So The Daughter Has Packed And Left For Portugal and …

So the daughter has packed and is on route to a holiday destination somewhere in Portugal with mother and sisters and Dave finds himself lonely, oh so lonely, I have nobody to call my own, lol 🙂

I think that is perhaps where I differ from many a person in society in general and perhaps where some of my fallout with many a person occurs.  I have always enjoyed being on my own-ever since I can remember really-yes I have had times in my life with many friends and do enjoy socializing yet I have always exercised my right to say I want and need some alone me time without strings and many a person in Society finds that completely wrong.  They themselves always want and need others around them to feel alive or motivated and so on whilst I myself have perhaps always had a deeper philosophy of being comfortable in my own head and in my own company.  That philosophy unfortunately does tend to trigger the worst aspects in other people perhaps on a non-conscious level whereby predicting that there company is not required they rush to attack something inherently alien to themselves-and of course that can lead to downward spirals I know it has for myself in the past yet I do find myself through meditation generally returning to these deeper thoughts and feelings and so on that I had in my youth-so whether that is a personal course correction or resetting of early life values I am unsure-yet there is a kind of stabilising element or factor involved in some of these processes and learnings and perhaps I now have a less fractious vibe or a calmness that is less open to misrepresentation or misinterpretation by other people-in that they have to try really hard or be completely stupid and unwise to rush to the very worst thoughts feelings and so on that any one can rush too.

I do of course want to further my research into the unknown and go beyond the limits and edges of where I am presently at with many of these teachings and learnings yet finding the best teachers and trainers and practices is in and of itself a quagmire in knowing where the unexplored landscape truly is-they do say that the map will unfold itself given the appropriate stimulus yet all to often we find ourselves surrounded by folks merely content to feather there own nest without really teaching anything or indeed knowing or holding a genuinely worthwhile approach to the understandings and knowledge that one seeks to impart to others.

One of the most interesting aspects that I have encountered time and again is that irrespective of the teachings and learnings that we can accumulate from others-we are each a unique individual and of course that uniqueness runs against the grain and philosophy of many a person who likes to think of themselves as part of a collective first and individual second yet when the individual is starving and alone and helpless does the collective run to help or does it merely stand aside in patronising pointing fingers fashion-the two sided coin once again looms yet like the head of a Hydra the merchants of doom for all there slaying of dragons and piling up of sand will find that the sandbanks burst as for all of mankind’s attempts to battle the elements of nature-nature has its own agenda and it is not one that all desire to abide with.

What is one to do in the face of all these natural disasters and mother natures relentless drive one can wonder-perhaps reach for the Stars and start afresh on some distant World away from this World of Snakes and Ladders and Chess and Monopoly and Poker and Rummy and Football and Volleyball and Games of Thrones and All the Kings Horses and All The Kings Men went through a window to Playschool again.

Yes choose a colour that works within light and I’ll show you a mind that’s tuned for the flight the Valkyries cometh and what can you do so much to choose from the colour of you-a door once opened transverse each way though not through this Vortex that guides its own way-as much as you seek you’ll no solution find in playing the game of Solitaire find so many paths so much to do all in avoidance the love that is you-with evil intent a spark in the EYE evolution empowers sings kaleidoscope blind-the mix goes on double standards embraced what’s in a HAT entombed in a shrine the cry-off begins whose wailing is heard-will we decapitate all pirates and nerds-when Billy Idol Sang the words best of all do your own research prepare to fall.


Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well and As You walk beaches prey listen to Shells 🙂

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