Dear Jay-Z I Have Ninety-Nine Problems Too

Yes those tight-fisted beggars reduced the size of the flake and charge extra for 100’s and 1000’s and raspberry sauce and in this heat the ice cream melts too fast and its runs all sticky and gooey down my hand and and…

One of the interesting factors regarding the language we use is of course that many of the Teachers in the construction of sentences usually happily use [and] whilst always avoiding using the word [but].

That is of course difficult if you are referring to “butter would not melt in her mouth” or Forest Gump’s “I got shot in the buttock” though in day to day usage raising and better understanding your own VOCABULARY can go a long way towards deciphering and changing the way you think, feel and act and so on.

So were anyone to study my blog posts you would likely find a very low [but] count and a perhaps larger [and] count.  Whether this change is natural of course depends on you yourself and how much you yourself have put work in to studying all the ins and outs of how and why we become so easily confused and so on in childhood.

Yes you might say that I am an extremist in the sense that I have bought and purchased and recommended many courses yet the change work is progressive in the manner that I am now feeling like I am releasing prior to being triggered (hard to Describe) though of course we all have natural tendency to make presumption without slowing down enough to break the construct and create a better one.

I did say that the combinatorial work of top down and bottom up was where I was predominantly focussed yet that does of course fail to take into account the magic roundabout RATIO.

OKAY Dave what is the magic roundabout RATIO?

Well when you watch or have watched any kind of IMAGINED TRANSPORTER technology in film and TV they very often have pads that you might have to stand on, and light beams shining down (no not flying saucers), and I figured that that is of course all well and good yet that is an Horizon Goal.

When we ask what are the stepping stones to achieving our Horizon Goal we may have to break the idea down into further components.

So the Roundabout RATIO is the Surround Scanner whereby measurements are taken from 360 degrees around what it is that is going to be transported.  You might say that when you walk around any other person or object you are scanning them from an alternate angle or dimension, so that of course brings us into the photographic type jokes from Zoolander where the model only allows people to see them from there best side-for the purposes of scanning you begin to see that you require all sides to be your best side.  I will not mention the horror film “the fly” at this point because that too of course is  a predictable hazard-though I think anyone using these technologies is actually purifying themselves of the fears brought up by films such-as “the fly”.

What has that got to do with anything?  Well it brings us back to releasing our imaginations because when you know that all is interconnected and that what happens body mind and soul is a direct result of the thoughts feelings and so on that we mentally run through then you really can see that repetition of positive imagination devices combined with the various meditative vibrational technologies can not only release the negatively charged material yet also increase your positively charged material.

So for instance you might like to imagine what would it be like if every cell in your being was like a glow ball


I insert a picture example just to get your mind working along the same kind of lines.  So every cell is the same and vibrates and interconnects the same and at each zoom that you mentally carry out you find ever greater levels of sub-cells all vibrating in an interconnected and energetic fashion.  Imagine the energy that cascades through your being knowing that you are a pure energy like creature and every continuous zoom to a deeper level merely takes you to deeper levels of these vibrating and cascading cells perhaps all whizzing about and rippling through your personage and so on.

That is of course the style and type of mental exercise that we see carried out over and over again in multiple healing modalities yet the further I have worked with the energy modalities the more that that kind of spiritual sensory being-ness has started to interact with myself in the so-called human realms and plains of existence and my inner and outer feelings change as a result.  If I were an advanced and knowledgeable energy healer I might include a #HEAL##COMMAND##RUN#  though that might make one think that we are not spiritual beings having a human existence and that is of course another optimum thinking strategy to live from.  Its smaller on the outside said Clara to the Doctor after having ran around the Tardis.

So there are many options and ways of thinking and we have to develop the flexibility within ourselves to have the belief in healing through vibrational resonance and growth and so on.  You can of course once you have regularly practiced the purchased modalities develop your own ideas though it is of course wise to remember that you cannot escape impermanence only come to terms with the interconnectedness of everything and the idea that you can expel from your being the spiritual and energetic influences causing illness and disease and when you do that regularly in the higher realms the body has the capacity to follow your own inner guidance and spiritual lead.

There are many teachers and healers and so on available and there is in my opinion at least know harm in seeking to gain optimum results by believing beyond the physical confines and bodily inspired trauma to more aspirational states of reality.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂


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