So Is It A Time Of Stuckness For Everyone

I found myself asking this question as part of my observations-as I recalled previously we have had a long stretch moving through lent into Easter.  Of course some folks are living lives that they want to live and are motivated and all the rest of it-so inactivity and stuckness type feelings perhaps happen more for those of us that are fed up with our current World and so on.

The obvious thing for myself to do is to go back and see how I was last year and the year before and see how things are different and all that jazz-however there is little point to doing that apart from recognising the cycles and patterns.  You might say that meditation and interacting with Bill Harris was part of a strategy to get past stuckness-likewise doing multiple Learning Strategy courses was again more effort toward moving from positions of stuckness.

So what do I notice at the present time-well I am once again getting the become a coach type literature-and having done multiple courses of course I can remove many of the objections I may have previously had to becoming or being a coach.  I have developed a good all round knowledge of multiple disciplines and improved my communication skills and awareness and so on.  I notice in one coaching blurb that coaching is described as being a facilitator of change-by that the meaning perhaps is that you provide the tools and knowledge to enable others in similar fashion and manner to how you yourself have been enabled. 

The skills that you choose to develop of course are personal choice and when you have invested as much as many of us have then there is perhaps a level of built in desire to get some return on the time effort and investments that we have made.  The truth of course is that some stuckness simply comes about through not knowing in which direction one truly wishes to proceed.  is that too many choices syndrome-well there is certainly that aspect in the mix yet many of the fundamentals or foundations across all of the courses are quite similar when we pay attention and so on.

I know I have repeatedly stated that tapping can speed up awareness and give shifts and I know that the tapping type manuals can give shifts if you have not already experienced some with that modality-likewise most of the courses say to keep a record of your activities and learnings whether that is through a diary or journal or blog is again choice-as most of these courses are laid out in similar fashion we can gain greater confidence in our abilities to do such activities as we progress.

You might say that I have perhaps stretched myself too thinly across so many differing type activites yet I do not feel that in truth taking the view that I can only benefit from having all round capabilities and knowledge.  So we have removed many an in-built excuse or objection mechanism and replaced them with more progressive, uplifting and rewarding type thinking strategies of asking appropriate questions to proceed based on our individual life navigation systems.

Another aspect from the meditation angle is of course this idea of beginners mind-it is far to easy when you have done this course or that course to not still think of yourself as a beginner and when that happens we often can fall into pride before a fall syndrome unless we have prepared ourselves with a better foundation of knowledge and understanding and awareness.  I o if I am honest feel that I have once again had some further shifts over the last week as I have focussed so much on reviewing the work that I have put in to date,

For instance I think I said previously that I had bought a Paraliminal package that was sat in a corner for a long time unused whilst I was doing Holosync courses.  I have been doing some of the accelerator course materials associated with that package and can say that I have perhaps had some new shifts that were somewhat unexpected yet of no surprise-perhaps having done a full complement of other courses in the meantime-I have perhaps filled in the necessary gaps in my understanding and knowledge and my non-conscious knows that and has given myself further shifts based in that awareness.

Yes I am quite sure that the lifelong learner and beginners mind attitude can go a long way as does tapping and indeed repetition and reinforcement of those activites that improve navigation through the quagmire.

I see we have a major golf tournament coming up this week in the form of the masters-I have of course focussed so much on the learning side that I have not always stayed with the observation of the differing sports-so it will be interesting for myself I think to observe and witness the various (if any) synchronicities between my own writings and so on and what happens in other areas of life the universe and everything.  Each day is a new day and each day can be used to give oneself maxims to live and prosper by as opposed perhaps to old negative self talk based in the old ways and means of doing things.

Reading wise-I had a look at the Photoreading books for the last couple of months-one was called Pop and was about taglines that capture peoples imaginations and so on and this month was The Future Of the Human mind, the strange thing for myself was that I did actually buy other books containing similar wording prior to seeing the official list-so you might say that it simply cpmes back to your own chosen resources and having multiple works to read on any given topic is of course no bad thing.

So yes I have pu aside all the specific courses and am currently going through the broader all round accelerator collection that I got from LS at the very start of my introduction to them.

I probably will not be purchasing to many other courses as my own skills and advancement seems to be taking myself beyond where a number of the coaches are working from-having said that there is no harm in taking advantage of any freebie presentations and so that come along so I will of course have to see what I can integrate into my life and what can be let go of as always.

The idea of INTEGRATING all the differing aspects and parts into a cohesive superhuman type mentaility can of course be an ongoing experience-yet the guided navigation methodology is perhaps a better way than simply trying to go with EGO and no training or coaching courses. 

So my recommendation at the present time is to perhaps see where you are feeling like a beginner and where you are not feeling like a beginner and if you can seek to return to the beginners mind type attitude-as I can say that some shifts will not be experienced prior to having done particular courses or having taken on board new attitudes and some of these things can take a little longer to become habits than many habits that we often already have going on at subconscious subcutaneous levels.

Well enough for today-I am perhaps going to start writing more regularly again soon-yet I decided that I write when I feel like writing rather than seeking to force it-yes you do sometimes have to do things that you do not want to do yet the question then becomes is this a rewarding activity for myself to be carrying out or could I be doing something else more useful with my time-lack of feedback suggests I should ditch blogging altogether yet I do actually enjoy writing when I feel I have things to write about-and I very often do not such is the life of some whose life is eat sleep work repeat.  Yes I require some new dimensions and attitudes and thankfully it does feel as though some of the accelerator type shifts are going to bring those about in an effortless and easy manner that the ego may well argue about yt the ego will b working in vain against the tide of integrative learnings and teachings and coaching I have been facilitated-will you be facilitated?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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