So The Sharp Eye’d Among You

So the sharp eye’d among you will have perhaps noticed that my math was incorrect and that 1. I did not include 0 (ZERO) in the sequence, and 2. That the next number in the sequence after 64 should have been 128 and not 124 as was published. Yes I could go into the post and change these minor errors yet they are often indicative of those one minor little miscalculation that can lead to the collapse of a theory or belief or whatever aspect of life we happen to be looking upon.

For myself I was of course using COMPASS points as an example and we as monitors of patterns want to be standing right plonk in the middle or centerpointe of the compass as opposed to flailing somewhere around the edges-in TV and Film and indeed literature we often see these events as described as being THE GREAT ALIGNMENT OF THE PLANETS and so on-on a more simple pattern it can be like that ECLIPSE point that we see-I think a great film example many years ago was from A CONNETICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHURS COURT-a guy used his future diary date knowledge to convince the peoples from the past of his so-called magical abilities when they were in hot pursuit (typical chasing of ALIEN/FOREIGNER/MONSTER ET AL WITH PITCHFORKS) the same kind of model was also used in BTTFT.

I have spoken on this particular issue before yet it is one that is worth always knowing and returning to FEE-FI-FO-FUM is of course the ENGLISH one yet you will find a similar usage or poem for many a language and they when used in Literary fashion can of course on a personal usage basis and so on enable you to become somewhat more expansive in thought feeling and actions and so on, so knowing FEE_FI_FO_FUM as a resource for those interested in sight and sound issues is useful

So I spoke of having a differing kind of shift and some will say “yeh! whatever” and others will say well how can I use this information to be of benefit and of course when I look to the Marie Diamond Feng Shui model I might think that the 4° was caused by an area of DENSITY-AH-HA says Dave to himself.

So anyway I got triggered into thinking about the difference between Non-conscious and Conscious maps and beliefs and attitudes and so on and the interesting aspect for myself was that all my earliest CONSCIOUS memories are from an area/district of the City of Hereford known as Belmont Road, Newton Farm whilst my family have always referred to my having lived at Kings Acre Road, Whitecross, so you can see that that might be akin to having diverging compasses my conscious compass says one area whilst the non-conscious says another and of course these things can be so deeply ingrained at depth that it really can take a year or two of meditation and some other modalities to break through the layers of incongruence and reclaim your own centeredness-yes you can do that at any time yet getting to having those beliefs and maps all consistent and aligned with truth does take a progressive attitude to digging through the blockages.

Likewise I was also sent spiralling into thinking about how I was pre accident to post accident and again you might think that pre accident was no fun I having spoken of the church issues-yet that was predominantly other peoples stuff and not my own and my own focus was on success and popularity and achievement for all my only being an average pupil academically I was pretty good on the sports and so on and regularly played a number of sports outside of the playground-I liked swimming and tennis and pool and snooker and what I notice about those sports is that they are all individualistic and again at primary school the individual sports were where I was hot-In secondary school whilst I found myself in TEAM activities and sports predominantly RUGBY and so on I was not that well attuned to group ideologies-again something I have always found myself suffering from throughout life is team consensus and DIVERGENT EGO’S, in football we have all perhaps played with those greedy beggars who refuse to pass despite you positioning being optimum for shots on goal and so on.  Likewise in work I was adopting an I’m going to be a success attitude irrespective of other peoples influence and so on.

So post accident I was left in a position of helplessness where I had zero choice in having to get help from others and so on and I seemingly lost all my individual success mojo (yes there was an element in relearning to walk yet the overall success culture was blotted) as I seemingly became swamped by all around myself and much of that swamping was like being one of those lost souls we read and visualise from Dante’s Inferno whereby all around are simply targeting or keeping you down in there own efforts to clime the latticework of life.  A graphic example I saw in my daughter Percy Jackson film whereby he went and helped another pupil and lost the challenge that he was competing in-so where do you have your boundaries? Was getting crushed to death by a ton of pickles saving some women manager a worth while activity-I had played hero and lost because I did not consider my own safety in the moments of those events.

Well anyway the recent Real Success Seminar seemingly cut pathways through some of those layers of blotting density in my head and reacquainted myself with the individual success motivation and so on that I had seemingly lost-so perseverance with the best teachers and preachers can have its benefits. 

What’ll I do now?  Well I think that I have done so many courses that developing a course of my own is the simplest of solutions-how can I integrate all the learnings and knowledge that I have learnt into one all-encompassing modality that enhances my own life and abilities and raises the prospects and latticework of # for everyone who wants it?  Hmmn yes certainly these things can take time and finding the best group of resources to carry out such activities can be as easy or as difficult as I seek to make it for myself-so many folks want ridiculous and childish unhelpful wars that my isolation in recent years really has been the best option as a solution to washing away all and any mud and grime that the naysayers seemingly use to keep blotting over the simple and highly effective usage of TRUTH.

thank you for reading, God Bless and Be Well 🙂

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