From Universe To You Knifers-Is It real Or Just Imagination

So talking about the deeper skills I have more recently been thinking about what we hear versus what is spoken and listening skills are of course paramount to that and we very often get ourselves into confused states whereby we auto respond with a strategy not based in the same sensory realms as those about us-this can of course be a good thing if you a looking onward and upwards and a bad thing if you allow yourself to be adversely upset and confused and so on by all the aspects of interpretations.

I write the above headline because I see todays news reporting of another high school stabbing taking place in the US yet the question then of course becomes how many of us have day after day seen the word Universal blasted from our screens whether through cinema or TV or other media outlets the Company having had a long and established history.

My own thoughts relating to knives you may recall were related to the knife being perhaps the last eating implement that many of us were allowed as youngsters-and of course if I had a £1 for every person I have ever heard complain of being knifed in the back I would likely be a millionaire.  A popular expression that does not provide folks with solutions perhaps and the solutions idea is generally based in you developing and answering of questions-the I can not tell you the answers you seek but with enough self inquiry and appropriate tools anyone can be led to greater levels of empowerment-allegedly-I say allegedly of course because prior to meditation I was very much lost at sea.

The other issue relating to knives is of course surgery many of us have had surgical interventions of one type or another and because I have been very much focussed on health issues I recalled the story told by Paul Scheele of how an anaesthetized patient acted in accordance with words spoken during her operation that caused her to fail to heal.

As someone who has had steel pins drilled into his skin and bones you can imagine my concern and my bodies likely reaction to this kind of an attack having happened and the likely long term repercussions,  I give that as an example yet many of us have had teeth and dental surgery (again under anaesthesia) and so on so beliefs of possible reactions taken in on  a non-conscious manner can be worrying.  I have as I have repeatedly stated responded to each and every issue as it has come up in my own awareness-I also said that I had just had my first pain free year in 20+ years yet the last couple of weeks I have again had pain in that area of my personage-so once again find myself doing releasing and wondering just when in my life the initial ORIGINAL cause occurred.  I say original because I may well have had prior issues in that area of my body to the most obvious that springs to mind-that being the largest incident tends to be the one that is recalled whilst having issues with my knees for instance as a youngster went unquestioned-likewise I had an incident of carving someone balsa wood and the knife went through my other leg so there are multitudes of little issues type stuff that can perhaps build up into being magnified mountains out of molehills.

What else well as I said previously I do wait a little while before writing on some issues just to see if they stay in my awareness or not-the knife one has been bouncing around a little while now hence my bringing it up-another one was that I recently saw articles on a murder case on the Costa Del Sol-somewhere in the Spanish region-anyway the guy murdered was a British Business man with multiple business’s in the UK and abroad and the reports generally kept referring  to his vehicle a big giant yellow Humvee (A US military vehicle) made popular for home use by Arnold Swarzenegger a few years back-I recently saw one in Hereford and that of course got myself thinking  how many folks now have these vehicles and why yellow?  I think it was around the time I spoke of the transformers actor Shia Labeouf doing his Tarzan impression in one of the Raiders films.

So my wisdom on some issues is to wait a while and see what other related materials come to the for whilst in terms of my own action I think you really do have to go with the “Fly by Wire” mentality

Effectively you might liken it to the going from unconscious incompetence up through the levels of where your focus is at until you are operating in a state of conscious competence naturally-further to that of course is that that model can be applied to all aspects of life the Universe and everything-so you might be fantastic top notch top of the class at cooking for instance and absolutely abysmal at cleaning.

I gave those as random choices rather than any kind of deliberate strategy.

What else?  Well I see that an absolute movie legend has died RIP Mickey Rooney-I think the last movie I saw him in was A Night At The Museum-he had eight marriages that we know of and kept on working his entire life-I mention him because I saw a clip of him singing that song GOOD MORNING GOOD MORNING and I seemingly have a deep affinity with that song perhaps from some film I saw in childhood-though I do not think his version was most popular-I think it was also used in Singin’ In The Rain another film I perhaps could turn a TV on to watch-choice is choice and I like many “OLDIES” that are seemingly left to gather dust in this day and age of all action zero script and plot.

THE MAN FROM DEL MONTE, HE SAY If your having girl problems I feel bad for you son, check out Mickey Rooney he married 8 of them -Okay so I do like contemporary Artiste’s too yet they are not where my own focus is really .  I think once you have awareness and so on you do tend to SHRUG over and over again at many things that folks want you to feel are important that in the greater scheme of things are not so-all any of us truly want are food in our belly’s perhaps and to be able to look out for our families and friends and folks that we can learn from and aspire to be like in our own unique way.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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