Just Another Day At The Grindstone

Where did that go?

Yes I just wrote a complete blog post and some key combination that I used in typing seemingly managed to wipe out the entire meanderings-highly annoying and whilst I am sure the meanderings were saved during the auto draft save-I figure that the information must have meant to be lost so some of it may appear here in slightly differing form yet as I am going with whatever the current flow of my thoughts are it may not appear again until later in the year.

So here we are finally able to stop starving ourselves for Easter (those that are into Lent) and wow was it worth it?  Of course when you watch all the various patterns you can see how some folks are more adversely affected than others I believe that there are (when we look at the patterns & cycles) reasons why some folks are more akin to Adolf Hitler than Mother Theresa for instance simply through the time of year that they are born, that is of course also dependent on how much people have allowed themselves during there respective life time to be influenced by people who study such patterns Astrologers and so on.  Of course it would be somewhat sweeping to say that people born in the March April time cycle are all Adolf’s yet you cannot ignore the evidence.  Of course much of the technology recommendations are about seeing the patterns so you can better be aware of them and perhaps CHANGE if you have over invested in your Horrorscope for instance.

We can of course over invest in just about anything really-the combination of being dragged to church as a teenager combined with having the moniker David Simon was enough for myself to wind up on the wrong side of the Jesus and Mary chain for instance-so we have to be able to forgive ourselves our weaknesses or past behaviours when we realise the difference between being something and not being something.  Easier said than done when you have a seemingly life long catalogue of issues to deal with-yet I would hope that folks are beginning by now to see that over investing in VICTIMHOOD for instance has little in the way of cheer about it-all it does it enable others to say hey look I am a victim too.

Great lets all be miserable and unhappy together and so on-not very aspirational or forward thinking.  For myself of course VICTIMHOOD also has other dimensions to be sorted out-I being the younger brother of a Tim and having spent a large proportion of time around a Vicky as a youngster.

Yes we have seen films about the hood over the years yet thy do tend to be neighbourhood based commentary’s.  Much like the south siders versus north siders here in Hereford.  Yes of course I exaggerate yet many a person does play into these types of thinking.  I did not get the job because I have an XXX postal address or schooling or however and of course we can expand the same issues to nationality and all the rest of it.

Yes prejudice exists yet you can over time extricate yourself from those things as much as possible first in your own mind and then with society as a whole.  Stop buying into stories and behaviours that are unrewarding.  Of course some folks do not regard themselves as using unrewarding stories and behaviours yet you cannot expect to be able to rant and rage about many an issue and think that you have full agreement with those about yourself.

You might say that I have spend inordinate amounts of time on the releasing side of these things primarily to stop living in physical pain and also to stop buying into the generic patterns and cycles-they will if you allow them to keep on returning-far better to release and release and release again until the part of you that is seeking to keep you stuck gets the message.

I will leave it there for today and see what might have been the cause of my losing the earlier post-these losses are usually significant in some way or other- even if at first not obvious and yes I am looking for explanation beyond my own clumsiness.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and be Well 🙂

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