You Are The Placebo

The above is the title of a forthcoming book that I will be receiving in a few days having purchased it on pre-order and it seemingly being in alignment with my Energy Healing research-I say research of course yet having purchased a number of courses and having had some experience that some of these issues and beliefs may be more truthful than we realise.

Yes so after name dropping over and over with various people and so on one does not always no where to turn next-for instance yesterday I decided to listen in on an interview with a guy who’s name I forget who wrote a book called “the emotion code”-the interesting thing for myself of course is that as I have progressed I have found myself perhaps being more responsive to the oral interviews and so on simply listening in to spiritual practitioners and healers and so on on radio interviews and seemingly getting some benefit through that quick and easy activity-I do not always buy or purchase there courses and books and sales blurb yet I do find that many has a therapeutic or life enhancing philosophy that I am able to integrate into my own spiritualness.

So I was originally going to title today The Heart-Wall and The Heart-Shield and The Heart-Flow yet could not for the life of myself think what the next Heart-Heart would be.

The reason for this is perhaps because as we progress many actions and healings and things in life become self explanatory so I will await the inspiration for what the next Heart-Heart thing is.

Yes the Heart-wall was described by that author of the emotion code suggesting that we all have these Heart walls that are often blocks to enlightenment and healing and it is the breaking down or working through all the various aspects of these Heart-walls that leads to ENERGETIC healing-the belief being that you can heal anyone anywhere by proxy on a Spiritual basis-whether that is entirely truthful is of course open to how far one has sought to experience such phenomena.

The Heart-shield was perhaps an interpretation of how I described recently feeling that my shield had been obliterated and I later came to realise that that was not entirely true-I say that because obviously as mentioned I did see rather a lot of Christian healers and so on in my youth and did perhaps pickup the idea of flow in some ways through those teachings-you become a conduit if you like whereby energy is released a let go of and so on yet in truth I perhaps LOST that ability of flow so where once I was heart-flow-shielded I perhaps became Heart-walled-blocked and that was akin to catching all and any kind of sensory based trauma and not being able to release or channel it out of myself.

So you might liken it to going from being an open road with an Horizon to finding yourself on some circular cul-de-sac whereby you turn on the roundabout and find yourself seemingly on the same roundabout doing the same repetitious circles and not really achieving any aspirations and so on.

So differing modalities do of course having differing ideas and how we go about integrating them is personal choice-I know some might find Donna Eden to be a good practitioner for instance-yet how many modalities do we really require props-I know magnets are popularly believed to have energy healing properties for instance-yet I can think well I could try it with these fridge magnets and see and of course my compasses have magnets-I think I mentioned previously how I have always kept my grandfather Jack’s Compass from the 2nd World War where he fought Rommel in the desert’s of North Africa (I think) you no how one persons memory reconstruction gets passed on to another persons memory reconstruction and so on-Chinese whispers again perhaps yet sometimes they can of course be highly beneficial-if you seek to use them in beneficial ways as I have done.

So some of the reason that I keep returning to the energy issue is that I keep seemingly falling down or over myself every time I think progress is being made-so I think yippee Ki ay and then Kapow I find myself back to square one thinking how much more of this do I have to put myself through to actually have some genuine and deep and long lasting freedom from some issues.

So whilst spiritual world progress I believe has been made I do find that some physical things perhaps take a little longer to reacquaint or realign oneself with-I know for instance that many a person falls into all the sexuality type traps and they really are not worth staying in once you have cleared all that kind of material from yourself and attained greater levels of clarity and so on-of course many differ yet I do tend to find that they are like the circular roundabout and cul-de-sac that I described above-far better to move forward with awareness and a spring in ones own step than being constantly hampered by someone else’s childish immature nonsenses.

So the May Fair Cometh and of course any young local lass will likely be practicing her Ays and My Father’s Car Is A Jaguar in anticipation of an invite or date? or will they? I do not think society or young people have changed all that much for all that the cycles of time and space and universal suffragette can claim.

Thank you for reading, God bless and Be Well 🙂

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