Are Famous Last Words Progressive In Evidence

So I recently mentioned that I found it difficult to imagine myself doing any further courses given the full complement and variety that I have seemingly put myself through-so what happens next?  Well I of course IN TRUTH never know what many of our so-called enlightened leading luminaries are up to and so could never have imagined receiving an email invite for this

This is of course based on the work of Ken Wilbur and yes it does seemingly peek my interest-I have read some of his work in book form which I liked yet was not overly keen when I listened in on the odd interview-so I now find myself CURIOUS as to whats new pussycat?

Yes so he can of course be looked up elsewhere for earlier and probably cheaper courses and they do say that following in the footsteps of so-called giants can be a faster learning curve and experience than seeking to go it alone-he also is not in the make a clone market being more about INTEGRAL and the using and unleashing of abilties you already possess and so on.  How is that different from LS I ask myself?

So my dilemma is perhaps that were it a complete download and own  study course I likely would think yippee and rush to send off and receive this new dimension of learnings-yet the idea of committing to an online course for ten weeks brings out a certain level of aversion-I am international so cannot necessarily meet the appropriate times for these types of courses-flexibility is often built into these things yet I do wonder at why that is not mentioned in any particular way.

So I might try out one of his integral starter type courses from elsewhere and see if anything new is genuinely offered or whether it is simply a repackaged version of older materials.

What else well the news is as bland and dull and uninteresting as ever though it is hard to not neglect many events as they can often have relevance that you previously missed-and of course the scaleability World issue is also something to be aware of in pattern matching and identification-what goes on at local level that is reflected at national and international level-can or am I able to see through the outward layers of story to the same underlying sets and points and aspects that trigger “oh that is interesting”.

The further I have progressed the greater the awareness because I have pursued knowledge and awareness-likewise many folks also act on those aspects and that is perhaps my weakness in that I tend to stay on the witness side of things with little in the way of acting on any given impulse.

Local news seems to be about the demise of the larger local football club-always interesting how folks go about these type of activities-I did use to attend regularly as a teenager and when I returned in later life was somewhat disappointed that it had stayed the same in many ways. I could not happily take my daughter for instance because the anti prejudice campaigns at higher league levels has not really filtered down successfully to lower echelon clubs.  You might say the attendance demise has been brought about due to a combination of lower league status and “People like me” syndrome that has adversely affected so many other aspects of peoples lives.  Yes you can have a passion for your club yet to PRETEND that the Hitler types have not partially caused the demise of support is blind optimism over reality

The saviours of course will be folks with money-I remember as a child helping clear up the area on Edgar street of the then new Hereford theatre,(1970’s) local volunteers that did much of the work eventually were priced out of using the place and the even newer place that stands there now is testament to that-the same often happens in sports properties so do not expect the club to survive without change-I did notice a recent report that many Londoners have resettled in Hereford so you may well find one or two of these folks coming in with a level of benevolence though there are often strings attached that will probably be less appealing-property and land leases and land right issues and worth often creep into these matters when we look at deeper motives.

The Royals on tour down under has also caught my interest though one does Wonder whether they will be affected by the CYCLONE and of course whether any link can be found between these events pattern wise.

I have just recalled that one of the most interesting aspects of THE GENIUS CODE course was this IDEA of using the tools given and demonstrated to build even better tools.  So you do a course and then ask “how can I improve upon the tools as they currently exist?” what combination of processes can I use to develop and enhance and further my abilities?, healing?, wealth?” and so on.

So progress at any level is often decided upon by those that are ready and willing and able to make there own progress at any level.

Well enough from oneself for today, I am off to have a serious think about what benefits I might gain from doing some of the less obvious courses.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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