed emails related to Eban Page and have had a look at his Acceleration Marketing presentation-having studied the PUA industry a few years back you might say I am already familiar with his David DeAngelo alter Ego-though it obviously did him no harm given the success and multiple business empire he has built up from those early beginnings.

What else-well I was actually impressed by his new marketing course stuff though I personally am unlikely to buy-I already have plenty of courses that I am augenting myself with.

So Why do I do all these other courses if Holosync cuts through the mental flotsam and jetsam?  Well I think it is all well and good doing that yet we still need to re-educate ourselves whether consciously or otherwise into better ways of being and doing and so on.  I know I wrote recently on this idea of having a peaceful life or a nihilistic life and you ight say that once again it comes down to the inner confusion and which processes are coming out on top.  

I figure that eventually if you do enough of the Learning Strategies type courses alongside Holosync then the pre-consciously processed INTEGRATIVE APPROACH that is provided is going to start kicking in and you will see and have accelerative shifts into new dimensions of being and so on.

You might think that it is akin to the Star Trek Universe of the Next Generation where we had the peaceful DATA character like a naive Pinnochio charactarisation exploring wanting to be human and his nihilistic elder android sibling LAW being the one with the given emotion chip enabling him to play all out at rebel and so on-do elder siblings have more get up and go than younger siblings-I certainly think folks need to dismantle the ‘classical’ stories that are built up around your number in progression as it is far too easy to go with the story rather than ignore the story in pursuit of a better life as an INDIVIDUAL.

I was also thinking about Prince Charles he having been the eldest Prince and so on will forever be having to fill life as an eternal Prince never the Sovereign so it seems-and the same scenarios can often been seen in Corporate Business where any middle managers can likely ever only progress on a personal level by leaving or venturing out on there own in some fashion-we see this in my place of work for instance whereby shuffling of the decks takes place yet it is predominantly the same faces and after a certain number of years you do wonder where the change or new direction is going to appear from-many having of course invested many years of there life in advancement are loath to move on-or seek new frontiers and so on-perhaps sticking with the security of reputation and easy pension-there are of course many circumstances that effect peoples thoughts and thinking and so on and it is never truly safe to assume any given reasoning’s such-as those suggested.

I see that we have the Grand National Coming Up and I will of course be looking to zero in on potential winners and so on and I do like to think that the processes I have put in place are improving my awareness and knowledge to the degree where I can use intuition and best guesses and so on to find the golden thread or the diamond in the rough or however these things are ascribed.  There are of course so many sports that it does not bode well to put all eggs in one basket yet I have tried that method and the general method and do seem torn as to where I am best placed to make such decisions.

I could of course say random colours and names in my writings yet that only works for folks who are well versed in the same set of courses I have taken and how much resistance and mental walls and barriers they have themselves worked through.  The visual idea really does seem the best yet even though that is right and true I do not fully trust yself on accuracy unless many blatent clues and so on are presenting themselves in highly stand out manners-much like the Irish and green with the rugby the other week-this week has been orange yet that does go back to my Nemo blog so you can see that one of the problems with time is that of sequencing the patchwork nature that most of us have can of course be improved-yet I am not keen on calling out random colour combinations and then of course the name issues-given that so many horses have the strangest of names as well as the more mundane-I like outsiders of course yet sometimes favourites are so for reasons of form.

Early work tonight so will perhaps see what clues come up in the morning or after some sleep.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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