How Much Threshold Do I Actually Need

I having studiously studied the related materials am still not 100 per cent sure how many differing types of Threshold there actually are and where in my life I perhaps need them most.  The reason that I say this is that early on with meditation it did seem quite straight forward raise your threshold and see reality with new eyes-then further study suggested that you perhaps need a differing type or shape and form of Threshold to that originally assumed-we have multiple aspects of life and therefore surely require multiple aspects of Threshold.

What does that mean-well when I though of Threshold as some all-encompassing mechanism by which greater levels of freedom can be ascertained I was not taking into account all the ways in which life had dealt myself all the varying levels of already existing complexity.  So for instance you might have financial commitments, family commitments, work commitments and any number of pre existing commitments that had previously gone without self inquiry and so on.  This person says you must do this that or the other and be this that or the other and very often the advice is based on the World in that persons own mind and head and not your own-raising your Threshold enables you to actually see these things from alternate or higher dimensions or perspectives from the mountain.

You might say that when you couple the Threshold meditation with the coordinated strategies you can better direct each and every already pre existing commitment-to the level that you have a focus on any given inquiry area or issue.

Likewise the issue of Density comes to the fore-by which I mean that most of us already have some aspects of life that we may be happy with and other aspects of life that we are unhappy with and the Density issue seems to be where the work is required in releasing and so on.  I have heard it explained in a fashion whereby our very existence as human beings requires us to be dense-and as dense beings we exist-however rather than the mishmash density that we usually start out with these technologies we can become free of areas and aspects of inner density that as an example no longer serve us-so much like the mulitple aspects of vibrations found in Diamond Feng Shui we can explore and reclaim reqions of density within ourselves that are overly dense.

The best gauge or measure of these issues is perhaps knowing whether you feel like you are working from a WIN/WIN paradigm or if you are still operating from a WIN/LOSE paradigm-I say this because like Threshold and Density it can seem that you think you are operating from a WIN/WIN paradigm only later to realise you are still operating in dimensions of WIN/LOSE again this can be related to having more than one kind of Threshold.

I know that having worked tirelessly through ideas presented such-as Mind Maps that once I have made the necessary shifts in strategies and the brains dendrites have grown and reconnected to long lost channels from childhood I can further raise my Threshold and Reduce levels of Density in areas of my body that are carrying long lost traumas-the overall benefit of this does seem to be greater feelings of lightness on ones feet and so on (irrespective of physical  weight)  The comparison might be like the difference between an oxygenated tire that floats on water and a flat tyre that perhaps sinks into water.

So we all have multiple ways in which we can potentially be triggered or areas that remain dense in old unreleased vibrational energies yet you simply have to continue in the testing and trying of modalities to see how you yourself can optimise yourself to continue improving your own results.

I decided to have a small gamble yesterday and found myself winning each bet that I placed a couple of football matches and the masters golf-so shifts in your mental World and greater confidence and accuracy can happen when you free yourself of those aspects that no longer serve you.  I know many are far more progressed than I myself am-yet then again the comparison is not one that is worthwhile-my plodding nature perhaps geared to some underlying need for perfection that others are not geared towards.

When we look at balance many a person thinks in terms of old traditional scales or the see-saw that we play on as children yet I do hope that folks can see that I am trying to bring folks to a 3D or 4D Gyroscopic type view, you might liken it to being too inclusive than exclusive-yet I think if you try a little of this and a little of that then eventually you are going to find an equilibrium in recipe that is unique to you yourself and some self actualizations and self realizations are worth having put the extra time and effort towards.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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