I Am Sorry Sir These Facilities Are For Patons Only

Now we are of all course aware or have friends in this club or that club and have perhaps encountered the jobs worth insisting you are not allowed to use the facilities.  The most obvious that springs to my own mind is for instance the issue of toilets-believe it or not I can remember a time of going into Town shopping and never being able to locate a toilet-this was in the pre Tesco/Mcdonalds and so on era-the interesting thing of course is that whenever these shops create toilets for patrons-Councillors decide that we can survive with less council facilities that have not got please buy this product written all over them-in spite of a growing population and the shops and so on insisting the facilities are for patrons only.

So an idea that in my mind is an excellent one is that next time little Jimmy or Jessica is screaming for a toilet-ignore the shop circuit and rush to the Town hall-if you pay any kind of  local taxes for local people then they must surely have facilities that you as a taxpayer  are entitled to use-if enough folks insist on using councillor toilets you will be surprised at how quickly in-town facilities are suddenly found to be an excellent idea at the next budget meeting-petty maybe yet it is often surprising how such things work.

So I have repeatedly said that this blog is for all comers and can be read by anyone who follows blogging in any way shape or form-having said that I have a belief that it is more beneficial if folks know where I am coming from-hence my own preference that the readership try some of the technologies I recommend they can be found on the top secret and under utilised website http://www.silvertoevelocity.com

Many issues are never what people actually have spent a life time thinking (I include myself in that) the problem is generally one whereby we spend inordinate amounts of time in dualistic strategies and behaviours of a monotheistic nature-some think that they managed to circumnavigate that dualism by being polytheistic in nature yet I am quite sure that even that option is a kind of congruence hack-a congruence hack is where you align yourself with a belief to make the pain go away-so for instance people keep repeating some unexplored or out right lie that causes you discomfort and incongruence and eventually you consider the option that the only way to become congruent is to be aligned with the so called lie.

When you can raise your threshold and understand that everyone has a level of dualistic male/female qualities and nature you can then proceed to be more mature about the inner integration of these issues in your own mental World and life-strip all and everything back to basics is one option though many folks seemingly opt for extremist type options that usually are akin to covering cracks in the wall with wallpaper, the mask of the wallpaper might successfully hide what lies beneath yet that is probably not a viable long term solution far better to repair the wall itself or even relocate and build good solid foundations that you can work from without worry.

The other issue is of course that many things are like CHINESE WHISPERS in that a message given by one person directly to another at the beginning of a story becomes an entirely different story by the 20th person in the sequence of CHINESE WHISPERS. 

Are there ways and means to deal with such issues-well I think that if you have a POWERFUL CHINESE WHISPER that is of a healing and uplifting nature then all well and good and nothing bad will happen-how often however do we rush to believing the Negative side of positive hand dealt us?

Again the best way forward is to think in positive terms today I will let go of my negative sceptical nature and embrace the light fantastic-easier said than done-yet I think that even those who are the most hard bitten of sceptics would have to alternate views after a couple of years of the meditation technology-the invest for success ideology is not one that many of us accept until we start seeing more favourable results in our own lives-it does not matter that so and so is cured of cancer or that so and so has multiple income streams that enable them to live a more fluid and aspirational life I am in it for me and my results suck says many a critic. 

Turn the volume of your inner critic down and turn the volume of your inner aspiration up-take stock of who and how you are now and ask those self inquiry type questions-what have I got to lose by allowing myself to dream?  What have I got to lose by allowing myself to receive money? what have I got to lose about this or that or the other.

The idea that you can change others is of course inherently floored-yet you can change yourself and when others see the better you they may re-evaluate the beliefs they have about you.

well I am of to add to the Easter Egg collection-I WANT CHOCOLATE NOW NOT TOMORROW ANYONE GOT ANY E-NUMBERS?

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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