Tonight Matthew-I Am Going To Be A Hat

I think one of the most interesting aspects of many of the teachings and courses is of course how easy it seems to be lectured on what is right and what is wrong and behaviours that can create success versus behaviours that can create non-success (and how as individuals we define these aspects of self).

One of my weaknesses for instance was not doing mind maps of books that I PhotoRead thereby reducing my success knowledge when I go back to those books again later-something I have been doing recently is reviewing the books and courses that I have purchased over the course of recent years.

In order to get the best out of the various multiplicities of courses you do have to seek to  carry the tasks out as they are ascribed.  For myself as I have progressed I have found myself being averse to doing this aspect of one course or that aspect of another course and it can really be self defeating when you later find you have to go back and carry them out as they were designed to be carried out.

I wrote recently on Star Trek characters DATA and LAW and you might liken DATA to a baby in the respect that he could sit on a lawn and having ants and insects and spiders crawling around and on his personage with little bother-LAW on the other hand is perhaps likened to a baby who has been introduced to the LAW of THWACK SPLATTER.

Sounds interesting yet really it is that act of OMG Danger kill the insect and so on and so forth.  So all of us of course have built up layers and layers of these rules and laws to live by and when it comes to enlightenment and the pursuit of happiness we very often have to dig through all these layers to get to where it is that we want to be.

I am not saying we are to let insects and creepy crawlies go about there feeding on us as babies yet it does bring into the equation the flexibility of differing perspectives and how long lost rules and regulations given us as children now affect us adversely in adulthood. 

So we are each a body of knowledge and that knowledge might be described as the current hat that we are wearing at any given moment and can our hat be changed for a more preferable hat and so on.

I speak of hats of course-yet my THWACK SPLATTER description came about through OBSERVATION-for instance we are told to draw mind maps and they very often look like a spilt ink blot or the effect you might get from crushing insects or spilling milk or the roots of trees and plants or the image of neurons and so on and that of course takes us into chaos theory and fractals and the mathematics used to create those never ending zooms that we see in fractal imagery.

Does it mean anything-well I guess that depends on the individual and how they have progressed-for instance I know that I can listen to some hypnosis material and be triggered into angry thoughts and feelings-yet having meditated and learnt strategies I know that I can use those as opportunities to move into the discomfort and release those aspects and hats that I no longer have requirement of.  Likewise many an expert will say that you can use such thoughts and feelings as motivation whether that is towards or away from a goal is debatable of course.

I know for instance that much trapped anger brought about through layers of mental laws is the cause of some ill health and so on.  I have seemingly read multiple times in recent days how resentment is a poison that you cannot drink yourself and then expect to harm others-in truth most of us who grew up in families or indeed simply went to school and college and got jobs in x environment know only to well that there are so many differing causes of these types of long lost held issues that knowing where to begin can seem in itself to daunting a task to actually take any action-the know action is better than action of course leads into stuckness.  I think with observation of course you can overtime aim towards trusting in the various processes that you are putting yourself through-nothing great was ever achieved without hard work-so we are told-I certainly think that we have self defeating aspects and reward orientated aspects and the trick according to experts is to make having or achieving the reward better than the otherwise.

So instead of traditional Homer Simpson-if at first you don’t succeed, give up,style thinking-we do a flip of any given or presenting itself issue to see what the rewards for having completed particular tasks and so on can be.

In Homer’s case he might be rewarded with an all expenses night out at Moe’s bar if he manages to work in the Nuclear Plant for a whole day without incident.  Yes exploring these things takes time and effort and communicating these things effectively also seemingly takes effort.

So if you and when you get shifts a simple technique can be to go back and see if previous interpretation of FEEDBACK was the best interpretation or whether shifts you have experienced further down the line give you new REALIZATIONS that you previously missed.

I know having stuck with the Holosync and Learning Strategies stuff for several years that I can go back again and again and have new OMG how the hell did I miss that type realizations.  So if the direction you think you want has not made progress switch to new perspectives and angles and techniques that will give you further release or a differing knowledge base.

Enough for today as I am continuing in my review of old materials seeking to shine a new light that was previously running low on batteries.

So thank you for reading and God Bless and Be Well and keep on seeking to improve and correct opinions and views to those that best enable you to live a more rewarding life. 🙂

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