I Once Met A Man Who Created Holograms

Many years ago now I met a man who worked out the mathematics for Holograms, I recently spoke of this idea of surround vision and every side being your best side and so on and realised that perhaps people do not fully understand the principles and theories.

What this man did was calculate the mathematics required to create Holographic images on cards and so on.  Sounds simple yet these thing rarely are and he had spent many years working on the idea until it reached a stage where it could be mass produced.  He was at the time that I met him selling the rights to his work to Kellogg’s the breakfast cereal manufacturer-the idea being that they could put these holographic type cards in cereal packets and so on which I believe they have done many times over since then.

The principle was that you could have a flat card joined with a plastic card that had mathematically calculated ridges, and the light refraction caused by the ridges caused the picture to appear different from differing angles and yes the technology has advanced from even that now-yet it all goes back (in science terms) to I cannot remember who playing with light prisms, you know that a glass crystal can and will separate out the colours of the rainbow (possibly Newton again-though do not quote myself).

So anyway you might say that you and anyone else as an individual can envision and do similar visualization exercises to those I mentioned the other day and if you practice them regularly enough you can imagine every side being your best side-yes even the ugliest of people (such-as myself) can do these types of visualizations until we realise that beauty is only skin deep and true light comes from deeper depths of being and so on-I think the Jedah Mali and Marie Diamond modalities are more geared towards that for the ladies though in the Abundance For Life Paul Scheele used a more generic version and of course the Paraliminal collection are generally Universal or at least in the accelerators an extra step is introduced whereby you can mix things up a little to your own values and preferences as a male or female and so on.

Another issue is of course related to the energy healing and what I found interesting in the Qi Gong was that some of the remedies involved drawing out the pain from the opposite side of the body to where the pain actually is-so pain in my left leg I could draw it out from my right leg-I do not fully understand the psychology or healing physics involved yet the idea that one side of the body is reflected in the other does seem to hold water and as I have repeated I had a pain free year.  Of course I have used all options available perhaps apart from the Doctors who many years ago whenever I brought up the pain issue simply recommended pain killers that often did not work.

So the more I have combined differing idea and done the visualizations and imagined all the cells in my body healing and so on the more my body has followed the thought.  The unifying principle being that all is energy and energy is never lost it merely changes shape and form and so on.  So we heal the World as Michael Jackson sang in our own minds and whether or not others choose to listen or follow suite is personal choice.  As Bill Harris said time and again you only have the ability to control what is in your own head and how you think and feel and act accordingly.  So we seek to raise our own vibe and pay attention to those that have trail blazed paths for us to follow and we focus on the uplifting and happy and how can I do this? what is the next step I need to take in order to achieve this goal? and all the rest of it.  Yes Threshold and meditation makes a huge difference and I actually notice when I am not meditating how quickly I can start feeling unhappy and so on again.

So as they say “all life is suffering” and you can to the extent of your practice and with awareness  seek to reduce the level of suffering that you your family and friends and so on actually suffer.

We are fast approaching Hitler’s Easter birthday and one does wonder how many authoritative religions will mention that in the various Sermons this coming Sunday.  Yes of course we can go through the history books and find a MONSTER of some description for every day of the year yet you are often better working with the material you have in front of you than not.  The trying to run prior to being able to walk is of course the stepping stone sequence of those who believe themselves lucky and get lucky and I am sure that we can all of us find a place in our Heart of Hearts untarnished by guilt and shame and fear and self loathing and all those aspects of being human that we seek to deny about ourselves-far better to acknowledge our own weaknesses and let them go and look upon the World with a more mature and decent set of eyes than too constantly look and find the tarnished.

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Once Met A Man Who Created Holograms

    • Thank you for your comment-I generally just write what springs to mind at any given day and time-so as I often repeat to folks-go check such information for yourselves-speaking of maths I did recently pull out an old discrete mathematics book from my Uni days and also found myself reading a book on numerology by David Phillips-so there are many similes perhaps when you look to the Science and Spiritual Realms and do your own comparison’s.

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