War: What Is It Good For

As well as being the title of an old song this is actually the title of a recently published book from Why The West Rules For Now! author Ian Morris-I mention that in passing because my own experience was that he does seemingly write books that might be suggested to be highly compatible with Holosync.  he is of course part of the Historian/Economics set and I must admit to liking his writing style and so on.

What else well speaking of old song titles I did find myself wondering who actually sang it originally-for instance I think I recall a version that went around in the 1980’s yet as always many of the best songs were simply cover versions of older songs bands such-as Frankie Goes To Hollywood tended to alternate between cover versions and original so a popular song such-as Relax was followed up by the old classic Two Tribes-that does not of course tell myself who sang War yet it is coming back to me now-Bruce Springsteen also covered the song and it was originally an Edwin Starr number he perhaps more famous as a member of The Temptations-one of those popular sixties singing groups that could actually sing.

What else well of course speaking of History and a recent visit to the railway station-I found myself seemingly face-face eye-to-eye with my old mathematics teacher Mr Woolley working for British rail-you know how you recall a face yet cannot place it until later and I must admit to having gone into shock though it might just be a lookalike yet he is perhaps like many peoples maths teachers hard to forget.  I am not saying he was not a good math teacher so much as I was perhaps an average at math pupil and he seemingly had a reputation long before I was ever in his class.

That of course is true in many areas of life for many people whereby a stigma is created by mischief makers and then that mischief becomes truth for many folks not willing to question the validity of hearsay and rumours and so on.  The problem is of course compounded by the fact that once you have been prejudged (so to speak) you can spend your life in vain attempts at clearing your name or reputation when all you really want is to simply get on with it.  Then of course there are the truths that no matter how hard you try will be permanent reminders of stains and blots on your character.

You can fill a library with books from people who are forced to go there own way simply because society at large refuses to forgive or forget some minor indiscretion from childhood or teenage years. Is that valid-well if you are a candidate for a position of influence then in dog eat dog politics the debate perhaps has to be studied more closely as honesty and truth versus folks getting away with it.

My view is that you might get away with it in society at large yet your non-conscious will potentially catch-up with you in later life perhaps-I think that the debate is always against your own inner self and how far you have progressed with technologies.  I spoke recently of Ken Wilbur and he is of course at least in my own mind linked in with the theory of SPIRAL DYNAMICS-I was thinking about this this morning because I went out side for a cigarette and found myself over looking a snail shell and snail shells much like many sea shells have spiral like growth patterns,

Where else well I am as you can tell somewhat  unfocussed at present I seem to be still in review mode and speaking above of the Historian Ian Morris I have also been reviewing Economics material and leadership type material and so on-has there been any value-I think it has been interesting to see if my knowledge has change since I first read or saw the material.

I know that the Einstein and Newton maths tends to be brought into many subject areas and I know that a great deal has been spoken of in recent years in relation to some mystical phenomena known as Dark Matter.

You might say that we as humans think we are like that Apple dropping down on Newton and if Newton had been sat at the bottom of a tree in an Ocean then I might concur with yourself.  I bring that up because I know many Astronaut images (In Space) are actually very much like those deep see water suites that we see in old movies and so on.

I was trying to figure out a way to explain Zion noise and the think of yourself as being constantly in water method does seem like one of the best metaphor analogy type ways to do that.  We think of water as being displaced when weight or mass is added-that overflowing bath where you forgot to take into account your own weight when filling it to the brim.  Likewise invisibility or cloaking device type technologies are based in the idea that you can control the displacement of light (for example).

So we are all connected and most people not realising this build up all sorts of defences to PROTECT there idea of specialness and separateness and that in turn becomes a self fulfilling prophecy whereby the only way to not be part of the whole going on of it all and so on is to no longer be-side effects of course include ill health and other malady’s.

The other issue it seems to myself is of course that even with turn your reality on its head technologies you have a turning curve whereby you cannot turn on a dime like a harrier jump Jet instead having to rely on there being know Ice Bergs in your own shipping lane as you pull a hard turn into the spinach as they say.

Yes who remembers Popeye and his tinned spinach as he fought the evil Bluto for the love of Olive Oil-The US government apparently released data at one time suggesting that Spinach was far healthier for you than it actually is-though of course it is green so must be healthy is a mind set that many a folk has for green vegetation anyway.

I will leave it there for now as we go about our air displacing business in Zion noise and if I can think of improved methodologies of explaining such phenomena I will of course possibly write or tell someone about it.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

3 thoughts on “War: What Is It Good For

  1. Howdy this is kinda of off topic but I was wondering if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.

    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding expertise so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • Yes The What You See Is What You Get System Is pretty much utilised within most blog editors though I personally have been somewhat hampered by them-by that I mean that I personally like to fly unhindered in my typing and all the bells and whistles of some WYSIWYG systems can seemingly cause you to feel shackled somewhat-far better where possible to use WHAT YOU PERSONALLY PREFER-SO IF YOU WANT HTML The Editor Will carry out all that functionality for yourself-likewise if you want to learn HTML you can do that also. So they have been crafted in such a fashion that you can pick and choose the TOOLS most appropriate to your own style and learning. So the long and the short is that you can fly light and use the WYSIWYG system without ever happening to scratch your head-likewise you can switch modes and see all the underlying code appear within your editor-though again when published-the HTML FRAMEWORK will not be displayed-unless some error is created during your playing around-So at least within my own experience of This particular blogging website you can TUNEUP and TOOLUP ALL PREFERENCES TO YOUR OWN DESIRABLE REQUIREMENTS.

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