Perkins On Sunday

So I should of course do a newspaper review yet even though I bought the papers this morning I found myself unable to think about opening them beyond seeing the usual kinds of headlines.  Our Glorious Fascist is apparently unstoppable In Europe-oh great I think so we now will be hearing how a fascist is not a fascist if he has enough votes.

I know I’ll check out Facebook and see what other peeps are getting up to-nope that’s no good either both newsfeeds have people on them I have not seen in my newsfeed for several years and all the locals have vanished-there seems to be some plan to make myself interested in trying to fix it-I think I will leave it and see if it returns back to normal later-servers are perhaps down somewhere or other.

TV news says that some living Pope’s are being made Saints and a million people are squashed into Vatican City-well that is I am sure useful for people interested in Squashes.

So there you go-things to pretend to have an interest in. 

So some folks wonder why after using Holosync for several years do I still do or research other courses and so on and really I simply like to clear all the old stuff out of my system and many a course can sometimes give a reference that triggers a memory that clears a trauma-an example of this I experienced yesterday after deciding to listen in to a replay of a Real Success Seminar. 

You might say it was a combination presentation by three guys Bill Harris, Brett Thomas and David Riordan.  Bill with his Holosync experience whilst the others had experience and expertise in other areas one was related to Integral and Ken Wilbur and the other to the TV and Film industry-so a presentation some material I had heard previously and some not.

The interesting thing for myself of course was that I have as I have said read up on Ken Wilbur and his spiral dynamics material so was kind of interested in that area.  Most writers when writing about these issues tend to divide things into four quadrants.  So you might like to think of each quadrant as being akin to an area of life.  The spiral part perhaps being like looking down in an Aerial view on a HELTER SKELTER.

So you might say that you start at a point and continue drawing round and round and outwards and that is another representation of the nature of the Universe and the 4 quadrant blocks can be seen as being almost rotational in some respects-read the material for yourselves and you will see what I mean-I have seen a similar type of diagram used in many books not just the integral ones so it is a popular model.

You might say in fact that many computer systems are when we reduce everything down to binary 0’s and 1’s thought of and used in the same way.  So with a compass you might divide into N and S and then E and W and then NE SE SW NW, and yes the same principle is at work when cutting your Pizza or Cake.

In maths they represent it as 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 124 so you can see that when you go to a friend or you want to discuss some issue with someone you do not have to say I want a piece of your mind or I am going to give you a piece of my mind-what you really need to be thinking is I am going to give you a slice of my mind.

So I have digressed yet as I say I listen in to these seminars because these folks have previous experience and knowledge that can be helpful in getting the very best out of the technologies that they sell.

So you could say well I do not want to get the very best out of the technologies that I have invested in yet that is personal choice and as I say I did find myself getting triggered in a fashion and experiencing a shift though not in the usual manner so I will be looking with interest to see what has actually changed.

YOU WILL BE ACCELERATED perhaps for those that have a strange belief that these folks are simply brain-jackers.  As I have said I have experienced all those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on early in my meditation experience and you really do benefit from staying the course and continuing and you will find that eventually those kinds of thoughts and feelings and so on melt away or vanish-the positives from the continuation of the experience far outweigh any short term paranoia or other less than savoury experiences that can be stirred up during the meditative experience and process.

So have you ever heard folks say that they are getting married and you wait for an invite and you wait for an invite and you wait and what do you mean I am not invited, you can not be serious trying to turn me into the hag from sleeping beauty huh lol

So yes when you can better see the patterns  and cycles and so on you can perhaps better plan weddings and so on for the time period that best represents how you want your life to continue.  Of course it can be hard to know what guidance to follow yet sometimes these things do make themselves obvious-many a person might choose dates that are similar to the Royals for instance.  I guess how much you want to be externally influenced and how much you want to be your own boss is personal choice-yet you might in many ways think of these things as being akin to keeping up with the Jones.

So what else-well I was thinking about spinning coins-something I recall doing quite often as a youngster and not so much as I have grown older-and you know what-this new pound coin is a disgrace because as we are all aware the square edged coins are far more difficult to spin on a surface than are the round edged coins.

The other interesting issue with spinning coins is of course that visual optical effect whereby the area seems to expand so the spinning coin appears larger than it actually is-I have no idea why that is yet it perhaps again an indication of why many of the teachings are the way they are-training yourself to see beyond the normal to the more surreal and so on-if it can happen in your brain it can happen in the World.

So not very much happening in the World of Dave S Perkins and as it is Sunday that is perhaps how he likes it-I am sure many a person will be recovering from Hangover’s this morning judging by how many were having a day or night out yesterday.  If this rain cloud over the Skies of Hereford tells us anything it must be that many a youth is returning to School tomorrow for the joy of learning.  No? Well perhaps it is an indication that far more people were unhappy with Hereford survival in the Conference than would have been had they been once again relegated~?  No? Well of course meaning for anything is related to the meaning that anyone individual person seeks to give and climbing that HASHTAG TO HEAVEN can be as easy as not dividing everything up into grid coordinated quadrants and seeking to look at the bigger picture as well as the smaller picture because as we all know-THE MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY!

Tom Hanks for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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