So What Can I Do Whilst Waiting For My Pre-Order

You know that countdown that you have to receiving something you want whether it’s your Birthday or Christmas or Easter or something you have ordered from the Car Show room or the Catalogue or the Holiday Travel Brochure-generally I do not usually find myself waiting for pre-order books-since getting my Kindle Emulator, I found myself constantly living in a World of Instant Gratification whereby I’d see a book and think yes that’s what I want and buy and have it instantly for Photoreading-not this time-so what can I do-well I spoke about listening in to some of the Lisa Garr Neuro Summit and had emails informing myself that the online material was soon to be no longer available hence my rushing to listen in to one or two of those interviews.  Likewise I have listened in to some interview with Debra Poneman and again generally been selective-have a look down the list and see who catches my own eye in the present moment so to speak.  So further to that I get another email from Lisa Garr relating to another new book-so I’m thinking oh I can read this one in the meantime whilst waiting for my pre-order to be released.

Then What?

Well it is actually another course this time by some chap called Panache Desai and that book is released the same day as my other pre-order so I will be know better off. GGRRR the BOOK for anyone interested is DISCOVERING YOUR SOUL SIGNATURE.

Now as I have progressed I have linked in the alphabet to many things even suggesting Links to the Nazis and so on and the reason is that we all have DUALISTIC beliefs in good and bad and right and wrong and as you go further into the exploration of these issues the more you come to realise that we really do not need much of the mental flotsam and jetsam and it is often only by going deeply into some of the more bizarre explorations that we can see just how much we are ALL FALLEN ANGELS for lack of a better term-if you want to think of it in computing terms you might think that ADAM and EVE are the ROOT DIRECTORY and we are the TREE BRANCHES X LAYERS DOWN from SOURCE.

So some beliefs can do no harm whilst many cause us to be ill and suffer from OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDERS and any number of issues related to CONFUSION AND CHAOS.

So I did read a freebie related to Signature and have it in my online library entitled THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS by JACOB something I forget.  Anyway in terms of my own journey I have effectively been working through all the aspects of WHY AM I NOT DEAD- when as I have mentioned I kept finding myself waking up in hospital after this accideny or that accident,

You might say that many of the teachers are teaching folks to LIVE yet I have been constantly battling against living wondering WHY AM I STILL ALIVE-WHAT IS MY PURPOSE AND ALL THOSE KINDS OF THINGS.

So you might say that I have been the typical ST PAUL on the road to DAMASCUS or JONAH getting thrown overboard and swallowed by the WHALE and so on-being deeply entrenched against some DEEPER CALLING OR DESTINY that had worked itself into my CEREBRUM at some point in childhood or perhaps even prior to that for those who believe in PRE-DESTINY over FREE WILL.

So the idea that the SS stands for SOUL SIGNATURE and that I am already dead and did actually genuinely die at 17 is probably more truthful than I thought and my life has been about proving that I am dead and of course SS does not have to mean all the NAZISM type meanings that all the Historical records give myself.

So how does one INTEGRATE SS WITH ANGELS and so on I again found myself thinking.  Well obviously living in Hereford as I do the most obvious is that of the SPECIAL AIR SERVICE (SAS) and when I look around the Military’s of the World I do indeed find similar or related type Labels-The US for instance Are called DELTA Force-so each COUNTRY if you like has worked out the very best of what LANGUAGE and TEACHING and so on has to offer and then of course sought to make the ELITE in someway COMPATIBLE or INTEGRATED with such teachings.

The more I have become tuned into all the musical instrumentation in my Meditation practice the more releasing I have found myself able to do at all the differing FREQUENCIES AND WAVES and all the rest of it.  The do say that all you need in some waves is to be mentally able to attune yourself to perfect pitch and then that data can be TRANSPOSED to ALL other OCTAVES and INSTRUMENTATION and so on.


So all instruments have there own RESONANCE AND SOUND and your brain can become so deeply attuned to all of these relationships that your releasing really does become simply a matter of thought.

So say to yourself whilst meditating that I am becoming attuned with the perfect pitch of this instrumentation and that I am releasing and letting go of all those aspects that I have within myself that are no longer necessary or life enhancing-or how can I make this information and knowledge of use in my own life-what Ideas and inspirations do I get from hearing drums beating, what ideas and inspirations do I get from hearing string instrumentations?  How can I improve on what has gone before in manner that serves myself and humanity and is life enabling.  How do I want my SOUL SIGNATURE TO BE KNOWN?

Well I do not know where all that came from as always simpy going with whatever came to mind.  I think I will have to do some more reviewing and see if I already know far more than I think and realise-bringing up useful non-conscious material into the conscious can be a highly rewarding activity when you let it be SO!

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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