So Many An idea Can Present Itself

So many an idea can present itself and when we have been using assisted meditation for a year or two and go into states of witnessing and mindfulness we can generally see how many things are simply repeated exercises that many of us have already used and tried out to a certain extent throughout our multifarious lives.

A typical example is an exercise in Qi gong whereby you visualize breaking and cutting through bad energy connections around yourself and a more streetwise version was also given by Joe Vitale using the image of a cutting through energy blocks swishing with a credit card type motion.

So we are already very often full of versions of various healing type thought processes and actions simply through developing them during childhood yet it often does not take much to give up on using them.  As I said previously after my own accident all my focus and concentration was 100% geared towards walking again and that focus perhaps was detrimental in that my mental shields had pretty much been obliterated (so to speak) and I then became prey to just about anyone with an axe to grind simply walking past them in the street and so on.

As far as I am concerned mentally rebooting and using lots of these little quick and easy techniques to break up repetitious detrimental patterns is a good practice to introduce into your life-and of course the more differing they are from the negative patterns the better.  So for instance your at work and feeling lousy because of some issue that is one pattern in one part of your brain-when you find yourself going into such a state of anxiety (for example) you can introduce a different pattern that uses a different part of your brain or higher function processes-count down to 50 from a 100 for instance the disparity and negativity will likely have to take a back seat to the higher function process.  Likewise you can slowly draw gentle circles on the back of your hand to trigger dopamine type releases-or you can do the tapping of thumb and forefinger together or do some regular tapping on the karate chop position of your hand-many thoughts and feelings are triggered by particular repetitions and the more senses you seek to use whilst breaking up the crap thoughts and feelings the easier to replace them with the more uplifting.  You might even like to introduce a respond to the bell (Pavlov’s dogs) type system of getting yourself uplifted. 

The thumb and forefinger is a popular method with hypnotists for instance whilst the countdown method was from a guy called Mark Robert Waldman whom I heard on a neurology related radio show. 

As I have said before many of these things did not really work for myself until I was regularly meditating and releasing unwanted and unhelpful thought processes faster than I could catch them so to speak.  So progress is made at the pace that any given individual chooses to progress-like wise many a bad thought or feeling can sometimes be better handled by stepping into it and coming out the other side-so for instance your watching some TV program and something someone says or does causes your anger alarm to go of-you can go into self inquiry and wonder where these thoughts and feelings are originating in your person and run through letting go of them or seeing if you can move into a more empathetic place whereby you no longer have any need to feel anger and so on.

Letting go of many issues is one of the hardest things that I have found doing even with meditation yet the benefits can be enormous especially if like myself you have had a life where you were in environments that led you to being susceptible to other folk’s toxicity or egotistical natures.  Far better as has been repeated on many occasion to seek to repair the World within your own heart and mind and let the naysayers go there own way.

Many visualizations that we would all like to occur for instance we very often know has a low percentage of happening such-as winning the lottery yet I do find there is little harm in having those kinds of aspirations and the areas where most folks struggle are perhaps in areas of conflict whereby experience is usually one of escalation and even in these scenario’s we can ask our creative brain to come up with new strategies or perspectives for dealing with any known or given conflict-change the course in your own mental World and see if you can do the same in reality next time issues occur.

So it has been a nice sunny day here in Hereford and of course I should make the most of not working during my holiday-I have for the last 10 years pretty much always used all of my Holidays to coincide with having my daughter visit which I have generally loved-so I know some folks were unhappy with my comments yesterday yet I personally have not felt like I was ever having a holiday because of all the parenting duties-that probably does not make sense to some and makes sense to others-yes I have been a full time parent too before anyone rushes to bash myself over the head and with children with medical issues also and that in and of itself can be another of those crosses to bear always having to make hospital visits and get drug prescriptions and all the other knock on effects.

So everyone has there own experience of what these things are like yet I do seem to have somehow managed to only plunge into the most difficult and so on of scenario’s.  Perhaps that was the challenge I set myself somewhere in the distant past on a non-conscious basis-yet it does of course hold myself in good stead now and I do feel I have an actual right to decide to not take on the same difficulties and challenges again.

So I am sure my daughter is enjoying herself far more in Portugal than she would if she were still here with myself (boring Zen meditator who doesn’t watch TV or know who anyone who is anyone is) and I have the satisfaction of having paid for the trip for her and bought her a new camera to take some photos and all the rest of it.

So living costs money and in the UK the whole benefit and social care system is geared in highly sexist fashion towards women and children and blokes such-as myself are generally hung out to dry-would I be like other absent fathers who say the kids will catch up with them in the future-no I would not-I have enjoyed watching and seeing my girl grow up as she now approaches adulthood and so on and yes the distance has made the costs more expensive and all the rest of it yet I chose to take responsibility and can take satisfaction in having done when many other guys simply walk away.

So do people repeat justifications for wrong and unjust actions or can behaviours be changed to the extent of your knowledge and awareness and so on-I think that as folks progress they will find that they can look upon the World with ever increasing amazement at just how many things in ones own life can be changed for the better once they know that they have to take full responsibility for all that has been and all that will be.

Well I think I need to meditate some more and see what new compass heading I can take that does not involve what many a person suggests lol 🙂

Thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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